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'DJ Tips Series' with DJ Lethal Skillz is another new initiative that I'm kicking off in support to our Steemit community DJ's. An open space in our Steemit community were DJ's can Synergize, Share Knowledge and Support each other.


I am a big fan and user of Serato products, I have been using their hardware and Software since Serato entered the market back in 1998. Throughout the years using Serato from it's early versions and being a test user in the Middle East i have accumulated quiet a lot of experience on how a DJ can push their performance to a higher level using these Hardware and Software tools.

In this first episode I am going to be sharing the beauty and power of the "Serato Sampler" within 'Serato DJ' Software and at the end of this post provide you with FREE goodies to spice up your live DJ Sets or use them for Finger Drumming or Production.

Lots of DJ's nowadays use the Serato DJ Sampler (formally called SP6 in Serato Scratch Live) within 'Serato DJ' software to trigger DJ sound Fx during their live DJ Sets (like the Horns, Rises, Drops, Police horns and Such ...) but actually the Serato Sampler can be used beyond just triggering samples during your mix.

You can use Serato DJ Sampler to take your performance to the next level by spicing up your mixes and showcase performance by doing finger drumming, or remixing a song live during your DJ sets.

To Do So, First you need to enable the Serato Sampler Feature so it unlocks the interface that you can later setup accordingly to your preference as per the below screenshot.

Once enabled it will open a new section in your main Serato DJ screen like this:

Next you will need to configure it. Here's a video by the official Serato website below demonstrating the basics on how to set your Cue Points & Loops.

Serato DJ can definitely take your DJ performance to the next level and make you stand out from the other DJ's if you learn and master all it's features, i will be uncovering more features and topics about it and beyond.

Here's another video by a great DJ and Instructor DJ Trayze showcasing the power of Serato DJ, in here he used the Reloop NEON with Serato DJ but the same techniques can be applied to any controller of your choice as long as it's compatible with Serato DJ. For a list of compatible hardware with Serato DJ Click here

The Video Has a Christmas theme given we officially have entered the festive season, wishing you all blessed holidays and merry christmas to come for those who celebrate it.

Now to the FREE GOODIES!
Note: These sounds can also be used by Producers and our Steemian Radio DJ's on their various Discord channels and such.

Extensive collection of bells, Bmore, and Brazilian percussion, as well as loops, vocals and FX.

This sample pack contains 6 banks :

Drum rolls & snare rolls
Riser & wobble FX
808s & bass kicks
Percussion, siren and baile funk loops
Claps & snares
Essa Mina & bonus vocals

Check TROPKILLAZ to stay up to date on all their music and upcomign freebies.

Download Here

Teklife Sample Pack
Another Extensive collection of sound fx & percussion.

This pack contains 4 banks / 8 samples each.

Bank A - Crashes & Rides
Bank B - Kicks & Hats
Bank C - Percs
Bank D - Toms

Check Teklife57.com to stay up to date on all things Teklife.

Download Here

I need your assistance! you240.png

I would like to know if you are a Serato DJ user? What do you think about it? How long have you been using it? What is your best feature that you like? Also I would like to know which topic you would like me to cover in my next post in this series, it can be around Serato DJ or any other subject related to the DJ world.

Stay Tuned to get the latest tips and tricks on various topics related to the music world and trends varying from DJ Gear, Producer & DJ Tips and Tricks to Free Sounds and Goodies to spice up your DJ Sets and elevate your craft.

Thank you for taking the time to read, looking forward to hearing from you! Kudos

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Although at one point in my life I was obsessed with The Invisibl Skratch Piklz, World Famous Beat Junkies, and The X-Ecutioners, I've never had the privilege to dabble with turntablism. However, every time I listen to your tracks, I'm leaning towards investing in a set of tables.


@scuzzy ISP! legegndary i been blessed to meet Rob swift and see him perform live when i was a little kid, hes my Turntablilistic superman (may he R.I.P) as for rob swift i also been blessed to meet and dj with him, meeting all these legends as kid growin up led me to become a PhonoSapien Monk (thats my other alias) :P especially u with the music knowledge and production getting into turntablism is a must ! Always appreciate your feedback and support. If u need anything just holla ! Kudos

Another awesome post bro bro. Dam, I wish I knew more about these DJ stuff. I love good music.


@zord189 mah man! appreciate ur feedback, actually we do teach all levels for DJ's in Malaysia if you're interested to dive into this world! haha

Much Respect on the support mah man! Catch u on Discord, Kudos ;)


Ooo, awesome, catch u in discord. :D


Woop! ;)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Super post and information you share. I'm not a DJ, or producer so don't mind me asking this silly question: was Serato previously named Final Scratch? Or was Final Scratch the other one, the Berlin based competitor Traktor?


@qsounds mah man! thank u so much for the feedback . U are a dope music junkie and curator and i love and respect you more then most so called djs out there! haha Wow u reminded me of "Final Scratch" Thank u! if i remember it was by Stanton... i used to own one when it first came out around early 2000's 'Final scratch was the first invention for DJs bridging the Analogue with Digital worlds, but had major latency issues with vinyl manipulation and didnt really pick up to be supported but def it paved the way to all the similar technologiesthat came afterwards like the Serato, then Traktor and such... Not many know of Final scratch, for a "no dj" mentioning that! I salute u. Kudos

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks so much for your compliments! Well, yeh, so many DJs out there who glue records and have little understanding of how to create a great vibe on the dance floor. But who am I to judge in the end. Paris Hilton got about 2m$ or more for 4 gigs on Ibiza a couple of years ago. Can she DJ? Well, probably not and uses auto sync; But which DJ earns about 500k Euro for 1 gig? Hahahaha.

A friend actually used Final Scratch, and even before that, I heard about it when Richie Hawtin and John John Acquaviva started to promote it. Owww, its neither than, not Traktor and not Serato. Guess I lost track of the inventions.


@qsound i agree with you, i love technology as it enables DJ's to get more creative and do more with their live performance then the usual blending records or mixing also it opened a door for anyone to become a DJ easier, but the likes of Paris hilton like u mentioned lol she definitely has nothing to do with music period lol.... its the pop celebrity puppets they don't bring any value to the DJ or music scenes i wont go into that we all know ... I think i still have my final scratch box packed in the attic back home in my moms house in beirut in some boxes haha
Salute mah man and wish u a great day or evening ahead!

let's laugh ... lol


Many of the older DJs hate all this new technology. Ok, much easier to carry around USB sticks then record bags, but I knew a few who would still like to play with vinyl since they grew up with handling the vinyl way of playing. I guess, old habits ;)

its the pop celebrity puppets they don't bring any value to the DJ or music scenes i wont go into that we all know

When something becomes main stream, you get the mass bringing in the money, and yeh, we know what the mass wants.


I been blessed to live the era of vinyls, i started djing with cassettes then when i was able afford a turntable and vinyls i bought the decks and started collecting, im sitting at the moment on vinyl archive of 2000+ records and i always dig for those rare gems on 45"'s
The joy or vinyl sound and smell of records and artwork on the sleeves is a whole different experience then a USB as u mentioned, i feel sorry for lots of the new generation will never know how it feels to spin or collect music on vinyl.

Main stream music is run for creating puppets, dumping down the masses and making profits we all know it its not about the music, and i doubt we fit in it.. lol Kudos

yes this is a great one mr skills , I used to use serato itch back in 2009-2013 with my controller allen and heath xone dx. It went out of development though but I always loved the serato stuff.. Now I'm looking for use that new plug in they have to sample things, I believe it's the one you describe here that goes with the dj software aswell, Although for dj'ing I have to use tracktor dj pro2 now with the controller, went at some time to pioneers because it got easier for me to go around when spinning at different locations where there wasn't room enough. nice post here buddy, going to spin some sets today btw? I'm looking forward to it as I plan to do some stuff too tonight on SMA channel


@seveaux mah man! thank u for the feedback. Yes itch was the early version with Scratch Live now with the new Serato DJ its super stable and compatible with most hardware if u purchase the license to unlock it. U can also trial test the new one for free and it works with some controllers but limited with the free version. Great to hear that u lived those early times of Serato, the sample is only 1 feauture there's plenty of freatures in it that i will cover in next posts in these series, and definetily it can assist u with the live show on SMA. Yes tonight we on duty along with mah partner in crime @vandigital, Have fun tonight on the live discord spinning and try to record the session so we can check it later. Catch u later, Kudos!

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