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The movie Gold shows the journey of a prospector, Kenny Wells who went from having nothing to being at the top then going back down again. The most important thing is that he learned plenty of lessons that I’ll try to share with you now in this post.

Disclaimer: I have to note that these are my opinions, that I took from the movie, but I advise you to watch it yourself, maybe you will feel differently or pick up on something I missed.

Gut Feeling

The reason why most people don’t make the best decisions is that they only analyze the situation at a rational, logical level. They make lists with pros and cons, think about the possibilities and draw the line, and that is good, but there’s a much better way, listening to your gut feeling.

At a subconscious level you already know what the right choice is, what you genuinely have to do but all that gets covered in a pile of pros and cons, it gets lost in the background thanks to the noise of this world. All you have to do is to see past that barrier and listen to yourself.

It’s never easy to just follow your gut feeling, there’s a lot of uncertainty involved, but sometimes, against a fear of the unknown that you might feel, you just have to make that jump and see in what adventure your feelings are going to take you on, same as Kenny did. After a real dream, the gut feeling came to him in his sleep, and he acted impulsivwly on that feeling. He went on an impressive journey that took him far away to Indonesia, and it was well worth it.

You should always try to follow your gut feelings because they are authentic, the true you and here’s where the rational system fails because who you think you are can be altered by the outside world, but the inside, the gut feeling, stays forever authentic.

Don’t let them laugh at you

There’s a great quote from Gandhi that emphasizes this thing entirely, “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win,” and if you give the movie even a brief watch, you will realize that everything is happening exactly as per the quote. Firstly, everybody ignored Kenny; no one wanted to do business with him, then, they started laughing at him and his ideas until he teamed up with Mike and found a great opportunity, then people started fighting him, trying to steal his deal. But in the end, after all the noise, he won.

If you’re one of us, if you’re part of the crazy few then you have to get ready for those stages because you will go through all of them. People will mock you, they will give you no credibility, but if you keep on going, you will be able to prove them wrong.

Proving someone wrong that laughed at you all the way to the top, feels satisfying but don’t do it just because of that, do it because you want to win because you have an intrinsic wish to see your vision come true. Even if everybody thought Kenny was just a drunk and a fool and he acted like that most of the time, no one believed in him even when he accomplished something. In the end, he still won.

Don’t Give Up

In the pursuit of your vision, your dreams, life will throw many challenges in your way, some harder and some easier but the thing you have to understand is that you should never give up. It’s impressive how most people just give up after the first failure, but they are doing that because they are not passionate enough about their goals. That is the main reason.

If you have the luck to be passionate about something, to be involved in a field that sets your heart on fire then, no matter what anyone tells you, you can never give up on that thing. I get it, you probably tried multiple times to do something and have failed so far and want to give up now because it’s not working, but you can’t stop here since you might be one try away from success.

Kenny Wells, on his deathbed, gave away his last dollars so he and Michael could keep the mine going, even if they failed countless times before. All that because he had a vision and didn’t give up and once he woke up from his disease, his vision came true, they found a gold mine.

Lessons Learned

This is an impressive movie, and even if its ending is not the most positive one so to speak, it has many lessons that could help many people. It wasn’t easy for anyone to accomplish their vision, but in the end, it is well worth it no matter how hard was to get there.

Of course, you already know this, it’s not going to be easy, but if you want to see your dream come true and be able to taste it thoroughly, then you have to put in the work because no one else will. We’re all on Steemit now, and it’s not easy to earn a significant amount here but, if you don’t give up and stick to your values you might eventually be successful, let Steem be your gold mine.

Written by @GuyFawkes4-20

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I just love the words of my grand parent that if we think negative about our own self then what other people do.

they were right.. 100%

To be very frank nobody can give you exact answer...
A proper guideline would be...
It is you only who will have to find reasons for not giving up,it is you who will have to be with you when you are falling, your inside should scream not to give up.

this few lines should help you...

Sometimes you might just feel tired, feel weak
And when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up
But you got to search within you, and try to find that inner strength
And just pull that shit out of you
And get that motivation to not give up, and not be a quitter
No matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face, and collapse

and there are many motivational lines, movies novels etc; which will help you hold your strength not to give up.

Yeah, that is very well said for sure, what matters the most in those down moments is your mentality, you inner game. If you got the psychology right, you win.

wow... i didnt know about this movie.. ill watch it today, love to watch movies with such inspiration...

i will really appreciate if you come visit my blog and give your feedback, i want to make quality content for that i need your @adsactly help in order to overcome mistakes..
i will be very grateful to you...

Never give up should be the attitude of everybody

Nice lessons learnt. Thanks for sharing.

Excellent review and learning also about gold movie. Really I desire to watch this full movie reading your post. We see that dream, that dream will live in our mind and to fulfil it we have to keep catching with patience. Keeping full power in mind we have to do good work. Thanks @adsactly for sharing this important post with us. Yes I am here in this platform forever and I want to see what do I get from here.

Yes, the movie is certainly worth a watch. I think that patience is very important, most people just want instant gratification but that is not a healthy wish.

Very interesting movie there 🎥

I'll certainly drop by a movie shop this evening to pick up the disc 💿.

Many thankssssssss @GuyFawkes4-20 for such a well knitted and excellently articulated review.

That sounds so interesting, I had no idea people are still using disks, have fun. ;)

I really like this series of articles that analyzes the lessons that can be drawn from movies; it gives me the opportunity to see them again and look at them in a different light.
This particular post I really liked, congratulations!
I will follow your next articles with a lot of interest.
Sorry for my bad English!

Yes, I'm trying to emphasize the lessons I find in movies thus they could become more than just an entertainment tool. Your English is fine, keep on practicing every day, and you'll get better. ;)

I agree that most atimes it's difficult to chase your dream probably because of multiple failed attempts but i think that is what makes the success story interesting and worth sharing.
We should always strife to work on the things we have passion for because at the end? It'll always pay.
I'd love to see this movie and learn something from it directly... thanks @adsactly for sharing

Indeed, an easy, short journey doesn't create any great story but a challenging one certainly does. Have fun with the movie. ;)

Funnily enough I think we can draw a lot of parallels from the movie. Instead of gold being the asset, I look at Steemit and cryptocurrency in this respect. Just have to keep going (writing and investing) and things will fall into place.

Thank you for the post.

Hehe, nice analogy you did there, that's exactly what I was thinking too, gold could mean anything to us. :)

I hope a lot of people get to read this wonderful piece. So many people give up on amazing ideas and projects just because people laughed or didn't believe in them. Sometimes its cause they were afraid to be different. Thank you for this piece

I hope the same too because it's both entertaining and informational. It seems hard to be different and succeed in our society, but it's rather easy.

Yh it sometimes can be so easy and other times so hard, information they say is power, i don't take those words lightly, being informed and being able to apply dat information b4 anyone is key to success

I loved this movie so much! I saw the trailers, and I HAD to see it opening night. Well worth it. It is such an incredible story, and as you said, has some great lessons! Great review of the movie! I would also highly recommend everyone to see it!

The opening night? Sweet, I bet that was fun, I only saw it later after it launched. This kind of movies is my favorite. ;)

I had not heard of this movie, but after reading your review, will surely try to see the whole thing. Thanks for the post and you are correct @adsactly, we should never give up on our dreams even tho they are difficult to achieve!

Yes, it's crazy how many people just give up after the first obstacle, but that is mostly thanks to the fact that they are not passionate enough about that thing.

Great post

I love watching movies which motivate people most of the time, we also can learn lesson from those, thanks for choosing this to share.

i like so much your post thanks for sharing... .

120 minutes lasts the tape that becomes entertaining and in turn confused trying to find out the roles of the bad and the good

There's no bad or good just a mixture of both.

Entertaining and unique post. Everything has some lesson. Glad you shared some important lessons with us.

Don’t give up! Never! The main rule of my life 👌🏼

Nice movies. I like it.
I appreciate your blog.

nice movie
excellent review great job
images (32).jpeg

I also love to watch movie....
thanks a lot for sharing your valuable post with us..
@upvote & @resteem has done to present you..

thanks for give me a chance to learn a new thing. upvoted

you can also upvoted on my post

great post..... thanks for sharing @adsactly keep it up

I read, see and enjoy amazing your innovative post can add knowledge, thank you for sharing.

I like this movies very much and how interesting it is to you???????

Great post. I like this post. Thank you

Nice moviesimages.jpg

yes it seems like I should watch this movie, because according to the description that has been @adsactly up, the story is very impressive, full of life lessons are very good to be a philosophy of life.

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Great movie! I really liked it :x

I love how this is like a review but also with lessons learnt. Makes me think of the Star Wars series for some reason. Followed and upvoted

Some movies have always inspired me.This is one of them.You let me deepen my understanding of it, thank you for sharing.

Good review. I am going to watch it

Nice review mate. I'll probably watch this movie thank you

Excellent review and learning also about gold movie.

Yeah I will not "give up" sir. Thank you for being an inspiration. Kudos.

this is ossom movie i like this movie
thank you for this post bro

Thank you for sharing this review. There are lessons to be learnt from everything as long as we remain open minded. Really interesting.


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Sometimes after I watch a movie I just meditate on the themes and concepts that the filmmakers are communicating subtly..

Wow this is good news I see it ...😍😘😍😘😘

obviously this movie is gonna be quite a view. here is a movie i recommend for steemians, GONE GIRL. some of you might have watched it though. its off the hook.

nice post..!! new to steemit thanks followed...

Great post......what an excellent movie

i like this post and thank you for your sharing

never give up ! upvote please

¡Hola amigo @adsactly! muy bueno tu post, hay que luchar por los sueños, insistir hasta lograrlos, hay que ponerle mucha pasion a los proyectos y tabajar en ellos hasta lograr el objetivo, seguir volando cada vez mas alto hasta conquistar la cima. saludos, cariños y besos.

Good movie, I'll take this: Do not give up ..... They say that discipline defeats intelligence. but perseverance is a primordial factor, there are days in which we feel weak, and if we do not have a good motivation, and we do not know why we are moving forward, we can let ourselves be overcome by adversity. Greetings.

So good films. I want to watch them all <3

Being able to be confident with one's thoughts is one of the great values a man can have.

Not following the crowd and taking a decisive steps in whatever we do are elements of greatness.

Keep up your good work of enlightment.

Following the crowd is boring, the great rewards only come once you build your path. ;)

This is the most important message of the movie and its central theme:

You should always try to follow your gut feelings because they are authentic, the true you and here’s where the rational system fails because who you think you are can be altered by the outside world, but the inside, the gut feeling, stays forever authentic.

I like your post because very interesting move there.

Excellent work and details of gold movie. Upvoted

You can also upvoted on my post

Yes sir,it is most important thing is that he learned plenty of lessons

i think men leave the comfort place only for intertentment and for relex....everymen want to stay with his freedom... that's why thay go the risky place

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