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...aka 'Mad about trees'... aka 'It's all about the bark'... aka 'Warning! All trees ahead'... aka 'Study on the common tree bark'... so on and so forth...

You get the idea - we have lots of tree stuff ahead!
Don't say you haven't been warned...

Heyyy, I just remembered it's also #TreeTuesday started by @old-guy-photos!
See... how appropriate!!


First of all, I'm going to say, sorry...
today, I'm starting a monomad post with a colour photo
There's a reason for this...
Here, we have a close-up of a tree, the trunk specifically... that grows within my apartment compound
In colour, we can easily recognise the lichen, moss, the over-lapping bits and the textures of the bark and the tree itself where the bark splits
See the richness of the colours...


And then, same shot... in black and white
Here, the wonder and imagination starts to grow...
I started with this when editing and it so reminded me of weather maps
I was just chatting with @blacklux about Hurricane Dorian hitting the Caribbean,
and how 40% of The Bahamas has totally disappeared underwater!
And looking at weather maps...
It looks like severe weather coming up here...
With swirls of bad weather, strong mad winds...


Back to trees...
So this is that same patch of the trunk, but a zoomed-out shot
Aren't they amazing?
I love looking closely at tree trunks like these!


Another part of the trunk on another tree...
This one, we're looking upwards...
See the pattern and flow of the splits in the bark... and the lichen that sticks closely almost like a second skin to the tree...


And another shot...
Bear with me...
I love looking up, with the leaves against the bright sky forming a backdrop to the trunk, and some bokeh to boot!


We move on to another tree...
This bark is full of bumpy lichen that looks like toad's skin!


Moss, lichen, tree and crevices intermingled, borders removed and all blurred out by the aspect of black and white
You just see a mad mix of nature...
a blended heady mix rich in nature's wholesomeness...
And more bokeh
(Yayyy, to bokeh!)

Happy TreeTuesday folks!
Go study your trees!!!

Captured with SONY Xperia M5 | © image & text original content | click image for fullscreen view

#Monochromes and #monomad by @brumest ~ more about it here

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I always look at the bark on trees and appreciate all the interesting pics you posted today! 😊

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Bark tells a story for sure. Good post.

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Good post

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Cool shots always good to sometime snot look at the big picture ie the whole tree but instead focus on the cool detail as you did here with the bark

Ahhhh... I love it. I just want be surrounded by huge trees all the time :)

Awwww, thank you kindly! :)
I agree, you can't help but feel instantly refreshed when around trees, what more to be completely surrounded! Here, this tree is one of many around my apartment compound which I am grateful for... These are on the car park dividers, nearly 20 years old... and we have more in the peripheral too! :)
Cheers, and I'm glad steemit is back!

I don't understand people who don't want more of them in the city. Here you can get free trees planted between the sidewalk and street and hardly anybody does it. Businesses have bare parking lots that are scorching in the summer. Doesn't everyone like to park in the shade?

I know they do because i look for the shady spots and often there is somebody parked there already. Oh well here i go off on a tree ramble. It's the idea of an oasis. A cool, shady, beautiful refuge from the streets. It would help all business to get customers to return if they could only see the value. Oh darn. I'm so annoying ; )

Hahahaha, no you're not! I do the same... :)

I have been known to go argue with a tree cutter (or whatever they are called) to make sure they are just "trimming" and not chopping the whole tree down! :( And you are right about the people seeking the shade to park under, and they are the same ones asking to cut trees so leaves don't fall and dirty their cars - Grrrrrrrrrr...!!! Yes, there are ridiculous people like that here...

Besides are trees beautiful just to look at even if they don't value the shade they provide (which they should anyway...) Lol, see.... I do the tree thing too! ;)

I make myself a little crazy with it :)

A great study of a tree! There is so much happening there. Life upon life!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Good post 👍

Even mountains are underwater in Bahamas right now! :(

Hug the tree, HUG IT!!

bark, necessary protection against bugs

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Gorgeous trees and photography @ackhoo something I enjoy is seeing the lichen and moss on trees how they thrive and grow.

When researching I learned a couple of years ago lichen and moss in the Northern Hemisphere grows mostly on the north side of the tree, Southern Hemisphere is grows mostly on the south side, strange little things in life we learn.