The effect of movies on our lives

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I like to watch movies and I watch almost every new movie that is in the cinema. I watched maybe thousands of movies in my life. Of course the best movies are Amarican and even if other countries are trying, they will never make movies like the Americans ones. It's seems that Americans are born to be actors. This is maybe due to the big number of nationalities living there. The more different people there are, the more ideas they can generate.

When I was younger I prefered to watch action movies because I needed something active. But then I started to watch some drama movies because I wanted to understand why some people want to watch that kind of movies. I really liked them because uselly dramas have sense and most of them have a message.

Now I watch all kinds of movies except horror films because I think that this kind of movie are really useless and waste of time. Even thrillers are good sometimes because at least they make you think while watching. Dramas make us learn from lives of others. Comedies are good to elevate our mood. Romantic movies help us to develop our sentiments. Action movies give us some energy and they can even motivate us sometimes.

Movies are really amazing and important for our lives and it's very good to watch them sometimes. I even think that movies are better than books because they save our time and shorten the story. When we watch a lot of films we develope our fantasy and we can understand how different people live.

Do you agree ?

What kind of movies do you like ?

Do you think that movies are really useful ?

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The most wonderful part of the movies are their diversity. There's a genre for every emotion you could be feeling and you can choose which one its best for the moment. Also, I like drama movies a lot thanks to their amazing messages and how sometimes they shape our way of thinking. They offer you views of life that you could not have experienced any other way.

I must disagree with the "movies better than books" part because reading a book gives you so much freedom to interpret and portrait the elements of the story. However, I believe they are a good complement. Movies sometimes shows us things we could not have imagined and the best part, the soundtrack. It sets the mood splendidly and adds a richer layer to the whole experience.

And about horror movies...I also don't think they contribute too much but I'm a bit of a coward too, so maybe it could be that hahah

Very good comment showing that you did read every part of my post and that's what make me happy, upvoted. ☺

Yes, I agree. I also metamorphosized from action movies, to drama to romance... I mostly watch comedy movies or romantic comedy movies to cool off after a hard day's at work.
Movies can both be useful and useless, depending on the context of the movie and time you spend to watch. I don't agree with spending your entire day watching movies without doing anything productive.
It's all about time management.
Thanks for sharing @clixmoney

You are very welcome. ☺

There is clear impact of movies on us directly or indirectly.

Well, I rarely watch movies (I prefer animations to some drama, because I admire the intelligence behind the work) but I think your claims are correct. Movies helps us see the other sides of live.

Glad you agree. ☺

Yeah, thanks.

Common @clixmoney you have written a short and superb post. Actually like u and too many people, I love watching movies. I used to watch a movie at least once in two or three days(most of the times in my language Tamil and Bollywood and Hollywood sometimes) and I like movies kind of crime thrillers as well comedy genre. I wondered you don't prefer to watch horror movies. It's too superb feel to watch.

I don't like horror because there is a lot of violence there.

I also watch movies but infrequently. I prefer TV series over movies. Like your choice, I also watch American TV series. I have finished a good number of TV series and watching some which are still airing. Among movies I like to watch superhero movies and series movies as well.

Yeah, TV series are also good but I don't like the addiction of that because they really take a lot of time and sometimes you always think about that and need to watch every serie, that's why I try to not watch them a lot.

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ds ( don't spam )

Yes, thk you

Some movies are so beautiful and well done that it has profound effect on us. Even i prefer to watch movie based on life themes.
Not all but some movies within two hours, makes us feel for the character, teaches about life(shawshank redemption), some about values (schindlers list).
I think it all comes down to the receptiveness of the person.. nonetheless movies can be good if you we choose to watch the good ones. :D

yeah movies are amazing, I watch them almost everyday :)

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