Can I do better?

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Who you are right now today is not who you have to be tomorrow, you can change your life today with one question. CAN I DO BETTER? For most of the the answer is a resounding yes in so many areas of our lives, at least it is for me.

Can I do better?

Ask yourself this question throughout the day. Ask yourself when you are eating an unhealthy breakfast, can I do better? YES. Ask yourself if you are exercising enough, can you do better? YES. Ask yourself if you are giving it your all at work or can you do better? Ask yourself if you are doing everything you can to make yourself a healthier, happier, amazing person you can be every single day. If you are anything like me the answer is usually N0, but can I do better? YES.

Life is Hard

Like everyone else in this world I constantly struggle. I struggle with depression, I struggle with anxiety, I struggle with my weight, my health, both physical and mental, and I struggle with understanding of the meaning of life. But do I have to let these things control my life? NO. Can I do things to make my life better? YES. Why does it seem so hard? Because change is always hard and if you want a better life you really have to work at it.

Getting started is the key to life.

I was tired of letting life beat me down so I have been working on improving myself lately. I decided to start by taking control of my time. Time is the only thing in this life that really matters because we only get a finite amount of it and you can never buy more! I realized I have been wasting a lot of my time lately and that needed to change. Can I spend my time better every day? YES.

Habbits are expressions of who we are, how we live and ultimately determine who you are.

My habits were shit and in turn my life was shit. I made a decision, no more sitting around on social media all morning or watching TV all day, I knew I could do better. I knew those things don't make my life any better, I've been doing them for months and only felt worse. So I figured I would fill up my time doing more useful things and the best way to do that is to create a good routine.

"Win the morning and you will win your day"

My morning routine isn't anything special per say, I walk and exercise for my health, I read books to strengthen my mind, I eat healthy foods to help fuel my body properly and I meditate to help with my spiritual being. The little things in life DO matter. I had to strengthen my mind, body and soul if I want to improve my life because they are the foundation of a healthy life.

Develope a strong mind and you will live a strong life.

I have been following this guideline for about a month now and it has really improved my life. I am reading more books, exercising more, eating healthier, spending more quality time with my fiance and giving my dogs more attention. Because of these things I have been sleeping better which has led to a better mood hence less depression and less anxiety. Nothing happens over night but each day I feel a little better. Can I still do better? ABSOLUTELY. Improvement is always an option.

So stop doing the bare minimum in life or just getting by. Stop existing and start living with one easy question, CAN YOU DO BETTER?

"Peace, Love and all that hippie shit"

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Great advises Thanks mate

@moderndayhippie what a positive and motivational thoughtbto start the day.
No born is perfect and complete. And there is always a chance to improve for betterment. Just need to identify our weak areas and need to work upon to make look better....

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Seems like we are on the same page...

It's true life's hard, but it aint gonna be forever.

Thank you for the encouraging word.

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I can relate so much to this.
From 2011 to around 2014 my friends and I basically hated every stranger and we did not want to talk or anything to do with others. Because we felt we were better even tho we were broke every month and all we did was playing computer, drinking or not showing up for school.
In the end of 2014 I wrote some shit to one friend because I was drunk. The day after I said sorry to the friend, but to myself I said. "If you cant be a good person when you drink, then you are not allowed to drink/get drunk anymore. I wasn't drunk one time in 2015 since I didn't want to do shit.
In 2015 I also got into coaching and I was sick and tired of hating people and being annoyed by anything so I actively forced myself to see positivity in anything and actively acting to help people. Now? Its just a part of me. Its passive and its so fucking valuable to be happy and enjoy people making noise in a train! :D

Can you do better.... yes you can
I think i know what you are passing through it now and i can guess it from your last 16 podts.
Do not worry... there is always hope my friend.

I enjoyed reading your post @moderndayhippie. Yes, we all can do better. Stepping out of the comfort zone is the key to success. Change, like you said. The first step is the hardest. All we have to do is to push ourselves to take that first step. That’s it! The rest is easy 😊

Full upvote and a reestem honey! I love finding positive gems like this one! WOW!!!! Good job with this one and so much love to you 💚

I usually ask myself the question, "is this best you can do?" if it is I move on to the next thing. It is the basic same question.
Some times time constraints will play a part in it, if it is drop dead deadline some things might get through on that, but if time isn't an issue I have been known to tear stuff apart when I am close to be finished and starting over again. It sometimes drives the Mrs. and the kids crazy but it is what is.
Nice job here Hippie, glad to see this from you.

Good post, thanks

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Excellent advice. Following it is difficult, but just starting helps. I think it's also good to not beat yourself up so much that you give up if you slip a bit.

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I like that you ask "Can I do better?" That is such an important thing to ask yourself. Too often I find myself in a rut and those ruts are always filled with average. I hate average; I want to be at full tilt doing the best I can. I guess that is why I travel so so much, it keeps average away.

I too have a routine Mondays through Fridays that help me get plenty of things accomplished. When I am out of that routine, nothing seems to go right.

Thanks for sharing this. It reminded me to strive for more than average today.

I can do better , much better ! Still drowning in everything Thats happening on the steemisfere 🤔