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this one take 45hrs to recover !!! but actually it's not tat long.

It's the third or fourth times it happened ! ARGHHHHHH, I was typing my comment (and a long valuable one!) on someone else post and clicked comment . . . wait for it to load and hmm where's the comment, thought it's lagging and did a refresh on the browser, still don't see it ! OMG then i realised, "man don't tell me it's the bandwidth limit again ? i just rest for almost the entire day and never do anything on steemit how can it happen again ? Went to to check my bandwidth usage and suxxx it's the bandwidth limit problem, i had negative something bandwidth. It happened to me not once, not twice, thrice, i think it's the fourth times argghhhh.

  1. i encountered with the message "bandwidth limit exceeded. please wait to transact or power up steem."
  2. i want to attached a screenshot to a comment , it finished upload and i comment but the comment didn't appear.
  3. I missed out something on my post and went to edit my comment ! @@ and WTF that eat bandwidth too.
  4. I think i posted a few related images to a contest and arghh - control the amount of images you upload and the length of your comment.
  5. same thing with a thoughtful lengthy comment and arghhh i didn't save it ( which drive me to create this article and video)

This probably the most commonly faced problem by new users starting out on steemit especially you're very active in voting, commenting/interacting with others. It's a system mechanics to prevent spam and post abuse. But legit users fall victims to this restriction too. Well I can cry, whine about it and it's still there. Let's be more resourceful and find out about it and it's workaround.

The bandwidth maximum capacity will increase when you have more steem power to your account. Right now i only have the basic of 0.5 steem power with (+14.5 SP for newbie) which give me a total of 15 SP. This 15 SP after 16 days on steemit, my maximum bandwidth capacity at full charge is about 4.2mb

You can check your steemit bandwidth limit and current bandwidth here -

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 7.49.43 am.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 7.49.53 am.png
even posting this image eat up bandwidth !!! (alternatively you can upload image somewhere and link them here)

Here's the screenshot showing that after doing about 4 lines of comment on one of the post, my bandwidth went from 4.2mb to 2.6mb.

Then i went to do another test to see how much bandwidth it takes for voting,
Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 3.55.35 pm.png

After voting, it went down to 1.46mb

In steemit, to do anything you need bandwidth to execute, without bandwidth, these will happen :

  1. can't upvote
  2. can't comment
  3. can't post
  4. can't resteem
  5. can't power up with steem
  6. can't buy steem with SBD
  7. can't claim rewards [updated 15 feb 2018]

How to get bandwidth back ?


  1. Patience - go take a break, do some other stuffs. wait for the bandwidth to recharge by itself.
    [update : 16 feb 2018]
    After resting for the night, i woke up in the morning and check my steemit account bandwidth bar at it show 95.05% and the bar looks full (CAREFUL of the high percentage as even at 98% if the available bandwidth is only 10kbps, you will be out of bandwidth again next instant) you gonna look carefully the actual number below (for my case "used 95kb of 1.87mb)
    Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 9.21.49 am.png

Without doing anything i just open another tab to refresh the of my account and look at the bandwidth decrease, now my bar show 90.47%, "used 95kb of 997kb" my usable bandwidth ACTUALLY DROP AGAIN without me doing anything from 1.87mb it went down to 997kb even though the bar showing me 90% over but the actual usable bandwidth dropped by half !!
Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 9.22.11 am.png

After waiting for about 30 minutes or so, my usable bandwidth recharged and SUPER RECHARGED ! without me doing anything, from the 997kb to 20.4mb @_@ /feeling awesome
Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 9.22.24 am.png

  1. Claim steem power (SP) reward (2 conditions : first you need to set reward to 50%SBD and 50% steem power ; second you need to leave your rewards in the claim wallet and use it only when you're about to be out of bandwidth [updated : 15 feb 2018 claim before you totally run out of bandwidth else you will be in the can't do anything state])
    Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.02.05 am.png


  1. Transfer Steem power (SP) to your steemit account, use exchange bitcoin, ether, litecoin, bitcoin cash, steem, dogecoin, dash for some steem power to your steemit account.

TIPS : For new steemit user before you click that "comment" or "post" button for your content, do a quick alt+c to copy just incase you hit the out of bandwidth issue, you still have a copied of what you spent time and brain juice to type !

##How to prevent this bandwidth issue in future ?

  1. Usable max bandwidth will go up as you use your account on, when i first write about this post my max bandwidth was around 4.2mb, 7 days later my max bandwidth is about 20mb. (not sure how it will scale ie maybe the more time and frequent you hit out of bandwidth on steemit, it scale up more ? haha not sure though but it does increase for me over time)
    As we all startout with a free new account on steemit, our default steem power (SP) is 0.5 + 14.5 (steem power delegation from steem account). As I claim/redeem SP from posting, commenting, curation reward, the SP delegation from steem is reduce in proportion to match total SP at 15. As of this writing, i have 0.892 SP i guess this the real reason why my max bandwidth went up to 20mb.


  1. Exchange for steem power and power up your steemit account. How much to SP power up , so i don't get this out of bandwidth issue anymore? I saw some article sometime back, think it's around 500 SP.
    OUCH that's alot for new user and those new to crypto. Actually it still depend on your usage on steemit i think, the more activities you do like post, comment, vote, you will use more bandwidth. Probably you don't need power up that much, use to check out your usage probably powerup by 5 to 10 SP to see if it's sufficient and do consider the crypto exchange and transfer cost.

If you have any tips on this bandwidth issue on steemit, do share with us here. =)

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update 15 feb 2018, i was out of bandwidth once again !!arghhhh tried the claim/redeem of rewards OMG i can't even claim/redeem the rewards of SBD/SP and i m helpless again. Guess, the only option now is wait....

Thank you for this information. I have not yet encountered it. Guess I have not been doing enough here. Very interesting.


haha tat true, if you're very active, you gonna get it one way or another.

Go with the pace that you can manage is better. keep going @shevans

I have been having this same issue! I have found that if I wait until about 2pm EST to get on Steemit I am good to comment and upvote for about an hour. Then I get back on around 8-9pm EST for another hour. Two hours a day is enough activity, I hope, to grow enough to not have these bandwidth issues soon!


@keciah yeah spread the activities on steemit over a few interval in the day will be better to avoid this bandwidth issue. Good tips !

My hero!!!
hug hug hug
trying to get my old brain wrapped around steemit has been a challenge.
your post came in the nick of time...about to pull out what is left of my gray hairs.
Thank you!


@stanfordlocke glad that it help ! =) i discovered alot more when i dig deeper and find out even more things to dig lol

good luck on your steemit journey, challenges are good for growth =) (bad for your hair though)


'nuther problem:
I am having a problem joining chat
the other day I input info
upper right corner flashed a message that i think said I would be sent an email confirmation
never got the email
tried to log in but denied
tried the 'forgot password'
get email failed flashed message in upper right corner
tried changing name or registering new again...all dead ends
:-) = ??? advise


joining the chat ? which chat are you referring too ?
properly screenshot will help


I didn't realize there were choices in steemit chat...
I hit the button for chat in the dropdown from the upper right of the screen
below the steemit shop.
the 'response notification only appears for about 2 seconds...
way to short for me to screenshot
anyway...looking for a chat group to ask/answer questions...discuss steemit...
Thank you for interest...your help is greatly appreciated!! :-)


not sure abt tat as i don't use steemit chat =)


VERY tuff on hair!

@onepercentbetter (46) I've had been with throttling issues too very similar to yours and only recently found the page so that I can have some idea of what I'm actually doing ☺️ as you say there's no sense in whining about it you might as well find out 🤔 how do you buy Steam with SBD?


@possiblememes yeah totally ! whining doesn't help me solve the issue =) so i choose finding out. There's lots of other useful tools/website for steemit apart from
like etc

you can go via the internal exchange : click your wallet tab > under SBD > market then buy steem

or you can use


@onepercentbetter (46) Thank you that was helpful and I was able to trade SBD for steem do you advise powering up?


if you can why not =)


Yes my opinion also ☺️ still I think some whining is in order as when I went to bed last night I had 90% or more voting power and bandwidth and when I woke up this morning my bandwidth was gone so instead of jumping around I decided to observe it and by 3 hours or so I found that I have over 80% bandwidth and my voting had gone up to 100% so what's up with that? It would seem that these bandwidth issues would have logical actions connected to them but they don't so I'm whining smiles


check out my update on the post. for bandwidth look below the percentage bar.

If I may, What is the Voting Power percentage? and what is it for or what do we do that consume VP percentage?


it's the amt of votes you have in balance. As you know you can upvote other ppl's content, each time you upvote either post or comment, this voting power decrease just like it decrease when i upvoted your comment. If it drop to 0, you can't upvote anymore.

@onepercentbetter, thank you for sharing your experience, frustrations and research with us!

Like you, I had my fair share of exceeding-bandwidth limit issues when I started 35 days ago. Inspired this - hehe


Only recently I began to figure it out with the help of @davemccoy telling me about!

One of the things I was doing was treating an "Upvote" more a "Like", "Wink", an acknowledgement, rather than a "Vote". Used up my bandwidth, plus it caused by Voting Power to drop!!

For improved VP, their suggestion is yours ... "Patience - go take a break, do some other stuffs."

I refrained from participating on Steemit for 2 days, VP doubled and bandwidth filled up. Since then, I am being more selective in my Votes and increasing quality and quantity Comments. The numbers are looking healthy now!

Thanks again for your info!


you can use up to about 20 votes at 100% weightage per day then it will recharge the next day.

Yeah patience still the best solution for the bandwidth issue.

25 Feb 2018 update :
after hitting around 70+ SP on my account and doing the same amount of activities if not more on steemit, i stop getting the bandwidth issue.

note the claim SP might fix your low bandwidth issue if the amount of SP reward from the claim isn't significant enough.

Hey great post. I learned a lot...and that seems to be happening every day. I guess i'm getting 1% a lot here on Steemit. Keep doing what you're doing, if nothing else, you're helping me. Thanks!!!


glad to add value and yeah 1% better =)