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Hello friends, after a short break, for the holidays and this new year. I return to develop all a happy new year, quite successful this 2019. To start this year, I bring another good album by Steven Wilson, this time in his project "Blackfield" with Israeli singer-songwriter Aviv Geffen. It is a project that was born in 2004, and it is not exactly what Steven Wilson had us used to, progressive rock, if it is not a much more relaxed, melodic and beautiful style. Where the piano takes more importance, to deliver ballads quite perfect, but without leaving aside the subtle touch of Steven Wilson.


This work by Steven Wilson, as I mention it, has few progressive elements. It is more a kind of Art Rock and even Pop Rock very delicate and perfect, with enough melodies and harmonies. Where the piano stands out much more than the guitars to give a much more characteristic sound. Some songs were written before by Aviv Geffen, and then edited in this album, applying Wilson's formula, giving it its brand, and creating quite relaxing atmospheres. It is an album of 10 pretty sweet and engaging ballads.


Album Cover

Band: Blackfield
Album: Blackfield
Year: 2004
Genre: Pop Rock
Country United Kingdom, Israel

1. We start with "Open Mind", a rather dark beginning, where the voice of Steven Wilson, catches us from the first moment. And surprising in the first minute a distorted guitar lifts us up, then we get numb again, in a very special atmosphere. Very good start.

2. "Blackfield", The theme is called as the band, and as the album haha One of my favorites, with a very good piano, and the voice of Steven as always incredible. Very good video in addition.

3. A dark and relaxing atmosphere in "Glow" As I said very dark, slow and melancholy, it is a theme composed mainly of the voice and the atmosphere, lacking outstanding instruments. But with a very moving final, compared to the beginning, where the drums appear to give a stronger rhythm.


4. This is a song composed by Aviv Geffen, called "Scars" It has a very relaxing background melody and a pretty catchy chorus.

5. "Lullaby" Start with a very sweet and beautiful piano, quite perfect for my tastes. The piano accompanies the song at all times, it is completely, a beautiful song, slow, relaxing and fascinating.

6. "Pain" This is undoubtedly one of the best, of the album and the band. Where Aviv Geffen shows us his good tones, and the choirs with Wilson, are unforgettable. A much more cheerful song, in comparison with others of the album. It certainly has a pretty catchy and exciting sound.


7. "Summer" Another pretty good subject. With the voice as the main highlight. Choirs and perfect collaborations, a pretty good sound.

8. "Cloudy Now", A very slow song, but that also has a chorus that we will not forget, and it is the same as its name mentions it. Another one of my favorites.

9. "The Hole in Me", The atmosphere at the beginning is brilliant, a sound that will always remind us of this song, another of my favorites. With moments where the voice of Steven Wilson, marks completely a new rhythm, more powerful and pleasant. The string instruments combine perfectly.

10. Finally we close with "Hello" , Another theme with a very good piano, with some "hard" moments and a nice enough sound. Even a progressive spatial atmosphere feels moments. The chorus of hello hello, is quite catchy and good. An impressive ending.

The Hole in Me

This album I hes difficult to categorize, does not have great musical things as such. It is not an experimental album or anything from another world, but it is undoubtedly a very relaxing album and another great piece by Steven Wilson. That undoubtedly leaves us a great musical wealth, and that shows us with Blackfield, as I make it so simple, it can turn into something impressive, with only its presence. I highly recommend this work to relax and enjoy very good atmospheres.

If you want to listen to the whole album, you can do it in the next link, from youtube! Thanks for your time, Regards!

Blackfield - (Full Album)



What I love most is their rythm. Nice album.

This is a great album! The second is better IMHO. Wilson is definitely very versatile a song-writer.

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