Public Storage (PSA): Bull Flag Breakout Expected

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Public Storage (PSA) has one final wave 5 to place and it's about ready to start. The chart below shows that a bull flag is either complete or nearly so. Once the breakout from this pattern occurs, the door to the wave 5 target will be wide open. Would now be a good time to cast a buy ladder?

The subwaves have been filled in (blue). Since the white wave 2 was a simple ABC; white wave 4 is more complex. A bull flag is counted as an ABCDE sequence. There is a potential for the E wave to still touch the bottom blue trendline once more. This is why the starting point of the white wave 5 is a bit lower than current price.

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Thanks for the analysis haejin. Can you have a look at ECH (msci chile), its a really interesting chart!

notice the difference between 2 pictures ? he is doing that to fill the page :)

Thanks @haejin for keeping us updated.... Informations like this are good even if not for investent purpose at list for the knowledge of it. Thanks a lot

I try to read as much as I can. I try to read an informative article every day on your blog.


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THX For your Infos here!

Great Work!!!!

I didn't notice bull flag.
So I've marked this as A of ABC.
Bullish divergence on macd supports idea of going up now.

Hi haejin, thanks for sharing this. My analysis looks very similar to this as well.

hi Haejin, Thank you sharing this, it really useful

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