HOW TO: Cancel Alleged 'Debts' From Banks inc. Credit Cards and Mortgages.. Turn The Tables On The 'Lenders' That Commit Fraud Every Day!

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I have been asked recently to explain how I went about totally cancelling any claims being made against me for alleged 'debts' from a major bank and also the British government. So here's my version of events - if you pay close attention and do your own homework, you might find you can liberate yourself from some self-created traps and that you are much more free than you had been thinking!

I attended university in England and graduated in 1999 - although I had been in the last year who did not have to pay any tuition fees at all, I still came out of that experience with student loans and about £2200 of alleged 'overdraft' from the bank I had been using. I had really had little choice but to use the overdraft since even though I worked during the holidays, I still didn't really have enough money to get by. To cut a long story short, I paid for the 'student loans' out of my pay from my first professional software development job, but my 'overdraft' remained in use for quite a long time after I graduated.

My plans had been to build up some money through working and then use the money to buy music equipment to complete my first album.. Unfortunately for me though, I had numerous 'unusual' experiences which meant that I was unable to do that and I also had a near fatal car crash while driving home from work in about 2010. The insurance company were fairly obviously doing everything they could to limit their payout to me and I was unable to work.

The net result was that a few years later, I was exceeding the bank's overdraft level and was also claiming 'working tax credits' from the UK government, which is where they pay you a small weekly payment if you are not earning above a minimum threshold level. Eventually, the bank wrote saying that they wanted my account to be zeroed, - e.g. for me to pay them the overdraft figure. I did not have the money, but I had been studying the banking system for some time - listening to some of the teachers online who were showing how the financial system is essentially founded on total fraud, meaning that the 'loans' and 'credit' that are extended to people are nearly always fraudulent in nature. So.. I decided, instead of paying the alleged debt, that I would see if I could use the techniques I was learning to nullify the situation.

Background to the corruption of the financial system

This is a complex topic in it's own right and I cannot really do it justice without writing for hours. I highly recommend checking out the many videos I have put together on the topic at ureka.

The essence, though, is that instead of the banks having 'money' in their vaults that they draw against when you ask them for a loan (as most people assume is occurring and which is the image that is promoted via bank/credit advertising material) - the reality is quite different. The reality is that 'fractional reserve' banking systems mean that banks can 'loan' out more money than they actually have - up to 30 times more than they have, in fact! How can they loan out what they do not have? They can do it because the money is mostly digital in nature and not enough people realise that they are being scammed!

Not only are we 'borrowing' something that didn't even exist in any form until we sign the credit agreement, but we are being forced to pay interest on the 'loan' too. The outcome of all of this on a global level is that the majority of 'money' and 'debt' are entirely fictional and non-existent and yet they are being included in 'official' calculations from suited people in large stone buildings (voices of alleged authority) as if they are REAL. How can I pay interest on a 'loan' if the money I allegedly 'borrowed' doesn't really exist, except within the context of a magical system of money creation that I am not even fully aware of? That interest needs to be created somewhere too or there will literally not be enough money on the planet to pay for everyone's interest payments. The reality is that since the MAJORITY of the money on earth is actually 'debt' created in this way, there literally ISN'T enough money on earth to pay for all the interest charges. This means that it is absolutely guaranteed that it is impossible for everyone to pay back all of the 'money' they 'borrow'. From an ethical standpoint, this is treacherous and from a mathematical standpoint it is simply fraud.

Using Logic to Defeat the Criminal Banksters

Just like every bully, the banks who regularly threaten their customers with all kinds of things if they don't 'repay' their debt - have major weaknesses. They are bound by laws that are operated through national court systems and although they use every trick in the books to attempt to exploit the situation, there are a variety of direct ways that we can show in court that 'the emperor has no clothes' or in this case, that - the banks have no real authority or power (plus are criminal bodies).

In the event that you have a credit card, mortgage or other kind of loan setup with a lender, they will apply a variety of forms of pressure to attempt to get you to 'repay' the 'money'. They will use debt collection agencies to write threatening letters in big red ink - that is designed to frighten you into conforming to their program. They will literally attempt to intimidate you in any way that they can. Those of us who actually take the time to learn the laws that govern the situation will fair better than those who don't and if we are clever we can even totally reverse the situation so that we win.

Proof of Claim

In essence, when someone asks someone else to pay them an alleged debt, they are making a legal claim that must be able to stand up in court for it to be valid. In the case of loans, the claim is along the lines of "Party A owes Party B some money because it was loaned to Party A previously on a specific date and agreed to be repaid in a specific way". The bank needs to be able to prove that this agreement is a real agreement and thus that the 'debt' is also a real debt.

Here's where the fun begins.

To prove an alleged debt, there needs to be some kind of proof that the money was exchanged and therefore there needs to be some kind of evidence/proof of the origin of the money and how it came to be loaned in the first place. If we were talking about a loan of apples, it would be possible to show that the lender has an apple farm and a means of producing and shipping apples - it could then be demonstrated that the apples were grown during a specific time period and so on. However, since we are talking about imaginary 'money' and not something tangible - the bank must somehow prove how they came to have their 'money' to loan out in the first place. This THEY CANNOT DO! They cannot do it because they literally made the money out of 'thin air'.

At their upper levels, the agents in the banks know very well that if they are forced to go to court with someone who understands that the 'money' they were 'loaned' actually never really existed in the way that the majority of us have been led to beLIEve that it does - then the banking industry would quite possibly collapse quickly as most of us would never agree to take out such a fictional loan in the first place. It is 'safer' for the banks to just 'write off' their claim on the alleged debt than it is for them to risk going to court and being fully exposed in public! To my knowledge, everyone who has correctly understood the situation and applied the protocols I used has experienced the banks going silent and no court case ever being initiated. Alleged Debt CANCELLED!

My Examples

I was a bit on edge going through this process for a variety of reasons, not least because I didn't know anyone else who had done it and I was literally doing something that most people considered (and still consider) to be impossible. However, I had previously experienced several phenomena that I had actually thought to be totally impossible and so was definitely read for more impossibility being proven to be possible ;)

I used the methods I will point you to below in two cases - first with my overdraft and second with the British Government who claimed they had overpaid me 'tax credits' and that I had to pay them £1000s to correct their own mistake. In actuality, I had told them voluntarily that I had stopped working as a software developer and was now working on writing a book and they then informed me (for the first time) that their 'tax credits' system was not available to authors! This was a red flag to me since I was already aware of the way that the government has hijacked the entire system to be in the favor of large employers, such that creative individuals are forced to work for large employers rather than being properly and fairly supported as they find their own way in life.

Get Out Of Debt Free

I learned the techniques from the guys who run the website Get out of debt free and I am grateful for them lighting the way. There are many 'commenters' online who claim that their methods don't work and that (somehow) the whole thing is a scam.. However, they are simply wrong and I have challenged some of them online only to find that they are like attack dogs with loud barks who have no substance at all to back up their claims. I DO have the information and documentation to back up my claims and thus I am immovable on this subject.

Here's a video interview that was aired on Sky TV with some of the guys from the GOODF website:

NOTE: I can see that the GOODF website has significantly changed since I used it and the information on the homepage doesn't really reflect the old information that I used. However, the forums are still active and you can find most of the information in there.

The Letters

The method involves sending a series of letters, via recorded delivery, to the CEO of the financial entity that you are dealing with. You inform them that you will be happy to pay them the money they say you owe them, but only once they can provide proof of their claim and validation of the alleged debt. You ask them to provide proof of the debt in a very specific way and also include terms in the letters which make clear that if they fail to do so then they are agreeing through acquiescence that no such debt exists. Furthermore, terms are also inserted into the letters which mean that you will start charging THEM an hourly fee for all the time you have to put into the process of responding to them and dealing with their communications to you. You can put an hourly rate of £100+ per hour and this will ensure that should the case go to court (which is unlikely), that the costs involved for them, when they lose, will be too high to make the case worth it to them.

Since they cannot prove that any debt actually exists - not just because of the fraudulent origin of the 'money' they say they lent you, but because of a variety of other criminal aspects to their business operations - they will simply ignore your letters as if you didn't even write them... They will do this right up to the last moment, where the time period given to them by you in the letters has expired and they will then most likely just go silent, write off the alleged debt and move on to their next victim.

The letters also make clear that the bank agrees that if any kind of negative note is added to your credit record then they will be in serious trouble too.

This process takes 1 month to complete and in the meantime, they will send a variety of letters stating that they have received your 'complaint' - even though your letter was a legal notice and not a complaint and will use a variety of other tactics to put you off the track. But, if you stick to your guns and do not give in out of fear, it is highly likely that you will win.

In my own case, they went totally silent and I decided to try to live totally without money and banks to the best of my ability! I did that for about 6 years but eventually had to get a bank account and did so without any problem.

I also used a slightly altered, but essentially similar technique with HMRC, the British Tax office and had the same result there. They actually threatened me with imprisonment, but I carried on anyway - I had nothing to lose. I spoke directly with one of their lawyers who stated words to the effect of "Well, we don't agree with you on that", when I said that I don't owe anything.. Yet, despite here self assured tone - they too went silent and never mentioned the alleged 'debt' again. ;)

I am not a lawyer

I am NOT a legally trained expert or advisor (thankfully) and so if you want legal advice you should consult a legally trained specialist. I am simply describing a way that everyone can break themselves free from an enslavement system that is against life, humanity and the spirit that created the universe.


Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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ura-soul, I did the exact same thing that you describe with the BOA. I've been living in Italy for about 31 years now, yet BOA claimed I owed them thousand of dollars from an account in the U.S. that I never had! They sent a collection agency after me at my brother's home. I said I'd be glad to pay anything that I owe, please send me a copy of the contract or account with my signature. I also told them that they would be in violation of the law after receiving this letter if they continued to call my brother's home. After three, standard form letters and my continued insistence to see a contract with my signature on it, they went silent. This was more than 7 years ago and still no word.

I was seriously considering copyrighting my name and warning them that if they used in in any manner without my permission, that I would sue them for $1 million per incident for copyright infringement. This would happen a few times per letter! I still think it's a good idea - okay, I'll pay the $100.00, but I'm suing you for $10 million! I think it'd work, too.


Aha, good work! The name copyrighting thing is another technique that the GOODF guys use - but I saw that as a step beyond what is necessary and also beyond what I want to do since I don't feel attached to any name at all.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

This is battle were first thing someone has to got is patience. It is super easy to give up and just pay. In theory everybody can get to the bank and create yourself money from nothing. But that is not theory if you know what to do after creation of loan. If they give you loan in cash, can you apply similar strategy like they just put figures on your account?


yes, it doesn't make any difference which form the allleged transfer takes since the points relate to the contractual agreement and the origin of what was allegedly transferred - which will be the same in most cases.


I remember when I was trying to explain this to someone who had to return money to bank for credit. Said to me by reflex action 'That will never worh! If that work everybody will do it!' Most of people don't want to 'fight' them because in their mind they are big and we are small. Until that don't change no real change can happen. In this case and everyting else.


I probably would have said the same thing if I didn't fully understand the underlying mechanics that the banks base their activities on and I only understood that after watching some of the well known documentaries about the subject over 5 times! The scam is so big that our 'scam detector' in our brains aren't callibrated to be able to take it all in!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Scam detector not callibrated enough...well said LOL

You inspirated me to make article with that title. Thanks! :)

Hi! I'm happy to choose this post for my "Care To Read "Crossword Puzzle Contest No. 3. I'm posting a link to this post in all my posts related to this contest. I hope it will send some more traffic to your post.

Thank you for writing awesome content!


You are welcome! Thanks for your support!

I want to mention to folks reading this to be sure you know what you are doing before taking any action. Because you will have to study and know what you are doing. Silence is acquiescence ... so please note that even though @ura-soul says he went silent and they did too..this may not be the case for you.
Silence is acquiescence... make sure you know what you are doing.
Once you start down this road you must be willing to see it through.
I did enjoy reading your article / post .. just thought I would throw the above info in. I did not check out the website.. the best to you . Have a wonderful day.


Thankyou, yes - I totally agree. There is a real need to do background research into this, although the actual mechanics of the process are quite simple when understood. If I was dealing with a mortgage on my home, for example, I would be much more careful even than I was when I did what I did. On the one hand, we must be careful, but on the other hand - by doing nothing - we acquiesce to being enslaved!

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It's interesting because if what you're saying is true it implies a massive large scale financial conspiracy; that the bankers willingly and knowingly are committing enormous fraud against humanity and the earth.
This is right up my alley because it's where I find any true conspiracy to be most likely; not FE, or many of the other somewhat inane conspiracy claims........
Anyway, about 20 years ago I worked for a guy into The Natural Person legal argument and the courts in Canada have convicted all these claims and people espousing them made to pay.
Do you think your​ view on this is local to Britain or is it universal as far as being able to implement these protocols against the debt machine?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Oh, I have no doubt of the giant conspiracy - I suggest watching some of the documentaries on the page at ureka that I linked to.

There have been many cases of people using various techniques in court to expose fraud and criminality within the legal system - not all of them fail though. You can listen to Marc Stevens' shows to see examples of a workable approach having repeated success in America. There is also a group I know of in Canada who have had success in various court settings too.

As far as the bank machine goes - this approach should be universal, but each jurisdiction has it's own rules and I know that French law, for example, is quite different to British common law.. So there will possibly be some changes needed for each region.

my wife's father died recently and she ended up turning several of his debts into credits. Where they were sending collections agents they began sending checks. Legal threats can also be very effective for getting people to pay.