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Zhu ‎– Moves Like Miss Jackson (Outkast Cover Remix)

Song: Moves Like Ms. Jackson
Artist: Zhu
Remix by: Steven Zhu
Genre: Electronic, House, Deep House, Hip Hop, Remix
Released: 2014

Today we switching the vibe and going a little bit upbeat but keeping it soulful. Check out this amazing remix to the classic Outkast - Ms. Jackson track by the Chinese American electronic musician and singer Steven Zhu. Enjoy this Deep House remix, and let me know if you like it or what genre of music you would suggest for me to curate for the Steemit Record Pool tomorrow, Thanks for listening!

ZHU - Moves Like Ms. Jackson (Outkast Cover)

OutKast - Ms. Jackson (Original)

Additional Sources:
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DJ Lethal Skillz

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