UK MPs Did a Criminal Deal With Banks to Protect Banks from Prosecution in Exchange for MPs NEVER GOING BANKRUPT? Plus, Mortgages are Criminally Fraudulent! New Documentary Exposes This Guarded Secret - The Great British Mortgage Swindle.

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As I have covered several times already, most alleged 'debt' is fake debt that can be cancelled if you know how. A top economic professor even proved this using empirical evidence - Now a new documentary draws the subject back into awareness...

There are many videos and pages on this topic, yet few people take the time to study it and even fewer ever act on the information. I am one of the few who has acted on the understanding that bank and 'lender' credit is mostly fake and based in fraud. I stood up to both a major bank and the UK government and won - at least they went very silently over the horizon after I made my case, despite them threatening everything you can imagine prior to that moment.

The short version is that banks and lenders don't have the money they claim to be lending for mortgages and other loans - they 'create' the money through a convoluted and fraudulent process which you as a customer are not informed of. On top of this, the agreements do not meet the requirements in British law for a valid contract for numerous reasons. All of this means that banks will do anything to avoid anyone who challenges this and knows what they are doing from going to court.

This new documentary is made by two men who say they have actually now won in court against the banks. They also state that the head of Thames police (London) has shown them documentary evidence that an agreement was made between the banks and parliament to ensure that no member of parliament would ever be declared bankrupt, providing no case of fraud was over brought against the banks! It doesn't get more corrupt than that!

Do check out the links above and the words of these two film makers, if we all grasp this we can shift the world in a powerful way.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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scams are definitely endless when money rules... It will never cease to amaze me :)

will watch that later, and thanks for sharing @ura-soul


you are welcome!

Excellent RT chat about the documentary (which I will watch). I couldn't help thinking - towards the end when they were discussing 'solutions' and talking about 'reforming the banks', that someone should tell them about crypto and the blockchain, for that would represent the 'solution' that they were painstakingly trying to sketch out within the 'old' paradigm of 'middle-man' banking being the only option (as opposed to the 'being one's own banker' aspect of the blockchain).


Ooh, that sounds dangerous.. taking responsibility for yourself? lol. Part of the problem is that there are a lot of scams in blockchain, plus that the fiat world can easily buy out all blockchains if they want and so it's not a straightforward situation at all. I agree, though, the world definitely needs to understand this situation better.


Lol. The label will be usurped of course, and there will no doubt also be centralised, controlled structures which get called 'blockchains'. Confusion will most likely abound, as will FUD, FOMO (and the MOFOs too 😂). However, the longer horizon looks bright to me, full of little figures taking BIG responsibility for themselves :D

I'll check those out for sure.

They do do actually teach in GCSE economics that mortgages are basically fake money but I think all the other stuff is lost on most people.

Be interesting to hear more of yr standing up to them story!

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Do they really teach that? I can't imagine how it could be deeply accurate since it should result in huge change if most people realise. Check out the links in my post for more info on my story.

Glad to see it might work somewhere. Will have to watch the video later, but here in the US there have been people arguing the loans are in violation of the law (the cases I read of involved mortgages) and the idea they actually loaned nothing was rejected in court.


The logic involved will change from region to region and the chances of the courts being honest are nearly zero - but as they say in the video, if you think very carefully it can be possible to set a trap for them.

As the expression goes - If you owe 2 million dollars, that's your problem. If you owe 200 million dollars, that's the bank's problem.


I think you maybe are missing the full picture here.

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