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Good to see improvement made by the steemit community constantly. When i just started out, it's hard to get alerts on activities like who mention me or follow me or commented. I have to manually go click different area to see, after that i dig deeper to research the of different tools that helps with those such as, mention addon, mention bot on telegram etc

With this new feature, it definitely save time and consolidate all the notifications of who comment, who follow and who mention into one place. It's available only on platform though. I mostly prefer to navigate on steemit content via platform. It load faster for me compare to using the default, layout looks easier to read and the common information i need is display right at the main page. If you're new, you can try login to your steemit account using busy, just change the front part to

You will be prompt to sign in with your steemit account via steemconnect.

Awesome work team

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Hah! And here I thought it was just me who noticed it. Busy ftw!


yeah i prefer busy interface and with this notification it's even better