Scaly Ink Fungus clicks

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Some shots of the "scaly ink fungus" and one of a "Trametes versicolor" (I know the dutch name but not the common English name) I spotted on a nice walk yesterday together with my girlfriend. We love to go on a nice 5K walk around a local recreational area on a Sunday when the weather is nice. I wanted to do some mushroom shots but there where not many shrooms left here, or they all went into hiding.
I also took some great sunset shots over the water but I will make another post with those shots.

I will try and get some more shroom shots tomorrow but for now here are the pictures.

These where the first mushrooms we found hiding in some long grass on our walk around the 3K marker on our 5K walk.






And a second spot where I found two more "scaly ink fungus". These where a bit hidden behind a tree.




And one shot of the "Trametes versicolor" at the base of this tree. Found these near the second "scaly ink fungus" find.


Click on any image for the full resolution version.

Have an amazing day!

Camera: Nikon D5500
Lens: Nikkon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 VR
Edit: Lightroom

Unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me
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🍄 Beautiful mushrooms 🍄

  ·  21 days ago (edited)

Hmm, Mushroom Monday, I haven´t heard of it but I like it, mushroom hunting is very popular here in the Czech Republic :) Nice shots, let me get some extra support for your post.

@tipu curate

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Thank you so much @phortun. I saw the #mushroommonday tag on a @elenripley post, was a first time for me also. But as I had taken some shots yesterday I also used the # today so I didn't had to wait for #funghifriday :D

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You've captured some beautiful images here. I love the mushroom in the green grass with all the bokeh in back. Perfect depth of field. U&R

Thank you so much @kunschj for your very kind comment, upvote and reblog!

You're very welcome!

Wow! What lovely images you have captured here.... the shrooms are looking so weird but have so amazingly lovely cones ... I looked the name in my mushroom book ...It says *** Coprinus comatus.***

Thenk you so much for your visit and very kind comment! Thanks for putting the Latin name in the comments. The title of this post is that mushroom but the the dutch name put in to Google translate for english and I forgot the extra google the title is a almost right 😉

hey, your creative coin tag is misspelled so it wont collect. you might want to edit it!!

Thanks for the heads up! Updated the tags.

sometimes it takes an hour to change online...

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  ·  20 days ago (edited)

amazing pics. I could comment more but that else to say? great lens, great boke, great colours, great shrooms! live every picture from this set.

a nice pair, of one young fresh one, and one not-so-fresh one, maybe is my fave.

also, loved this one very much, for its bokeh

ps. maybe this image could become a bit better if 1-2 counterclockwise rotation was applied. hmm.

:) I could but spill at this post some !BEER

Thank you so much my friend! Indeed i sometimes forget to straighten the horizon in my shots. I also loved all the shots I took that day so there where no cut-outs from the shoot for this post. Happy moment :D
Thanks for the !BEER