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I thought it was time to expose the big banks in the world! Some are better than others when it comes to having cash available for depositors, but they are all doing terrible. If you think you'll get your money back in a bank run think again.

Should you take your money out of your bank as the ultra-wealthy has. They are storing cash in vaults with their precious metal holdings especially now that several European banks have gone into negative interest rate territory.


Get this! You are lending your money to the bank through your deposit, then they turn around and use your money as they see fit with stock, derivative and bond investments. And they charge you for it???? Where is common sense there? It has lost banking!! The central bankers and their banking owners have destroyed the global economy!


And now finance ministers around the world are calling for a cashless society! At that point, you have become a slave to the state and the banksters! You are being lied to by your banks! They are stealing your money, malinvesting it and have no money to cover your deposits!


JPMorgan Chase Deposits:
Assiniboine CU Cash on Hand:
JPMorgan Chase Cash To Deposit Ratio:
98.26% of Deposits not covered


Wells Fargo Deposits:
Wells Fargo Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
98.41% of Deposits not covered


Goldman Sachs Deposits:
Goldman Sachs on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
98.76% of Deposits not covered

download (4).png

Citibank Deposits:
Citibank Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
95.89% of Deposits not covered


Barclays Deposits:
Barclays Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
89.08% of Deposits not covered


Nordea Deposits:
Nordea Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
86.38% of Deposits not covered


Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Deposits:
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
69.46% of Deposits not covered


Deutsche Bank Deposits:
Deutsche Bank Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
67.04% of Deposits not covered


Monte Paschi De Siena Deposits:
Monte Paschi De Siena Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
92.06% of Deposits not covered


DNB Norway Deposits:
Monte Paschi De Siena Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
73.68% of Deposits not covered


Banco Santander Deposits:
Banco Santander Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
90.90% of Deposits not covered


Raiffeisen Bank Deposits:
Raiffeisen Bank Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
85.49% of Deposits not covered


Saxo Bank Deposits:
Saxo Bank Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
80.03% of Deposits not covered


Alpha Bank Deposits:
Alpha Bank Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
99.48% of Deposits not covered


ABN Amro Bank Deposits:
ABN Amro Bank Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
88.69% of Deposits not covered

download (1).jpg

ING Groep Bank Deposits:
ING Groep Bank Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
96.73% of Deposits not covered

download (1).png

National Australia Bank Deposits:
National Australia Bank Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
91.25% of Deposits not covered

download (2).png

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Deposits:
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
93.00% of Deposits not covered


Bank of China Deposits:
Bank of China Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
94.90% of Deposits not covered


Sberbank Deposits:
Sberbank Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
88.80% of Deposits not covered

download (3).png

Hana Group Deposits:
Hana Group Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
86.86% of Deposits not covered


UBS Deposits:
UBS Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
75.19% of Deposits not covered

download (2).jpg

Credit Suisse Deposits:
Credit Suisse Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
68.00% of Deposits not covered

download (3).jpg

UniCredit Deposits:
UniCredit Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
97.50% of Deposits not covered


Royal Bank of Scotland Deposits:
Royal Bank of Scotland Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
82.30% of Deposits not covered


Bank of Ireland Deposits:
Bank of Ireland Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
90.85% of Deposits not covered


BNP Paribas Deposits:
BNP Paribas Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
89.05% of Deposits not covered


Crédit Agricole Deposits:
Crédit Agricole Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
58.84% of Deposits not covered

download (4).jpg

State Bank of India Deposits:
State Bank of India Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
93.80% of Deposits not covered


State Bank of India Deposits:
State Bank of India Cash on Hand:
Cash To Deposit Ratio:
61.43% of Deposits not covered

Peace, Love and Voluntaryism!



I don't think any bank is solvent if you include their off balance sheet 'assets' which are actually liabilities. I started putting my money into shares and premium bonds many years ago, I only hold what I need on a monthly basis in any bank. Even the federal and UK deposit insurance schemes are more or less broke in the event of a couple of banks going under. You're better off investing in real stuff, skills and health.

I really hope Wells Fargo burns to the ground in the next financial tsunami.

Those fuckers are as corrupt as you can get: money laundering for cartels, forcing customers into financial products they don't want or need, opening accounts for customers without their permission, etc...

Biggest cartels are the parties who are running the govt, there are approx ₹7.34 lac crore of NPA of depths the banks are in,currently in India & govt is keep on waiving those bad loan for the rich,but when it comes to farmers they are waiving in pennies literally.

Another outstanding post John that I will re-steem. Excellent to show these emperors without clothes!


Something to pay attention to are the G-SIBs (banks protected by the BIS):


In other words, these are "untouchable" and will be protected at all costs. All the others are "fair game" for implosion.

Thus, I can easily see the likes of TD (in US + Canada), U.S. Bank, Capital One, Scotia, (among others) going bust in the next meltdown.

By the way, don't forget these banks' HUGE DERIVATIVES CASINO BETS with the US alone close to $250 Trillion and Deutsche Bank with €47 Trillion or so on its own. Yep, very sustainable! LOL



I imagine Canadian banks have a similar story to tell?

Most countries with a central bank has financial structure like that and the banks are owned or controlled by the same group and in the same game. If there isn't a central bank or they are not dancing the same dance. Well expect to see another USSA sponsored invasion liberation of the people...

I think he already covered the Canadian banks and they were similar.

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When it became common that the only official and valid money in a society was loaned out by a private cartel for interest... everything went downhill.
The dollar has lost more than 96% of its value since the establishing of the FED. All the crimes in recent decades in my view are simply a natural result of the imbuing of legal tender with immediate debt that can never be repaid because virtually all money is created from debt today, that has interest demands attached to it for money that ahs not yet been created and can only be created out of more debt...

time to expose the big banks in the world!
You have Steemit now...don't fight the big banks...ignore them.
earn (or invest) Steem...when you need some $ cash out..turn it into a transition coin (I use litecoin)..then into $$ (or rubles, yen, granola bars..whatever)..then load it on a cryptodebit card...or right to your bank...
then spend it..
who needs banks?

Listened to Mike Maloney at Anarchapulco. He said that we need to start using decentralized money now :)

the sooner the better...I agree.


By the way John, I just wanted you to know that I've added you (and Josh) in my recent post HEROES OF TRUTH. So, thanks to you and Josh for all your hard work and keep it coming! Addicted to you guys!


Thank you, sir! Really appreciate that!

Thank you John.

I really like the picture I got of you with that gesture you do at the beginning of every broadcast with Josh. To me, it shows a sign of confidence and being genuine; and that is something essential for all truth tellers! And I think it looks perfect right in the center of portraits collage.

By the way, can you tell Josh that he is also on this list? I am not sure if he has a chance to see it or not and really think he is deserving and should know.

Cheers man.

Interesting, I'm surprised that many of the European Banks have much higher reserve ratios then their American counterparts.

No data available for Canadian Banks?

Thanks for bringing these to my attention. Reading them now.

That's the problem with following over 100 people. Stuff gets missed in my feed all the time.

Update: Looks like the Big Canadian banks are as highly levered or worse then their american counterparts....

I am pretty sure you are already aware that the federal reserve bailed out the big Canadian banks after the 2008 financial crisis? Looks like they are going to have to do it again at this rate, either that or they do the bail in they have been putting everyone on notice about.

The problem with your question is that it makes no sense.

The rules of banking is that a bank is never insolvent/bankrupt.
And yes, it is circular reasoning.

The truth is that all banks are overleveraged and if they actually had to mark-to-market or keep any accurate accounting measures, they are way passed bankrupt.

But, as long as the music keeps playing, the game of musical chairs continues. As soon as the music stops, all the little people will find they have nothing.

Even if the bank looks solid, it could, at the very last minute, take on a huge loan, and that loan will be paid first.

This is the biggest advantage cryptos have. It is your money. You are not left in a position of asking the bank, please, may I have my money back?

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