Motivation and Gratitude on Emotion Integration

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Join me every week for Emotion Integration on mspwaves radio, where I discuss different topics around emotions and empathy, answering questions from our discord chat audience.

** The next two weeks will be replays of episodes in the Elemental Balance series. **

I'll be live again on Friday, July 20th!

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Emotion Integration 29 June 2018 Episode Recap

The main topics covered in this show were Gratitude and Motivation

Our conversation touched on many things including:
  • Gratitude as spiritual bypass
  • The emotions that support motivation
    • Shame
    • Happiness
    • Grief
    • Fear
  • Other things that motivate us
  • My Halloween costume plan
  • Teaching Grammawhisp how to hug in Discord
  • The 5 Love Languages

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Elemental Balance Series:

If you have any topics, questions, or thoughts about what you'd like to hear on this show, please let me know in the comments below or via direct message in the PALNet/MSP Discord. One-to-one consultations are also available.


MSPWaves Radio and its owners take no responsibility for the opinions or statements made by the talk show host or their guests. Statements and show topics are not necessarily the beliefs of the radio station. The material on Emotion Integration is provided for educational and informational purposes only.

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Emotion integration! Sounds really interesting and educating. Would love to join your episode of 20th July, I hope I get the time. I tried joining just now using the discord link you dropped, but I realised the invite has expired!

Thanks once more for the wonderful show... even if not there at the moment I like to replay when I'm working... your voice is soothing and calming :).
And thank you, I am grateful