Glass, Glossy, Matte & Plasma Deposition Coatings Part 1

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There are multiple kinds of glass, glossy and matte coatings. Plasma Deposition Coating is a treated glass coating fused to glossy 27" 2560x1440 (1440p) and 5120x2880 (5K) AH-IPS panels by LG like the Dell UP2715K (Review by PRAD) and Planar IX2790 (Product Page).

Due to vertical gamma shift (uneven color from top to bottom) TN panels should not be used for comparing these photos, nor should displays with extremely low brightness outputting less than 80cdm/2 brightness.

All monitors were calibrated as well as possible using their menu settings with an X-Rite i1 Display Pro colorimeter and Spectracal C6 HDR2000 (October 2017 and beyond), matched to 140cdm/2 brightness and connected to a PS4 or PS4 Pro (late August 2017 and beyond). The same camera settings and same 15$ CFL Philips 2600 Lumen Daylight/6500k Light ceiling light were used for all photos.

BenQ BL2710PT: Matte 1440p 60hz AUO AHVA Panel
BenQ BL2710PT Matte.jpg
Crossover 2755AMG: 1440p 60hz LG AH-IPS Panel with Plasma Deposition Coating
Crossover 2755AMG.jpg
Qnix QX2710: Glossy 1440p 60hz Samsung PLS Panel
Qnix QX2710 Glossy.jpg

Displays are glossy by default, and have coatings applied to them. Glossy coatings are the clearest and second most vibrant, but are the most reflective. Plasma Deposition Coating (PDC) is the most vibrant and less reflective than some types of glossy and matte coatings, but PDC has its own unique issues which this post addresses near the end.

There are multiple glossy coatings such as the Low Haze or Almost-Glossy coating used by most glossy displays made after 2015, and the coating without a name used by the Dell S2417H, S2717H and HP 24 Envy. The Low Haze coating used by the HP 25 & 27" CW/er/es/XW and HP Spectre 32 monitors is equally as clear, but slightly less reflective than a regular glossy coating.

HP 25VX (Glossy) Versus HP 27XW (Almost-Glossy or Low Haze)
HP 25VX vs 27XW.jpg

Macro Photos Of The Coatings:

The following are close up of macro photographs of multiple monitors pixels by the reviewer =DEAD=. These photos show the different panels pixel structure, as well as the impact the different kinds of coatings have on the clarity and vibrancy of the pixels:

Source: Crossover 2755AMG Review by Alexander Gryzhin (=DEAD=)

The Acer S236HL (1080p IPS) uses the same glossy coating as the Crossover 2730MD (1440p IPS) and Qnix QX2710 (1440p PLS) and HP 25VX (1080p IPS). The Dell U2711 uses the strongest matte coating which was used by almost all IPS panels up until 2011. It took a few years for LG to completely phase out their grainy matte coating while Samsung only used lighter coatings on their PLS panel using Dell U2711 competitor the Samsung S27A850 (1440p PLS).

Original Post About Plasma Deposition Coating From 2013 (use ad block) and Original Plasma Deposition Coating Video By NCX

These are photos of older monitors, but coatings have not changed much in the past five years. The Crossover 2755AMG and 27QW use the same panels as the 1440p iMAC computers which all use Plasma Deportation Coating (PDC). Plasma Deposition Coating is treated with an anti-reflective substance, and the coating is fused with the panel to prevent internal reflections. PDC makes displays look the most vibrant, as well as is less reflective than almost-glossy/Low Haze (HP 27XW) and regular glossy coatings. The downside is that the black frame the glass is fused to ruins the perceived black depth, or makes black look grey-ish or washed out by comparison. Back-light bleed and glow also standout more on displays with PDC.

Currently only 5K iMACs and monitors like the Dell UP2715K (Review by PRAD) and Planar IX2790 (Product Page) use PDC while back in 2013 multiple manufacturers such as Crossover, iiyama, Planar, Wasabi Mango and Yamakasi all sold 27" 2560x1440 resolution AH-IPS panels with PDC.

I strongly advise using bias lighting with displays with PDC since proper bias lighting can vastly increase the perceived black depth. Read this: Display Brightness & Room Lighting: The Importance Of Light

Monitor List: Monitors featured at the time of Steemit post creation:

If Applicable Clink On the Monitor Name To See More Information and Review Links on WCGT. Use Ad Block.

Acer S236HL: Glossy 1080p 60hz LG IPS Panel
BenQ BL2710PT: Matte 1440p 60hz AUO AHVA Panel
Crossover 2755AMG: 1440p 60hz LG IPS Panel with Plasma Deposition Coating
Crossover 2730MD: Glossy 1440p 60hz LG IPS Panel
Crossover 27QW: 1440p 60hz LG IPS Panel with Plasma Deposition Coating
Dell U2711: Matte 1440p 60hz LG IPS Panel
HP 25VX: Glossy 1080p 60hz LG IPS Panel
HP 27XW: Glossy 1080p 60hz LG IPS Panel
Qnix QX2710: Glossy 1440p 60hz Samsung PLS Panel
Samsung S27A850D: Matte 1440p 60hz Samsung PLS Panel

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