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Hello Steemians!

This is my new entry to the #monomad challenge, a competition reserved to the monochromes image. If you would like to know more about, visit @monochromes blog.

I took the photo last weeks in the industrial zone of my city. I biked along a road that runs along the tracks as often I do. I saw this slice and I stopped to photograph it. I liked it for the perspective and I decided to create with it a black and white cover.


I didn't stop there. As usual, I created other 2 pics with the same photo. The first, the same picture with a green background. That accentuated the high-lights and I like the result.


The second is a revisited color image; with contrast, vignetting, saturation and other adjustments.


I hope you enjoy this post. Follow me if you were interested.

To the next! :)

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Here I am again with the promised upvote, I love the green and white looks interesting and it looks mysteriously beautiful

!giphy thank+you

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All three treatments of the image are terrific. I especially like the noir treatment of the black and white image, personally.

Might I use this image in a future writing prompt in my horror fiction FB group, Pandora's Box of Horrors?

I would be grateful if you could indicate the author if it is not a problem for you.

!giphy oh+yes

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I love David Tennant in everything he's been in – and yes, I've seen about everything!

If I choose your image for the prompt, I would certainly credit you. I'm not sure you'd ever see it or know because it will be on Facebook only.

If it's a public contest, I can see easily. Have you a link to?

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It is public, but it's not a contest. The Pandora's Box of Horrors group runs a Build-A-Story prompt or just a creative prompt to creatively inspire members. You can find the group here:

Great, I saw. Nice group.
If you need the image or informations about, please contact me no problems.

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The black and white pictures transmit such creepy feeling, I like them more then colorful :)

Right, the same for me :)

!giphy I+appreciate

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