Bitcoin, XRP break out of triangles, STEEM keeps powering on and more good news for BTS

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Good morning traders! The new year has come with a major bang - at the time of preparing some parts of this post, STEEM has been over 8 USD and BTS has hit $0.90! Holy moses!

Meanwhile, Bitcoin, that has been in a boring lull for quite while, managed to break out of it's consolidation triangle yesterday. If you add the double bottom (not counting the spikes), this could be forming a bullish W pattern. The year is young but the game remains the same - load on dips - big players haven't had their chance for some big rallies yet.

bitcoin chart.JPG

Ripple has smugly overtaken Ethereum in terms of the market cap and is comfortably chilling in the second place after king Bitcoin.

ripple market cap.JPG
Via Coinmarketcap

XRPUSD perfect breakout of double resistance - a bullish pennant and horisontal level (2 cup and handles a H1 chart). Bullish!

xrpusd chart.JPG

A practical guide to cryptos in 2018 - a free 120-page pdf! Authored by someone named James F, this can be a treasure trove for those not so savvy in the cryptoworld.

practical guide.JPG
Found via Jameson Lopp

Download the full guide here on docdroid and if make big moneys with the help of that book, the author has included his BTC wallet address, where you can thank him with donations.

Remember the article about Bithares partnering with Arisebank? Of course you do!

Well, now the boxing legend Holyfield is officially endorsing Arisebank in a yet-to-be-announced deal

evander holyfield bitshares.JPG
Via Arisebank

There was also a post from @stan on this subject, be sure to hit it up. Catch it here

Good news for Bitshares just keep coming. I am a massive BTS bull.

Additionally, i want to share this WTI oil chart with you. We have been rallied quite extensively and are about to hit some big levels. Time to start slowly building some shorts, boys.

wti chart.JPG

Keep your heads cool out there!

Check out Chainbb, an alternative frontend for STEEM network. If you like forum style, that's the platform for you.

Title image from pixabay


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Good article thanks, I don’t think there’s any stopping the crypto currency trend at the moment and hopefully it will continue for a long time yet, cheers mike


Cheers, keep making those precious pips


Thank you very much for your reply cheers mike


untill n unless gov plans to stop . everything is fine then


I’m sure they will try sooner or later, cheers mike


looks like it will be a long run as more people are joining the coins market, if the surge continue then it will be a great year


I certainly hope your correct, cheers mate

steem is getting more power and I expect 2018 will be the woderfull year for steemians


yeah its just a start !


Steem rocks! My prediction for $8.60 is almost fulfilled. Check my analysis #2 and #3.
Check my blog I also write TA could be interesting to follow me.


it has doubled in just two days how about the whole year? it doing a massive run and this is good for us steemians

wow ripple is on second position.I have invested in Ripple.Thank god I am in profit in the beginning of 2018.Steem and sbd are also increasing,good news for all the steemit community.All the best to all traders.thanks for the post Sir.upvoted and resteemed


i also bought ripple and stellar and they are doing well but the big surprise is steem massive gains in the last 48hrs. steem to the moon

I thought that Ripple would start to suffer, "New Kid on the Block syndrome" and dip after it hit $2.00, but I'm happy to see it's become a very relevant player.


It's a bull market, best look for opportunities to make money on the long side.


yeah !!!

ripple is ready to ripe

Love those triangles on Bitcoin and Ripple. I’m in Bitcoin, but have stupidlyyy sold out of my Ripple already.


i'm missing out on ripple too bigtime, just trying some scalps here and there

Very interesting article, my dear friend!

I think Bitcoin will be in a deep correction right now. But!!! while the upward trend will continue.

What do you think ?

Now many will switch to another crypto currency. For example, Ripple)))

Thank you for the article, @furious-one!!!


I think you are right. I came to the same conclusions in my analyses #23 4 days ago and I think that is still valid.

Check my blog I also write TA could be interesting to follow me

Really exciting to see, time for steemians

Steem and sbd is increasing everyday.. this year is a year of increament and our wishes is going to come to pass

i would say the biggest winners so far are ripple, stellar, raiblock and steem. this have had a massive surge since the year started and they dont seem to be relenting. this is awesome times we are living in

Thanks for sharing @furious-one It's very informative and useful :-)

Hoping that steem will go up up up.

The trading sistem is great . One thing i am sad with is that trading crypto is mot available in any country. Personally, the countrybi live in is not recognized for trading ant this is a thing most investors do not appreciate.


Not available in yor country? Just make an account here


I tried coinbase and gemini, my region us unable to identify.

great news my friend... thanx for sharing.. and really fabulous analysis...

great post bro. useful for traders. keep it up..

Nice and lovely content...thanks for acquainting us...

You are well spread out on your investments. That is a good thing. Thanks for sharing.... I will flow with you on the BTS one... I am just waiting for its bull run!
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i have alot off ripple i hope hit up very much