There's Nothing You CAN'T Do!

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In my experience as a fitness coach, I’ve found that for one reason or another, it’s not uncommon for people find a way of talking themselves out of reaching their full potential.

Although it’s not my usual jam, today I’m going to give you a little tough love, get right to the point, and tell you straight up to cut it out.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from clients that they know they “just can’t” achieve this or that.

Whether it’s blaming genetics, body type, metabolism, age, schedule… I’ve heard it all.

It really bugs me when someone decides that something they want isn’t a possibility for them. It’s my feeling that with that attitude you can be almost certain that your goals will remain forever out of reach.

I think that at the heart of this issue is the idea that people find comfort and security in their present situation by mentally ruling out the possibility of more.

I’m definitely not saying that you shouldn’t appreciate the progress you’ve made, or celebrate where you are in your journey right now, or love yourself unconditionally.

All I’m saying is that it’s time to stop telling yourself what you want to hear.

Of course it’s easier to tell yourself that putting in tons of hard work is futile, because the outcome that you really want is “impossible.”

The thing is, it isn’t.

Hard work can be scary, especially if you have a long way to go to reach your goal. I totally get that - any task that requires lots of effort, discipline, and change can be very daunting.

Fear of failure, fear of the challenge, fear of judgment… So many fears hold us back from going after what we really want. It’s natural to feel that way, but continuing to exist in that mindset just doesn’t promote progress or success.

Don’t be afraid of setbacks, embrace hard work, and rally people around you that appreciate and commend your efforts. Whatever message you tell yourself that is continuing to hold you back, don’t allow it to have that power over you.

These fears only hold us back if we let them!

Stop taking the easy way out. Stop telling yourself what you want isn’t in the cards for you, even if getting there will take a lot of effort.

Decide what you want, believe you can do it, and then strategize.

Take all of the energy you expend thinking about reasons you can’t achieve what you want to, and put it into figuring out HOW you’re going to get where you want to go. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t know how to proceed? Ask for help.

If you were sick and didn’t know how to get better, you’d consult a doctor, right? Same thing goes for fitness. If you don’t have the answers, search out someone who does!

Once you have your strategy mapped out, get after it! Prove to yourself (and others) that nothing is holding you back and you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Be the one others look to for inspiration. Break the mold. Become what you previously thought wasn’t possible.

There are lots of naysayers out there, but don’t let yourself be one of them. Lots of people will say with conviction that a goal can’t be met, but it’s just not true. With enough time, hard work and dedication you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. I’m not just encouraging you here either, that is actually true!

Six pack abs after 40, losing 150lbs through diet and exercise, getting your body fat into the single digits… Don’t tell yourself you’re not one of the people that can make something like this happen - everyone can make it happen with the right tools, approach, and mindset.

Whatever it is you think can’t be done, I assure you that someone with less starting material than yourself has done just that.

Henry Ford put it perfectly when he said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Nothing is impossible. So stop saying it, telling yourself that message, and believing such nonsense!

What are your goals? Let me know if there’s any way I can help you achieve them!

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This is such a great photo! You look so controlled! Well done!

A lot of my stuff is all mental. I'm strong enough to tackle a particular obstacle, but my brain often makes me pull out in the last possible second... unfortunately for a lot of obstacles (like the warped wall) it's hard to progress in small steps.. at some point you just have to go for it.

I love that though, I love the challenge and the conquering of the anxiety that preceeds it.. and the high-fives that follow it. There is literally no greater feeling than coaching someone through an obstacle they couldn't do and have them succeed.

I love that older people in their 50s and 60s are better ninjas than me, definitely better rock climbers than me and are often stronger, more disciplined and more experienced. It changes the mindset from, 'ugh, getting older slows me down' to 'I can't wait until I'm as experienced as them'.


Thank you, my friend! I only had to hold the position long enough to snap the photo ;)

Man, I can only imagine the challenges you face during your training... I bet the the feeling once you succeed is incredible! I love that you enjoy the coaching side as well, I feel the same way about helping someone to achieve what they thought wouldn't be possible :)

How fun to watch and learn from the older, more experienced athletes! What a cool way to witness that age truly is just a number - it's never too late to be a badass, that's for sure!

Thank you so much for your wonderfully thoughtful comments and support! I'm always cheering for you from Santa Barbara! :D

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You make a great point,

We are going to expend our energy and focus on something, so why not make it work for us? Turning negative and self defeating thinking into positive and constructive thinking will more than likely help us find the success we are looking for.

And of course, follow this thinking up by getting to work!

Thanks for the inspirational read!


Thank you @livetorise! I couldn't agree more :) you're so welcome, I'm thrilled you enjoyed it!

The first battle for accomplishment is always in the mind.


Yes! So very true :)

are you practicing yoga, your first image reminded me shishya asana...


Haha no, not at the moment... I am experimenting a little with yoga on the side now, but CrossFit now demands a lot of handstand work as well :)

Very inspirational!


Thank you so much, my friend! :)

Hola, me parece interesante tus apreciaciones en relación al entrenamiento y la disposición mental al establecimiento de metas y objetivos dentro de este proceso son interesantes. En relación a esto, la neurociencia aplicada desde la transdisciplinariedad del entrenamiento deportivo y la preparación física, nos propone el hacer intervenciones a través del entrenamiento mental con el objetivo de hacer consciente al participante, se haga consciente de la información que se deposita en su inconsciente, que es la razón por la cual se generan emociones como el miedo y una actitud negativa hacia los retos o nuevas metas.
Con esta propuesta se pretende cambiar la forma de percibir los retos, las metas y el logro de las mismas, influenciando los pensamientos de forma positiva y cambiando el dialogo interno (Self-Talk). Recordemos, el cerebro es neuronas y sus conexiones, por otro lado, la mente estará constituida por los pensamientos, las emociones y los sentimientos, es decir, neuronas que se activan.


Sí, me encanta esto! Cambiar el diálogo interno es la clave. ¿No es sorprendente cómo todo está interconectado? ¡Gracias por tu comentario reflexivo y fascinante, amigo mío!