Special Edition of Songwriter ShopTalk co-hosted by Zipporah - Full Recording

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It was a very special night my friends. It happened as it simply had to, no real plans just a playlist and a Zippy who had just gotten home from working. About thirty minutes or so in @krystle showed up and joined us on air too. Honestly, I had a blast, It felt good to talk about life, listen to some tunes and feel grateful for the community we have.

I won't say more, I recommend you just listen...

Full Recording

A Giant thank you to everyone that came

It was a special night indeed. If you are wondering how does this all work, how do you participate of these amazing shows. The answer is quite simple, you need to get into MSP/PALNET and become part our amazing powerful community.

Until next time my friends

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Excelente iniciativa, ya mismo me uno y comienzo a hacer vida en tu comunidad, aunque no hablo inglés, veré como defenderme con el traductor, pero me encanta seguir tus comentarios, y ya que eres músico, como yo, me fascina conocer mas de lo que haces, un abrazo para ti @meno y para @krystle
Excellent initiative, I'll join you right now and start to come to life in your community, although I don't speak English, I'll see how to defend myself with the translator, but I love to follow your comments, and since you're a musician, like me, I love knowing more than you do, a hug for you @meno and for @krystle

Hi meno. I haven't had a chance yet but will listen to it later.

we had fun brother!! next time you gotta stay up!

Will try lol. Easy for you as I am 6 hours ahead.

This post has been flagged... LOL

@zipporah what do you fink?

all day long I kept coming back to this – refreshing the page – trying to add a ridiculous fangirl GIF. But the dumb gif thingy no worky. sigh

pooopsauce...all over your piggly flag.

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