10 Fun Facts About Thor (2011) That You Have No Idea About

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Hey movie marauders! The first Thor film came out in 2011, and was directed by Kenneth Branagh (plays Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter). Now, the third installment of the Thor franchise, Thor: Ragnarok is set to release November 3rd of this year. Thor: Ragnarok looks very good from what we have seen so far in the trailers, and has a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe. Let's take a look at some fun facts from the movie that started it all--Thor (2011):

1. The role of Thor came down to 2 actors: Chris Hemsworth (who got the part) and Liam Hemsworth (Chris' brother, plays Gale in The Hunger Games).

2. Tom Hiddleston (who plays Loki) said that Loki's helmet was very uncomfortable, heavy, and he couldn't see very well out of it. He directed the pain from the helmet into Loki's battle scenes.

3. Tom Hiddleston was so excited that he got the part, he caused an uproar in the bar that he was in.

4. Director Kenneth Branagh (who was a fan of Thor before he directed the movie) was sent the complete collection of the Thor comics series for reference--by Marvel Studios.

5. Director Kenneth Branagh had Anthony Hopkins (who plays Odin) improvise his reaction to Thor yelling at him in the banishment scene. When the scene was filmed, most of the cast and crew were crying from watching the scene play out.

6. Sam Raimi (director of the Spider-Man trilogy) wanted to direct a Thor movie in the 1990s, but never came around to it.

7. The role of Odin was offered to Mel Gibson, but he turned it down.

8. Stan Lee admitted that he always wanted to play Odin, but is happy with Anthony Hopkins' performance.

9. In the movie, there is a water tower that says "Welcome. Home of the Vikings."

10. Colm Feore's (who plays Laufey the frost giant) makeup took 5 hours to apply.

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Thank you for the post, it was really interesting:) I really love the movie:)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!