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What would you do if your online persona was stolen? In this digital era of YouTube and Instagram fame, I ran across a topical little movie called Cam. This gem of a flick stars Madeline Brewer as "Lola" an ambitious adult video vixen, aiming to work her way up the ranks of an online sex-cam site. Put the little kiddies to bed when you watch this Netflix original as it gets a bit racy when we see our sexy siren "working it" to the top.

Now you didn't think all would be roses and sunshine did you? Our hustling heroine has to deal with a creepy stalker who gets a little too close for comfort, but the meat of the action begins when she loses complete control of her channel and her reputation. Imagine someone taking over your social media account and posting as if they were you and you'll get a real idea of what she's going through.

Oh My!

The dynamic tension ratchets up as she deals with the fallout perpetrated by her namesake. The twists and turns would make anyone wonder what they would do in a similar situation. I had to turn the volume down so the neighbors wouldn't think I was watching porn, but the surprise ending was a real treat and made me want to watch it again. So do yourself a favor and get a little Cam action tonite!

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Thanks mate! Don't mind if I do...

So Mod!!! I ain't scared!

It seems like it would be difficult in the future to distinguish what is real and what is AI-generated character. Finally, she got her account password after breaking her nose as a winning and she deleted her account that she worked so hard to build.

Unfortunately, she started doing the same thing by creating accounts. This could happen again. Hope AI would be so advanced in the future that people can catch who is cheating.

Thank you @evernoticethat for sharing this.

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