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NEW YORK — Why is Amazon spending nearly $14 billion for Whole Foods ? One reason: People who buy yoga mats and fitness trackers on Amazon might also like grapes, nuts and other healthy items at the organic grocery chain....What Amazon wants from Whole Foods: Data on shopping habits

I Acutely Feel Herded Down The Digital Economic Path…

This digital path is painfully obvious to those like me who wish to be off-grid and still able to connect creative-freedom, peer network efforts...

Digital Cashless Economy


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Digital Economy, It’s Coming

And India is in the forefront of this effort as a test case.
This is not a secret, though MSM will claim it to be “fake news” and conspiracy theory.
Consider all governments imposing a mandate for biometric bankcards and direct deposits.

Title: India’s March Towards A Cashless Society – Trading’s Lynette Zang
Video posted 13 Jun 2017 by ITM Trading

JUMP TO the 2:23 minute of the video.

With the implementation of the digital-economy:
We Lose Choices!

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Some say that India and Venezuela are testing grounds for the Globalist. India, for their cashless society of course, leads me to learning more about cryptocurrencies. I'm still new to this process of Digitals but I am soaking it up as I learn each day.
Thanks for the post

@revelationquotes since the turn of the century the globalists have really increased their efforts to implement the digital economy - esp. in the emerging markets!
This calls for getting the poor and rural segments into the banking industry; most of them do not have a bank account and many do not have access to the internet - but that is all about to change, if the governments and bankers have their way!