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Since I have changed my surroundings lately, I have noticed that I was slowly but surely becoming the people I surrounded myself with, I used to be surrounded by a series of people "who enjoyed life" (This was simply their excuse, they were a lazy bunch of stoners/drinkers who had no ambition or drive and simply wanted to waste each and every day). - Each to their own Im not judging anyone here.


It doesn't matter if we like it or not we are always influenced by those closest to us. It changes the way we think, how confident we are and undoubtably our decisions. You may think, "I'm my own person" and "No one can influence me" Studies show that we are a lot more influenced by our environments than we think!

I remember my millionaire mentor always telling me to listen to Jim Rohn, I mean I did this for a while but it was only today I heard him say , "we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with." This got me thinking, "Dam this guy truly is a genius and he cannot be more right!

The reason we were given mentors whilst working on our last venture was simply to pick up their characteristics and habits. This would be the same if we spent time with the "wrong" people.

Knowing this makes life so much easier not so? Think about it for a second!

If you are not succeeding, surround yourself with successful people!
If you are unhappy, find a group of very happy people to spend time with!

If you ever stuck in a bad habit or two, have a look at who you surround yourself with. Do your friends have the same habit? Did they have it before you? If so, consider who you are truly friends with. A true friend will want you to succeed and will not tie you down.

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Being around the right people is a mindset. Think what they think and you will be. Be around people who are more than you, people you can learn and emulate.

Definitely true! Your a wiseman sir.

I generally try to surround my self by people who have achieved or are close to achieving a similar or the same goal to mine. They always have the best advice and support!

Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it!

Chat soon!

Weirdly true! Nice post!

Thanks for your support!

Chat soon!

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Positive is likely the best choice. But mostly this people are boring.

Boring some of them may be, but at the end of the day it will make you a better person and intern help you achieve your goals.

your right addicted people do drag down everyone around them - i found you through whalepower and i am making an effort to read the content that other members put up and follow them too -- i reckon this tag is a great thing and it pleases me that we dont buy votes or any of that stuff in this tag

Thats awesome! Im glad to see the whalepower tag paying off!

Definitely want to have a read over your blog, you sound rather insightful.

Chat soon mate!

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If you hang around 9 broke people you will be number 10.......... better e alone than in an ill company

So true my friend! Wish I could gather a group of high level entrepreneurs here on steemit!

what a great article, it's right we must choose carefully the people around us.

Thanks for the support, its definitely true, I have seen massive changes in the last few days.

Chat soon!

This article is nice. Thank you for sharing it. This is soooo true!!

Thanks for the support, it is only my pleasure to share this with you!

Hope to talk soon!

Thanks so much! please write more good vibes :) :)
followed xxx


I heard/ learnt that too a while ago and it's so true. Although it might be 4 or 6 people ;) not sure about that...

I am changing the people closest to me more and more these days/ the last years and the subject of this post might definitely have to do with that.

I feel it has a lot to do with energy too. If someone is just draining you and doesn't (re)charge you, it's better to move on and find someone else.

Great message!

I definitely agree! This may sound rude or self centered but at the end of the day, if the person does not benefit us in any way there is no real reason for them to be in our lives. Glad to hear your making good progress with your life! Change is good, only settle once you have found great people to surround yourself with.

I think it is the other way around.
We are all energy and we are attracting people with the same energy.
These people might have things you do not like but it tells you something about yourself.
You either secretly want to be like them (maybe you are not aware of it at the time) or you have it yourself and do not want to face it (yet).

People can also come into your life for a special reason.
When I look at my own life there is a red line of meeting dominant males but also females.
Me not having enough self esteem I could hardly stand up to these men/women.
I would brake up with them but then meet another one even worse.
Until there came a point in a relationship where it was so bad that I stood up and said : I am not taking this any more I am worthy of better.
That was the end of the abuse.
I learned my lesson but I was stubborn and had to go to the bottom of the pit
before I found my own power.

You can also meet people who have what you lack.
Observe the people around you and see how they handle things
maybe there is stuff you can learn from them and what would make your life better.

Some thoughts I had about your post :)
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Thanks for sharing your opinion, I do not believe there is specifically a correct answer when it comes to topics much like these. Its extremely opinionated and the only real way to confirm which opinion is correct is though finding factual information on the subject. Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate you taking a lot of time to write up this detailed response. Hope to chat soon!

Great comment! I seem to attract dominant people, both men and women too. Even though I feel I'm looking for the opposite. It happens a lot in (creative) collaborations too. I also tend to collide with them. I deal with it until a certain moment and when the pressure becomes too much, I usually end the collaboration or relationship.

I tend to think I am a good/ kind person, very giving but when people are just taking from me without giving anything in return, I reach a point where it's enough.

I like the thought of reaching out to/ finding people who have what you lack or are better at what you want to learn. I often felt I missed these people in my life. Some kind of mentor.

We all need mentors!