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The Pursuit of Happyness

This movie illustrates the classic story of many people across the world, the husbands, the fathers that have a decent life, hustling to put food on the table whose lives get turned around overnight when they almost lose it all. Many people in that situation give up and have a turn for the worse, but this story is a bit different because Chris, the main character, manages to break out and change his life.

This is not just a movie, this is the real-life story of Chris Gardner, and just as he was able to succeed against all the odds, you can too.

Disclaimer: I have to note that these are my opinions, what I took from the movie, but I advise you to watch it yourself, maybe you will feel differently or pick up on something I missed.


Chris just spent all his life’s savings on a scanner that he now has to sell to hospitals but no one’s buying them because they are too expensive. He’s pitching to new people every day because he has to sell two of them to pay the minimum expenses for a month, but he barely manages to do his job.

You see, his first business is a complete failure, and he doesn’t even have enough money to live day to day sometimes, but after all, he can still dream about better days. Despite the fact that he’s broke and with no education, he’s applying to be a broker because he’s good with numbers, even if his wife is not supporting him.

Most people, after failing once, get too scared to even try something new again even if it looks like the perfect deal because someone may mock them, so they pick the safe opportunities, like jobs. Jobs are good, but you can’t attain wealth through them most of the times so you have to leave the baggage behind you, to forget about your past failures and move on with your life because you might not be that far away from that opportunity that will change your life.

Hard Work

Despite the fact that Chris had to face many challenges, like spending the night in jail, he was still able to impress the partners at the interview, and he got the internship. Even if he needed to provide for his family, even if he didn’t get paid for the internship and he always had to do favors for people instead of work, while he was still selling scanners and living in a motel with his son, Chris never gave up because he had a dream.

As part of the internship, there were many talented kids that he had to compete with, but the thing that made him stand out from the crowd was that Chris was working more than anyone else. He had to accomplish in six hours what the other people were doing in nine because after work he had to take care of his son. On weekends, he didn’t have time to watch TV or go out; he was selling scanners to put food on the table and studying for the internship exam at the same time.

He was working tirelessly every day even though the internship promised only one job out of twenty candidates, which made his chances considerably small, just because he had the dream to change his life and stop worrying about money, and he did it.

Rock Bottom

Life beat him down so hard that he remained without any money, anyone to help him out, not even a place to spend the night, he had to sleep with his kid in a bathroom stall, but he still didn’t give up on that internship.

Life will give you endless challenges, it will try to make you forget about your dreams and settle down for something more average, but no matter what, you cannot do that. You will want to quit many times because it is not going to be easy but if you stick to your vision and work on it every day and every weekend, without any breaks, you will finally get there.

Chris rose up from his rock bottom moment and accomplished his dream because he was persistent enough to keep on going.

Lessons Learned

This movie is not just about hard work and success, nor only about trial and error but a film about the pursuit of happiness and a better life. Chris had to struggle a lot to get to where he is right now; he didn’t do it just for the money but for the lifestyle, for happiness itself.

You have to find something that you love, a field in which you want to excel and never give up on it while working day in and day out, and one day, you might just accomplish your dreams. Nothing’s guaranteed in life, you may or may not win, but the least you can do is to try.

If he was able to go from homeless to a millionaire, while taking care of his kid, then you can accomplish your goals too. Push until you get to where you want and don’t let anyone or anything stop you, this is the biggest lesson I have learned from Chris Gardner.

Written by @GuyFawkes4-20

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love this movie, never give up on what you do in life, if your job don't give you productivity, reinvention of yourself is a must.

I saw that movie and for me the reality is never give up on your dreams and your opportunity will come knocking.
Keep on steemin'

As can be seen on the poster, the title of the movie is "The Pursuit of Happyness", with a Y, not happiness with an I.

If you don't mind, why is the 'happYness' spelt with a 'Y'? @vcelier.

My 0.01 cent opinion: "Y" = you, because no one else will come to help but yourself. Cavalry is not comming, everybody is busy on their own campaigns.

I may be wrong, but this is just my opinion. Perhaps the director and the script writer design that title like that to tickle our minds and let us think a moment why "Happyness" is spelled with a "Y" and not an "I"- just a wild guess.

I love the movie, it is my inspiration and motivation in life. This movie also uplift me when ever I am down with life struggles.

This is a really interesting way to look at it @clicker - I'm not sure exactly who said it but I've heard the term 'you cannot save anyone without first saving yourself ' - and it reminds me of this. Your true happyness can only come from you first. Agree as well - this is an amazing movie!

From Wikipedia:

The unusual spelling of the film's title comes from a mural that Gardner sees on the wall outside the daycare facility his son attends. He complains to the owner of the daycare that "happiness" is incorrectly spelt as "happyness" and needs to be changed.

@vcelier & @clicker, thanks for the help.

I'll go with the Y=You version.

Will smith is my favorite actor ...
With his film The Pursuit of Happiness, I'm shared, but I still hang.

For its good side, I would say that the film is touching, moving, and the actors are convincing.

Will Smith plays there with his real son in life, Jaden Smith, that dialogue and dubbing in French make very endearing. I'm reviewing my judgment of Will Smith, who tended to swell me deeply into his usual roles. This is another aspect of his acting skills.
The film gives a good lesson of courage, determination, dignity and love, and that is always good to take.
The film shows a much truer America than most Hollywood soups, an America with a lot of people left behind, by the side of the road. It shows the shear between its social strata, particularly painful for those who remain stuck between these layers, on one side giving the change to appear and not to sink, and the other suffering trying to survive.
For its bad sides, I would say that the film simplifies a little too the image of happiness by reducing it to money. (but it's a film based on a cash-based culture, it was to be expected).
The subject of the film has already been used to the rope, and I could not help but make the connection with the masterpiece of Roberto Benigni "Life is beautiful".

If the film had not been inspired by a true story, (if, if) It would not have taken much to make it even more effective. It may just be the end of the eternal "happy end" scenario, so far removed from the realities of life. But this story is inspired by a part of the life of Chris Gardner, a man who lived with his son as homeless, and who has rebounded to become multi-millionaire. (He makes an appearance at the end of the film)

I agree with you...
Great movie, great lessons, great inspiration.

He applied to 30 jobs when he was looking for work and was rejected from all of them, including a job at KFC where 24 people applied and they hired everyone but him. He wrote to Harvard for a total of 10 times and was knocked back every single time

Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba (Billionaire ranked 23rd of richest people on earth)

To Sum up ; Persistence and Optimism are golden keys to success 😄

Theme in the core

Owww wond movie... thnx for sharing

Thanks for the update , indeed everything is all about hard work and patients.

I loved this movie. I would call this movie “A fairy tale in realist drag” The movie is the kind of entertainment that goes down smoothly until it gets stuck in your craw. Inspired by a true story, as they like to say in Hollywood. I would compare this movie to “Ali.” That film proves an interesting comparison with “Ali”, not in filmmaking terms, but in its vision of what it means to be a black man having hard time and struggling in America. In one, a black man fights his way to the top with his fists; in the other, he gets there with a smile. Great review, heads down!


I have seen it 5 times. I love it. What a story. Totally about inspirations.

I've watched this movie many times... Made me cry...
But a lot of things you can learn from this movie

I cried too.but inspired .

The best line in this movie is, "Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something it is because they can't do it themselves. If you have a dream. go get it". This movie is about the fighting spirit that is required to make it in a darkening world. That advice comes out of not just my professional but my personal experience. It can come from any direction, family, friends, colleagues or Government. Keep fighting for yourself, for your children and for those who you count as your friends and for the wider world.

Apparently we do have the same fondness, from cat to film. I want to continue to follow your post. Thank you very much.

Movie is not source of entertainment it is source of education .I thik that

one of my favorite when growing up.

it taught me perseverance and being rugged.

I love this movie... it's very inspirational, and educational

If there's one thing that can be said about happiness, it's that it's wholly and utterly subjective. What makes one person happy -- picking flowers on a sunny day, perhaps -- may make another person decidedly unhappy.however, believed that happiness is the natural state of humanity. humans are drawn by the forces of pleasure and repulsed by pain.A father's love contributes as much -- and sometimes more -- to a child's development as does a mother's love.Though the best thing in this movie is ...till a dreamer, yet more of a realist than ever before, I knew this was my time to sail. On the horizon I saw the shining future, as before. The difference now was that I felt the wind at my back. I was ready.

Great article. Really I appreciate your efforts to bring us all these lessons in one article. That's a great job. Sometimes you need more time to learn one lesson. But to spend 5 minutes reading and learned a lot. That's great. Thank you

So trueee! Sometimes life just gonna sucked you and it feels like the whole world is broken but we also have to be strong in order for us to accmplished our goals. Nice post @adsactly. This will basically help those people out there who is struggling in life. 😊

Amazing :) some movies are just life lessons really hihi :)

People most of the time watch movie for entertainment,but this movie you can watch for learning.There is some very important lesson you can learn from this movie no-1-Never loose hope
no-2-Hard work always pays of at the end
no-3-There will be tough time come in your life but your success is depends on how you face them
no-4-Make the best use of the opportunities no-5-This is the most important one definition of happiness,you have to decide what will make you happy,do you want a lot or you will be happy with what you have got.Thank's for the post.@upvoted and resteemed

Upvoted and Followed! What a great post, I loved this movie. In order to succeed you really have to put yourself out there, have to make sacrifices and you have to fail in order to succeed. It all takes one step and then you just have to keep on walking. ^_^ Loved your post, if you get a second be sure to drop by my page for some art! I also believe in hard work, been working my butt off for 4 years to get better at art and I still have a long way to go!

Theme in the core

I learn so many things about this wonderfull movie of Mr.Will Smith nice post sir.

Done voting @adsactly as one of my witness.

Nice Post!

Excelente post, me encanta esa película. Gracias por compartir.

I love this movie! it's got such a great message... Don't ever give up

This film is an incredible story about confronting life's failures and difficulties. The main thing is that it is based on real events, it gives this film great value.
I've watched this movie for a long time, but I remember the story well. This movie from the section of those films that can be reviewed. Such a film will affect your feelings and will remain in your memory for a long time.
What lessons can a simple person take out of him? First of all, it's as if it was not bad and difficult in life - you can not give up. Life is very changeable. Today you have everything and tomorrow there is nothing. Nothing is given for nothing. Any life success is the result of a long search for yourself and your mission. This is the result of trial and error. This is the result of aspiration and endeavor.
This we see in the film. The protagonist worked hard but could sell nothing. Life was getting worse and he and his son had to live not in better conditions. But he did not give up and eventually became a great person. This is the changeability of life.
But nothing will change if you sit still and do nothing. If you try - you will have 2 options - to get or not to work out. But if you do not do anything then you do not have options.
Therefore, no matter what, keep a beat and be patient. We must strive for the best. We need to take steps forward. Any, even small steps in the right direction will bring you results in the future.
Good movie, good article and good life lessons

You've nailed it! @franklin.

... even small steps in the right direction will bring you results in the future.

@franklin, 2018

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Good post is worth

You must have an amazing intellectual capability to do this great work. Very interesting

Watching this movie caused me to ask myself "how far am i willing to go for my dreams in the face of oppositions". Achieving your dreams may not always be a smooth ride but if you persevere you will come out on top. But if not, then you can part yourself on the back and say "good job" and live without any regret.

Hi @adsactly how are you? Really nice post, vibes and :) i love it ! I would like to connect with other cool steemians, artists and musicians. I’m posting music tutorials and other things related to music (and bitcoins:p). I’m the founder of the free music school communicasound. I'm really pleased to meet you. So i give you my vote, follow you and i will be happy to read your next posts in the futur. If you want, you can do the same and follow me. It’s important to have a family in Steemit :) Greetings from Paris. Peace.

"The Pursuit of Happiness" movies proofs that never give up whatever it takes. People do not realize that its hard work to get success.

The trouble is that some companies take advantage of that and promise you to become rich in 2 months by joining their seminar etc that cost about $400. so indirectly you make them rich :)

I understand that financial pressure such as Creditcard bills or mortgage arrears​ will​ demotivate​ sometimes​s, ​however​, ​ do not give up, think positive, think forward and be wise :)


Always hard working

Hello @adsactly your description of the movie is excellent I've seen it many times. And as Chris Gardner could get up is the great lesson of life of this human being who defended his ideals against all odds to achieve it. If they had it with great will, he got up and continued on his way to victory. I hope we all have these strengths and these skills so that we can all achieve our goals.

I am from Venezuela and living in my country is very difficult, I speak Spanish and I understand English very little but nowadays there are tools that help us communicate in other languages. I have almost two months in steemit and the first 20 days were difficult because I did not understand and I did not have skills in Markdown and now I understand a little more to steemit. I have a sports contest because thanks to these contests I achieved my first fruits and so I help the sports community and helped me too. I have many goals for steemit but the first one is to know people that help me understand more of this platform. And I'm not comparing myself with Chris Gardner but every life has its time to fight to achieve important things.

I hope you read my comment and that your successes continue. From now on you will see me commenting more on your posts.

This is one of movies I won't get tired of watching. I'm not a fan of drama or serious scenes but this one is an exception. Sometimes lessons in life is much interesting to learn than the new shield of Captain America :)

😢 😢
The story is so touching and there's so much to get from it.

No excuses, Keep fighting!!!

I have to find this movie and watch it

Verry good brother

Great movie and also inspiring story

All guy follow me pls

Good post is worth, an unforgettable movie, beautiful and with a tremendous message; (

This was an amazing film with an even better message!! I can’t even count the number of times I have watched it. The struggles and hardships that they go through while all the time persevering and working towards his goals is amazing. This film is also a great example of why Will Smitg is a phenomenal actor. He owns this role and has us on his side and supporting him through. We experience his tears. If you like his performance in this you should watch ”Seven Pounds”. Another amazing Will Smith performance!!

Theme in the core

I would love to see your review on will Smith's another inspirational movie... 7 pounds
Great job here... Loved every word.

que triste, así es la vida

que triste, así es la vida

"You want something, go get it." Those words rang in my head and still do today. I legit cried when I saw this movie.

One of the best motivational movies I have ever seen... No matter what comes to your life fight till the end,never ever put the guns down..

Amazing movie sir... your post is golden.. i like your like thanks for sharing

Amazed... How nicely you have described in simple words... Keep up the good work.... 👌🏻👌🏻

awesome movie! This movie is my all time favourite, i love these lines of pursuit of happiness
" You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want something, go get it...

I've voted you you as a witnessScreenshot_2018-03-01-06-57-53.png

Learn to let go and be clear of where you really want to head for.
Love cannot be found where it doesn’t exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does. – David Schwimmer, from Kissing a Fool

Good one there
I alway feel greatful to see your informative and motivational posts.
Eeehhh .. My first dischord channel who have dropped my in pain.
Hnm .. Its all good
Remember i will continue love @adsactly

As far as it is @adsactly recommending this movie, then i can vouch that it would be an amazing watch with good lessons to draw from it. I would surely give it a shot

Will definitely watch cuz I can relate to this. If you allow life's challenges to weigh you down and cause you to give up then you're gonna let those trails overcome you and eventually destroy you. We all must keep working hard despite the challenges and eventually it'll all be better ☺

Sebuah tontonan yang menghibur.

Is one history for the wold!

Aunque no la vi compreta ;)

This is one of my favorite movies of all time, A lot of people can relate to this, whenever I feel down, I always watch this movie and it keeps me going.. This is not just a story of success but determination to suceed to.. The lessons you will gain in this movie, and also will smith did a tremendous acting in this movie..

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Hey, who does not like a rags-to-riches story. America has always been about opportunity for everyone and rewards for hard work and determination. Unfortunately there is a downside to this commendable optimism. Last Week tonight did a bit on that some time ago. I think it is worth thinking about that as well.

Intersting movie my friend😊

Saya bisa mengambil pelajaran yang sangat berharga postingan anda,postingan anda sangat bermamfaat bagi semua orang.

The pursuit of happyness...Just my favourite movie. Teaching us so much about love and life

great writting

Memorable movie, for me the best I've seen in my life, I'm impressed by how this character Chris never faints in his eagerness to get a better life but above all happiness, and the most remarkable in personal opinion is that He was always with his son at his side no matter how hard his situation was.

I believe that in life that anyone can achieve anything he wants just with determination and focus. The movie is a big lesson to humanity.

If humans take a little piece of this lesson there will be a better world

This is really intriguing..
I definitely have to watch this movie even though you've almost said it all.

My least favorite part from this movie is when the kid drops his Captain America toy.

I agree with Nothing’s guaranteed in life, you may or may not win, but the least you can do is to try.

I was able to watch a movie, and it really snaps my heart, I can't help myself but cry. Two thumbs up for Will Smith for a job well done.

Most Successful people have one thing in common, they do what they love.

Saw this movie a couple of years back, reading this post gave me a while new perspective of the movie... Thanks for sharing

Its really a great movie lots of lessons to be learnt. Hard work ,persistency and determination it goes on and on.

This movie taught me perseverance and also made me cry though. I hated that he and his son had to sleep in a bathroom but eventually even though things got very hard, it got better

I didn't go to college, doesn't mean I wasn't smart, doesn't mean I was not bright,I just don't have a college degree"

excellent movie, excellent actor, excellent message, excellent post!

I had watched this for the nth time.This is one of my favorites inspirational movie.I salute Chris for following his passion and finding his "Happyness".
I love the way he explains to his son "possibly" and "probably".

This movies actually showcase what is called "nothing good come easy." Although, I am yet to watch the movie but with the summary you gave up there, I think every steemains need to watch the movie.

Back to the post, people like Chris are very rare. Most people find it difficult to endure, once they fail at the first attempt, they become discourage and felt that's the end of the journey. Chris here was patient, hardworking, he took up the opportunities that came his way and at the end I can say he succeeded.

Just the way Chris did, we all have to keep pushing, Rome wasn't built a day, so success might take a while but the truth is that once a person is determined he will surely get there.

Success always begins at the best of small things.

This movie literally changed my life, I was in a pause-moment of my life, I thought that I will not move on, I was single, and in my dispair I had the feeling that my path is I set up a movie night, all by myself, I was in the pursuit of something to make me do another step in my life. So, after the movie, the next day I made a lot of steps...the next movie was The Secret...I've sen it 14 times already, and I found a way out trough anything that could happen. Now I am a therapist, I bring emotional confort to whom is coming to me! Loved the movie!

I confess I have not seen that movie, due to the poor quality of Will Smiths movies lately, but your review might change my mind about it... And guess what? it's on Netflix! :)
By the way, since you like movies, you may interested in that:
:-) Everyone is welcome! Good luck!

great aricles

Great post, and nice movie. To me one of the epic moments in the movie was when he goes for an interview with his clothes all in a mess. The lesson that it taught me was, "The attitude you wear is more important than the clothes." People might make the first impression based on what you're wearing, but the lasting impression is made by the attitude you're wearing. Cheers! :)

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