Becoming a Vegetarian and About The Benefits and Impact on The World

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There was a time when I was a vegetarian, but back then I didn’t really think about the benefits that come with it. I just didn’t like the taste of meat. Later, when I grew up I tried some really tasty dishes and started to order burgers, steaks or other meat dishes. I was eating a lot of meat and bread, and I realized that my body was changing. I gained weight and had very low energy. Now, I eat meat about once a week , but I'm thinking of becoming a vegetarian again because I believe it will help me feel better. Also, I learned that eating meat is not good for our environment. This time I want to change my lifestyle because being a vegan or vegetarian actually helps the world!


I want to share my knowledge about some of the benefits of being vegan, vegetarian or someone who just eats less meat.

First of all, red meat is actually really bad for humans because it can lead to cancer! Not eating meat will reduce chances of cancer and some other diseases. This is why I try to eat red meat only on special occasions. Another thing is, if a lot of people would stop eating meat this would reduce the production of farm animals, which leads to reduction of physical waste, methane , and other greenhouse gases that are produced by animals. Pollution from farm animals poisons and spoils our oceans, land, and air, which in turn creates global warming. Also, less water and food would be used if there would be no companies that farm animals. Amount of water and land to grow food is limited on our planet. If we would have a lot less people living on earth then it would be a different story, but because of overpopulation we have this limit. Eating less meat means a better environment for all of us.

Eating more vegetables and fruits means better health and more energy. Fruits and vegetables, especially when they are raw have a lot of nutrients, including potassium, dietary fiber, folate (folic acid), vitamin A, vitamin C, and many other vitamins that improve our health. When we eat vegetables and fruits we have more energy and due to that we can accomplish more in the day and have better mood.


Personally, I don’t think I could ever become a vegan because I really like cheese, especially with wine! But being vegetarian is kind of easy for me. Also, I don’t recommend anyone to become a vegan because there are some negative aspects in this diet too, but it is better than being a meat eater that consumes meat everyday.

Currently, I am trying to change my diet and remove all red meat and just keep seafood for now, but in the future I want to become a real vegetarian because I just really love animals and I always feel guilty after eating any meat. Of course there always will be some consumption of meat in the world, at least just because we own carnivorous pets - they cannot go vegetarian like us, but we can still improve our health and help the earth if we eat it less.


Tell me your vegetarian stories - are there any recommendations?


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You are really giving me hope now :) I wanted really to know the opinion of others about this topic. I ate meat all my life and yes I had Burgers, Steaks and everything you can imagine. Lately I started disliking chicken and meat after what I saw in documentaries regarding the food industry and the torture of animals.
In the past 2 years I dont buy meat and chicken, but eat sometimes if I am invited somewhere. I try to follow raw food diet which is a bit difficult at the beginning, but still trying my best. I eat sea food and smoked salmon fish and find them OK.
I learned how to make different smoothies and desserts using fruits and nuts. I cant eat eggs anymore, but once in a while. So actually the perfect plan for the day is Smoothie or porridge in the morning. Again smoothies or omelet for lunch. Steamed vegetables salad for dinner. I eat nuts at anytime to fill my hunger. I cut out sugar and salt from my diet. Still struggling and trying not to buy cakes or biscuits, but will do it one day :)

I realized when I eat a lot of raw vegetables I don't crave sweets and fast food. But i still do want some meat protein once in a while or eggs or cheese , so it will be hard for me to become a vegan, but vegetarians do eat cheese and eggs, so I think I can try it :) How are your sugar levels? I feel like if will be drinking/eating a lot of smoothies it might raise.

It is not easy to be a vegan, besides off that ;
I do respect vegan people.
Whenever I cook for a big audience it must be vegan just in case a vegan shows up.
Sugar is the biggest problem at the moment I guess.
Sugar Off!

I agree about sugar. ...and yeah I also serve a lot of vegan dishes because nowadays a lot of people are becoming vegetarians or vegan, so just in case I serve different salads or cooked veggies. And meat eaters like it too :)

@ella-kay No your sugar level wont raise, because they are natural. I drink coffee and tea without sugar and dont buy soft drinks. So actually it is OK. Some fruits are more sweeter than the others so I try to balance the taste.

@nanohousehold Yes true sugar is the biggest problem, but I could replace it with fruits. For example a bitter filter coffee with dates for breakfast. Avocado with honey and cacao powder (Chocolate Mousse) for the afternoon. I keep it going that way. I use banana to sweeten cakes and other smoothies :)

I really find you article interesting and educational! I'm also trying to become at least vegetarian. But I cant do it right now. What I do believe is balance. Health comes when we know how to balance the food, the sleep, the exercising etc. Nice reading your article, really :)

thank you :) I agree about balance.

I think all you need to do is make small steps @missdeli! There's no need to go hard at a specific diet, just make small decisions and transition slowly, that way you won't shock your body too much and it won't be too hard on you.

It's a great post and I like that you included the environmental aspect, which is very important. I am vegan myself, and I am confused as to why you say " I don’t recommend anyone to become a vegan because there are some negative aspects in this diet too". Really, there isn't. If you eat a varied diet, you can get all vitamisn you need and all the nutrients etc. I know plenty of vegans, and after years, our blood tests show optimal health. It might be different depending on where you live and the amount of products available.

As for the cheese with wine; I know that there are a lot of substitute cheeses that taste incredible (I love sheese). However, it is important to point out that most wine is not vegan, as fish guts, casein or other animal products may be used to filter the wine. That's a fun fact that most of you probably did not know. I'm not telling you to not drink wine (there are vegan wines too), but, it's valuable information to know ;)

well, vegan diet is not very balanced. Some vitamins, iron and calcium is hard to get from vegetables. Of course everything is possible, but it is a very strict diet and not everyone can follow it. Many vegans eat pastas, potatoes, and bread - and they have vitamin deficiency that leads to some health issues. Vegans should always check their blood levels. So, I can't recommend something like that - I can't be responsible in case someone gets very motivated by the post and decides to eat only vegetables and doesn't do enough research about vegan diet :)

Yeah, you need a lot of research and information to do it well. It's quite easy, there are many vegetables that give calcium for instance. My calcium was high, and as any other diet, blood tests are important. Example supplements are easy to get (at least where I live). None of the vegans I know have a vitamin deficiency and they all get their blood checked regularly, but they eat more than just pastas and potatoes :p

Supplements don't always work . Fresh veggies are always better, but not everyone can eat a lot of them to get good amount of vitamins. It is great that you and your friends have no vitamin deficiency, but not everyone is the same :)
There is also another issue that many vegans or vegetarians have - higher blood sugar level.

and as I said, I do think that being vegan is better than meat eater , but I just can't take this responsibility - to actually recommend it. Everyone should choose what they think is the best. I only want to create awareness about the benefits of being vegetarian.

and thanks about that info about wine, never heard of it . cool fact :)

Actually, I can do without meat. But putting to a halt my consumption of fish I don't think I can do. Nice post, I will try and live as a vegetarian hence forth.

same thing :) thanks for stopping by

yea its true, not only that but it also gives more healtheir life.

I am a vegetarian for 10 years and it is easy for me because I never liked meat. Vegan diet is harder compared to vegetarian diet. Because milky desserts are very delicious. :)

Me gustaría probar esa alternativa, pero tendría que aprender a prepararlas para no aburrirme

I understand your points.

But at least in my case, its very difficult to stop eating meat, not only that, I really enjoy the taste of all sorts of meats.

In my family there are several people, that while not being vegetarians, they do eat a lot of vegetables and have no problem following a vegetarian diet if needed.

But that's not my case, of course I enjoy eating fruits and vegetables, but I need to have my portion of meat otherwise I won't feel good and I won't enjoy my food as I usually do.

I understand. I personally love seafood, so this is something will be hard for me to let go, and I don't know if I will, but eating less meat actually does help our environment, so that's why I am considering becoming vegetarian :) but i totally get it ... sometimes i really crave a burger.

Think Fukushima, give the fish a rest for the time being...
Fukushima Daiichi to be precise.
It is a shame that Fukushima shows up as a spelling error in the spell check.
Now where are the next Olympics?
Adolf got them in 1936...

As a vegetarian myself I can tell you that you are on the right path. The decision you made to go back to not eating meat again was not only for the improvement of your health but for the world at large, as you also correctly said. It's funny how some people think being vegetarian means starving yourself, lol. I laugh when I hear this. There's actually a ton of variety in this arena, lots. Including protein such as lentils, chick peas, barley, beans, etc etc. I mean it's just being creative in how you go about preparing your meals then you will still get all the nutrients that your body needs.

With my wife being a professional cook, I've eaten all sorts of vegetarian food, I mean fantastic, delicious and finger licking good food. I don't eat sea food either. Except I do eat cheese too. I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian and loving it. Have been since Jan 2004.

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