Flea Market/Auction Business - 228

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Part 1 - Auction
Part 2 - What I bought

It's crazy how much some stuff can sell for at some flea markets and some auctions. It would be cool to find a piece of pottery or something and sell it at an auction for $1,000. I don't think I would ever pay $1,000 for a piece of potter unless I was very rich and it was out of an ancient Egyptian tomb and even then maybe not because of bad luck. lol

Bob has a lot of these videos on his Youtube page. I think I've watch about 10. lol

Thursday 8-23

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I haven’t been to a flea market in years, but I have a bunch of stuff at home I should sell and buy Steem! 😀


There you go! lol It's good to get rid of clutter and you can make some decent money in a day.
You don't upvote yourself at 100%?


Yes your right!

Seems like flea markets are a lot more popular in the States than over here in Belgium. There are almost no flea markets over here!

I helped out friends who owned an auction company - two days a month for three years. The best stuff i saw was from a family of hoarders. Five generations of them. They never threw away anything besides trash. They were clean but didnt throw stuff out. Ever. Once the house and barn was full/outdated, they built new ones on the property. A total of 3 houses, a cabin, 2 barns, and a few sheds full of stuff - like time capsules stuck in time when they locked the doors and moved next door. It took a team of seven a week to move stuff to the auction house, clean, catalog and price. The best items were an 1839 breakfront which sold for $90,000 and a kid's tin toy in the box from the 20s. I think it sold for about $6,000. The family cars and trucks were not put up for auction but there had to be at least a dozen - almost all British and sports cars, which I found odd for an old southern family in a tiny Georgia town.


Amazing story. I wonder what the auction total came out to. I definitely do not want to turn into a hoarder! lol I am selling some of my stuff.
$90,000 for a bookcase? OMG
This one kind of looks like a China cabinet my grandma had.


That one is attractive - this one was tall and narrow, about 10 feet tall so you needed a special place.
The stuff went through two big auctions, and then the smalls and box lots were still being mixed in to the regular auctions for at least six months. The guy probably got around $350,000 after the sellers fees.

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