Emotion Integration Says Farewell! - Last show today!

in msp-waves •  3 months ago

Final episode of Emotion Integration with Uniwhisp at 8pm UTC today!

It's been a great run. For the past year I've had the pleasure of sharing this radio-journey with so many wonderful people. But it's time has come to an end.

Join me on mspwaves radio for the last weekly broadcast of the show where we talk about emotions, empathy, food, and relationships!

Join us in Discord. to chat and comment/ask questions!

In last week's show we focused on Anxiety. Listen to the recording and feel free to comment or contact me privately on discord with questions or comments.

Emotion Integration 24 August 18

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Episodes with links to empathic mindfulness skills
Elemental Balance Series:


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You were really good at this. I hope you find an outlet that works for you again someday. Thanks for making it all easier to keep moving back in the day.


Thanks for the opportunity, Cork! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have had the experience. It was definitely fun while it lasted.


Yeah it was. I won't deny feeling sad when I turned off SteemStar Network for the last time. It's left a weird hole in my week, not going on the air for 8 or 10 hours every week. But all things must end. They always do.


If nothing ended, there would be no new beginnings.


starting over has its merits... and... other stuff. :)

I will miss your show!!! I loved listening to you. You have taught me so much about emotional integration!


Aww, thank you so much, @simgirl! <3

I kind of guessed something by a comment you made and all I can say is that I am grateful for what you have done. Your show helped me, made me even cry on occasion, but it was a safe space to be vulnerable. Will try my best to be there but if I cant will dm you


Thanks so much, @yidneth! I'm glad the show touched you and was helpful. Always feel free to let me know if you want to have an emotion chat!


I am glad I could make it. I will dm you shortly :). Lots of love.
pd. Summer has not ended... yet

Uni! We will just have to try and do another christmas holiday show to get you on air again! ;-)

My old roommate is in town visiting me, but I will try to sneak on for a listen if I can!


Thanks, @scaredycatguide! Christmas holiday would be a lovely tradition to keep alive!

i am really sad about this but happy for you to find more time for your other goals. hope you can find the space to do the occasional pirate show! much love and wish you all the best!


Thanks so much, @torico! <3

oh noooo i will miss youuu, when you do another show please let me know!! xoxo

god bless your work my dear friend uniwhisp


Thank you!

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