IPS vs TN vs VA Gallery 2: Gamma Shift Mountain

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Image Source. Original Gamma Shift Mountain Post by ToastyX

Gamma Shift Test.jpg

Due to vertical gamma shift (uneven color from top to bottom) TN panels should not be used for comparing these photos, nor should displays with extremely low brightness outputting less than 80cdm/2 brightness.

All monitors were calibrated as well as possible using their menu settings with an X-Rite i1 Display Pro colorimeter and Spectracal C6 HDR2000 (October 2017 and beyond), matched to 140cdm/2 brightness and connected to a PS4 or PS4 Pro (late August 2017 and beyond). The same camera settings and same 15$ CFL Philips 2600 Lumen 6500k/Daylight ceiling light were used for all photos. I continuously update this gallery with a photo of the same image on every monitor I test.

Monitor List:

If Applicable Clink On the Monitor Name To See More Information and Review Links on WCGT. Use Ad Block. The three monitors featured are all similarly priced budget 1080p options which offer nearly top tier image quality.

BenQ Zowie RL2460: Matte 1080p AUO TN Panel
BenQ Zowie RL2460.jpg

TN panels suffer from vertical gamma shift( uneven color from top to bottom), are too dark in the top quarter and the bottom half is washed out since the gamma is low enough versus the center

HP 25er/es: Glossy 1080p 60hz LG AH-IPS Panel
HP 25eres.jpg

AHVA/IPS/PLS do not suffer from horizontal or vertical gamma shift which allows them to be the most accurate and vibrant since colors and shades are even* from side to side and top to bottom. *They do suffer from uniformity variance though, and are not completely even.

Samsung F2380MX: Matte 1080p C-PVA
Samsung F2380MX Calibrated GSM.jpg

VA panels colors and shades lighten horizontally the further away from the center which is why the sides look washed out. The center is noticeable darker than the sides, and this is especially obvious when viewed from off angle horizontally. VA panels colors are too dark in the center, a phenomenon often referred to as black crush, the VA cone or VA Iris (example; notice how dark the center is compared to the sides). VA panels suffer from less gamma shift than TN panels which allows them to display colors and shades more vibrantly and evenly than TN, but can not match AHVA/IPS/PLS.

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