Morning Ritual Tracking - 26 Aug 2018

in #morning4 years ago (edited)

( 30 minutes )
beat the sun ! 6.30am wake up upon alarm : ✔
bath + gratitude : ✔
1 Glass of water : ✔
//play morning ritual songs
30 x breathing : ✔
write goals : ✔
compliment / joy: ✔
visualise / mentors power : ✔
20 x pushup : ✔
light jogging :
*Remember your enough is enough moment.
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Dude nice ritual! Got one of my own aswell! I wake up drink half a liter of water, do 30 minutes of meditation, a short morning fitness session, stretching, bathroom and then writing my to do list for the day and having breakfast! It's incredibly nice to have these rituals! Love that you have one aswell!

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