Venom (Movie): enough with the heroes.

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The film was released on October 3rd, 2018

I like movies. A lot. That's why although I have my favorite genres I try to watch movies of all kinds. Always, or almost always, I get something great, or remarkable, in every movie I see no matter where it comes from. Lately I had been watching old cinema (Bergman, Buñuel), dramas more than anything, so I decided to opt for something different and more recent. And that decision led me to Venom.

Superhero movies, whether from DC Comics or Marvel, are not my favorites. However the trilogy of Batman by Christopher Nolan seemed very good to me and some Marvel movies have had interesting things (like that categorical imperative of Thanos who wants to destroy half of the universe to save it), so when I get ready to see Venom, I thought I could be surprised with something positive; I thought How bad could it be?. Well, bad. Very bad.

The plot is terrible and the script, nonexistent. That's why I'm not going to tell you anything about it. The special effects are not up to the other productions of the brand. And to crown the presentation of the film, Venom, the extraterrestrial symbiotic we met in the comics as the enemy of Spider-man, as an organism that used human bodies as hosts to survive, basically as the bad guy in the game, well, in this movie it becomes the good guy. What?! Venom is the hero? are you serious?

In a billboard and a universe saturated with stories of heroes (Iron Man, Thor, Batman, Superman, Captain America) film producers decide to bring to the big screen the story of a villain and then, they turn it into a hero? The same happened in Suicide Squad and Deadpool. Can not we let the villain be what he is, a villain? I would love to see a movie about a villain in which he maintains his nature: do a damage, I don't know, explosions, kidnappings, all his felonies. Whether he succeed, or not, I will not demand it, but at least we should let the guy keeps his identity. The only successful reference I have in the subject is the Joker of Batman: The Dark Knight, superbly played by Heath Ledger; and although he stole the show and eclipsed all the other characters, the movie wasn't about him; it was about the hero.

Going back to Venom, among a lot of mistakes, there's a point that I don't know whether to qualify as positive or negative. The couple protagonist of the tape are Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams (although the character of Williams is secondary), two actors of great talent, with awards and important nominations, and that seemed to me a waste of acting and budget. How do you bring Hardy and Williams to make such a bad movie? they were obviously overqualified for the task, especially Hardy.

But Thomas Hardy's performance was the only thing that helped me to support the whole movie. It's a different role than others that he has done and he does it very well. The poses, the way of speaking, the gestures and above all, the acting challenge that represents making the scenes where Eddie Brock speaks with the symbiotic, or struggles without having full control of his body. So, yes, I rescue the good performance of Hardy, a great actor, but that doesn't save the film at all.

It's not my intention to offend those who have liked the film. In this post I'm only issuing an opinion based on the things that I know, the ones that I believe, the ones that I like. Anyone can contradict me and argue an opposite opinion and is in all its right. Maybe there are those who enjoy seeing the villains turned into saviors of the world, or people who only want to see explosions, clashes, fights, for a hundred minutes on a screen. I'm not one of them. Scoring for the movie? I would say a 4/10 because although I love Tom Hardy as an actor and he did it really well, it's only a triumph in a sea of ​​misses.

Reviewed by @cristiancaicedo

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