Let's Talk—A Realistic Take On What Can Money Do For You and Me!

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I'm highly self-motivated and driven by passion but earning money inspires me to push myself harder. Haven't you observed how money can push us to take risks, stick it out in monotonous employment and yet inspire us to give that extra, perhaps even inspire others! It empowers us, enables charity, and even makes us happy. Our world spins around money, and if truth be told %99.99 of us cannot do without it.


On a chat with a dear friend I was asked what I was going to do with all the money I've been earning from blogging off late. I said I'm saving up for some very special things. Being a wise old sage and an elderly gentleman he told me that whenever I got around to spending some of it, I must do it on experiences and things that matter the most to me, and maybe even help make a difference. I was in agreement and this is what we discussed.

Spend On Experiences

It's great if we could buy whatever we wanted but if we could buy incredible experiences, we'd remember them for the rest of our lives and these stories never get old. Over the years as I earned some money, I invested most of it into traveling around my country, building new relationships along the way, sharing stories, and creating infinite memories. It also allowed me to travel to Europe and experience all that @steemfest had to offer!

With my friends @roelandp and the Firepower Crew!

Looking back at the past 10 years I know I've made some right choices in spending on travelling and experiencing new things out there. But this is just me. If I could spend my money on expensive objects today, I'd buy an old 80 Series Landcruiser from the 90s or a new KTM Enduro motorcycle if I could ever ride again. Set them up for an overland adventure, hit the road and never look back!

Material objects always lose their charm after a while and sooner or later you are going to get bored with it and start thinking of the next thing. It could happen in year or overnight. Go out with some friends and experience all that the world has to offer you! You'll never regret that!

Spend On Your Closest Family and Friends

I don't mean to propose that you should splurge on your family and friends all the time but you can always take your close ones out for a dinner or two and spend your time with them. It won't cost you a lot of money but will make everyone happy. I love going out to dinners with my closest friends and my parents whenever possible. Even if I'm really busy I still make time. It's great to come back home with a full stomach, everlasting smiles and great new memories.

My step-dad, Mom @geetharao and me from our lunch last week. Took them to @madnomad's fancy restaurant in town!

Recently, I was dining with two of my buddies @sanjayjkamath and another friend, also a steemit user. It was late evening and he found out about a family emergency and needed help in arranging tickets to fly out of the city early morning. I was glad that for once in my life I didn't have to worry about money and could help my friend just as many of my friends have stood by me offering moral support in the past.

I told him without hesitation that i'll book his tickets. It was around 11PM and I booked 3 flight tickets for him and his brothers to travel to their destination.

I've also donated a little over $1000 from my earnings to certain social causes and NGOs in the past month because I felt that was a better use case for my money. Even as I was cash strapped for many years growing up in a low-middle-income Indian household, I always felt when the time comes, I will elevate myself to a position where I'm able to help my friends and family. Especially, if they are in a genuine need, and the situation calls for an immediate financial intervention.

Spend On Your Self

Never hesitate to splurge a little every now and then on your whims and fancies but don't let them ruin your financial planning, mental or physical health.

These days I love trying out various new cuisines and generally eat out a fair bit but never allow my bills to get to an absurd amount or run me into debt. My monthly expenditure is usually under 10% of my monthly earnings and sometimes it may get up-to 20% but I try to save and re-invest at-least 80% of my income.

@aishwarya sent me this gift, a painting of my face with my quote on the right when I was hospitalised in February.

I love travelling and I'm always saving on the side and adding to my travel fund. It's okay if you want to go out once in a few months and shop something for yourself. There's no need to feel guilty about it. As long as you aren't in debt and don't owe anything to anyone, you are within your rights to do anything you want with your money. But never shed responsibilities towards your family or whoever you deem closest to you.

Blow Up Some Money With Others

Plan an exciting trip with your friends and you'll thank me if you do it. Whether it goes as planned or not (life does that sometimes) you'd be thankful that you choose to spend your time wisely with people who matter to you and those who deem you special in their lives. Identify such people if you haven't already and go nuts with them! You could go do some adventure sports together, or watch a race. Group activities are one of the greatest ways to foster relationships and build a great connection with your friends.

I learnt this from seeing my friend invite his closest friends from his childhood at his 50th birthday and I was the only one from recent times who was special for him and his family to have with them on such an important milestone in his life. All of us travelled to the incredible Indian party destination of Goa and he threw an incredible, very fancy party and we chilled out for 4 days in a row. These are memories that money cannot help you buy off the shelf but can help create.

With some incredible people, singing songs around the bonfire on a starry night at the beach in Goa and a beer in hand. What more do you need?

You Can't Spend From Your Grave

Don't hoard your money, instead use it wisely. When you lie on your death bed you cannot afford to have any regrets. You could be Warren Buffet but you cannot take your money with you to the grave and spend it from there. Make the most of what you have as you go through life. You might not get a chance to do all that you could have in your final moments.

Find a Way To Earn Your Money

After my accident recently, I now work with a custom fabricated dynamic splint. After an hour's use my hand cramps up and it starts hurting. I have a better than average threshold for pain so I simply ignore it and work. Even as many of my friends ask me to slow down, my high energy levels and motivation makes it impossible for me to pay heed to that and sit idle. I can't slow down, not now.

This was a turning point for me in my life. Money could potentially change my life now. I'm saving up for the day where I could possibly afford treatment in the best facility in the world and if it helps me regain use of my hand (in case the damaged nerves dont regenerate themselves) then that's incredible I think.

But, even as I have a minor disability I don't complain about being unable to work and earn my money. I found a way to do new things to earn money as I go. If I can do it, so can you. Don't let any hurdle in your life dictate the terms for your life and the path you need to take.

I believe that you can earn all that you need to do anything you want in this one life itself. Never hold yourself back ever again! Earn all the money you want and let that work for you!

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

What really matter is health, if your body and mind are working correctly then you can earn money, save it, invest it to the point where you gain your financial freedom.

Sorry for your accident, wish you all the best to recover well.


Compeletely agree. I had a friend whom used to be a good businessman. He spent all his time and effort in building the business and totally disregarded the signals his body gave him. When he was diagnosed of phase V stomach cancer, he finally realized how important health is. But it was too late. He left huge assets for his family but couldn't save his life. Health should always come first. Without it. You are making money for others hospitals, doctors, even your beloved partners will one day be someone else's too.


@susanli3769 Thanks for sharing this with us. Important life lessons right there!




God bless!! i wish all humanity happiness :))


Money is the be all and end of all of life.


@damarth absolutely right! Thanks for stopping by and reading this post. Good to see you here. :)

Hi @firepower I'm so sorry to hear about your hand, it looks like it's really painful- good for you for keeping your positivity up while healing! I wish you all of the healing in the world.

I really enjoyed your post, I have a lot to say on the matter of money, I think our culture is too fixated on keeping it in vaults, hidden away, saving it for (what you said- their grave!)

My father won't come visit me because he says he doesn't want to spend the money he's saving for his retirement and wants to make sure it'll last him for the rest of his life so he can live comfortably.

To me, that is the most ludicrous idea I have ever heard. No next day is promised to you. Every day is a gift and the experiences you can collect are immeasurable... priceless.

I think you're right- eat the food you want, do the things you want, share your wealth and it will return to you one way or another :)



money is always a tricky subject. Especially when you live in a class bracket where the purchasing power is diminishing and your earning less and less each year. I enjoyed how his first section discussed experiences because that's where the money should go towards I believe. Family distant themselves and make excuses to not being around because of money. This is their reality and doesn't have to be yours. Money can either enslave people or be their faithful and most valuable servant.


Well said @thecleanse and thank you for reading :)


thanks for writing!


That is true, I am aware that I'm in a positive position to be even sitting here, on my computer talking about it with you both. Experiences last a lifetime through our memories but possessions break, get lost, go out of style...

I agree with you, and my reality has never been and will never be the same way, I see money as a source to explore, run free and live life to the fullest through those experiences - especially shared ones :)

Thanks for taking time to respond to this, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts!


I can definitely relate to family and friends putting money first and losing track of what matters most. I remember reading how people during the US great depression mentioned that it was the greatest time of their lives. why? Because when the surrogate mother, monetary system, based on "earning a living" dynamic withers away, all that's left is family. All that's left is what is REAL.


@heart-to-heart Thank you for reading and leaving such a thoughtful response and sharing your story with me.

No next day is promised to you. Every day is a gift and the experiences you can collect are immeasurable... priceless.

This is so true. Even as we expect to be safe and sounds it's impossible to predict what will happen overnight.

I hope he changes his mind or you are able to see him. Eitherways I feel it's important to do our best sometimes, and live one day at a time. :)


We just never know what is yet to come, we have to live every day as if it's our last, without regret :)

Thanks so much, I hope he does too and maybe he will.

Until then, I will be living my life as you say, one day at a time!

Have a great day @firepower! Get better soon!

Great post, and a really interesting topic! Thanks for sharing your perspective; I too prefer experiences over things.

Because I live in a revolutionary ecovillage, I have found a financial freedom that works well for me. My costs are awesomely low, I have more than enough of everything I need, and I never worry about money. It's a very different lifestyle, and I have a very different perspective on money. I personally don't spend money and dedicate my resources towards building a better world for everyone.

Money is still a huge motivator and gives me a lot of inspiration in the games I play, but I believe humans have skewed the worth of actual values and tend to think that the ability to make purchases determines one's success.

@gardenofeden did a post just a few days ago about the fact that Americans spent $318 million on chips for 4th of July, which is a pretty mindless consumer good that doesn't really add to the planet or humanity as a whole, but the same amount of money also holds a great potential to create and maintain lasting utility for a LOT of people...most people don't really think about their options though and remain addicted to consuming, because that's the lifestyle they know.

While I don't think there's anything wrong with stacking fat cash, I do think it's worth careful consideration of who and what one is actually supporting with every single dollar they spend. Does it add or detract from humanity? I believe there's an ultimate law of karma that tallies the balance of every action we take in life, and we will be held accountable for that.


Wow Sara! That was an incredible response. I love the way you think and how you go about things at GOE! I hope to meet more people with similar mindsets as I go.

Money as I've written motivates me. I didn't have a lot of it before and having some of it now makes my life easier for sure. But being in a ecovillage that is self-sustaining sounds incredible. I hope to visit for a couple of days atleast if I get a chance to visit the states!


Thanks, this is really one of my favorite posts I've read in a little while, because it just got me thinking so much. I like to observe how different people engage with money--there are infinite options for what can be done with it! And Steemit is again revolutionizing what's possible!

I totally agree that money can be something like a lubricant to keep the life machine in flow, and there is definitely value in its power to motivate people. I have had so many different relationships with money in my life, and it's really fascinating to me to be in a place now where it's just not the way things are done...my lifestyle now encourages a high degree of ingenuity that's pretty satisfying to me.

Looking forward to hosting you here one day, @firepower! There's so much to share! So many different perspectives!

So insightful! You sound like a wise old sage yourself, @firepower :)

It's very rare that someone highlights all the positives of money and describes it as "inspiring"! People still have so many negative beliefs attached to money.

How do you manage to right such long articles, though, at the moment? Are you dictating them or taking lots of breaks? I mean you said you writing through the pain, but still... You should give your body a break every now and then :)


Thank you Anja! I feel like a sage now after your comment haha! ;)

People have a hard time dealing with money and often hold it responsible instead of human intent.

I tried voice to text but it doesn't work that great. It breaks my train of thought and I think I need more training?

So I stick to typing. But since I'm in flow and end up writing quickly, formatting and editing takes a bit of time but I find this quite relaxing despite the pain from my hand.

One of the most important things ive learned over the last 10 years investing is that people LOVE it when they make money, they spend and spend, they buy new things, new cars, vacations, spend money on their family and then one day, when the ride is over they find themslves with NOTHING left

its great to spend money on people and things that you have fun with , but the main goal has to ALWAYS buy investments that will give you some form of income each month, because even when the blog is done, and the money from that dwindles up, youll still have your investments to back up your lifestyle

ive met people making 100,000+ a year, they thought they would have their jobs and lifestyles forever, they lost their jobs and are now BROKE, and i dont mean like.... oh i have some money saved up, i mean like vanilla ice + MC Hammer broke

Build your passive income streams kids, and then have some fun


You are right, most people think that their jobs are secure and will never have to worry about money. And to be honest the kids these days do not know how to save money. Most of them depend on Credit Cards and loans and do not even know the basics of banking and lending. Which leads them to financial crisis soon enough.


What are you favorite passive income streams? Right now SP is my best one, because it is just so easy to save it up.


Yeah, I have a feeling that is going to be a universal favorite around here.


Man you said it! Excellent comment!

People live in the illusion that money lasts for ever! lol

Really lovely post @firepower! And so inspirational! I agree with all the points you've made about how to spend, and I have to say I admire your outlook on money. I think that a person's viewpoint and can have such a huge influence on how the money in their life flows. And if we hold ourselves back or have a narrow view of what's possible, I think that can have a very real physical impact on the money we have to spend in our lives. I've learnt a lot from reading this article and I think I can really apply what you've written here. Thank you!


Natasha! Great to see you again! :D

Thanks for reading this. I'm glad you liked it and found it useful!

Well written article @firepower! I agree with everything you had to say since many of our views are similar in terms of money. I am all about saving and spending on experiences because things tend to lose their luster very quickly. I had no idea about your hand and that splint looks like a behemoth, but I know I speak for the Steemit community when I say that we are happy that you push through the pain to produce quality content such as this!

First of all-- a great and thoughtful post @firepower... got me to thinking about this rather complex topic.

What is money? A temporary store of value. It offers more freedom of choice. It offers a measure of security, or at least the illusion of security.

No, you can't spend it from the grave... as a wise elderly gentleman once told me "Shrouds have no pockets." A lot of truth there... in the olden days, the idea of "leaving an inheritance" seemed quite important, but people often blow through money willy-nilly... especially if they weren't the ones who had to work to make it.

For me, the power of money is mostly in how it can be used to make a difference... this small Steemit account belongs to our little independent art gallery and the few cents that result here might (eventually) allow us to help out struggling and new artists find a little "financial headroom" to work more on their art and less on having to spend their creative time as grocery clerks, restaurant servers and so on. For now, that's just a dream; a theory...

... but that gets back to the motivational power behind money. The fact that there is now a pathway towards that possibility (through Steemit and its rewards) that's a strong inspiration.


I once heard a saying that "money is not everything, but it is helps enable some things." Good luck with your project with helping out struggling new artists, reddragonfly!


Well said!

Thanks for the great comment. I love reading the responses I get and the fact that there are more like minded people out there!

I've followed your account and will check it out sometime! :)

Yeah, money is very much important and there are various ways to spend it for the betterment.

But first we should have good amount of money if we want to spend. We need skill and knowledge to earn money which you have at a great extent. :)

I am very much impressed by you @firepower bro. Very much proud of you that you also donate some of the money you earn. I have always seen in you a kind person and this is the proof.

You always upvote the minnows who comment on your post and you are always ready to help. This shows your love and kindness towards people. :)


Thanks dude! :) I try to help out whenever and however possible.

This post resonates with me. I am not rich, but I work hard, I treat my family well, and people are always asking how I can travel the world the way I do. I spend my money in a way that is important to me! Balance is so key- and that doesn't mean that the people who choose material things are wrong. We are all fulfilled in different ways, and working to meet those needs is the most important step.

Now that I've discovered steemit, hopefully my need to experience will lead to content will lead to success will lead to more experiences <3


Well said :) I wish you the best with Steemit! :)

What an inspiring post! I feel like a down right scrooge - always trying to save. My whole family is very frugal - our idea of a doing something fun together means going to the zoo on the free day or visiting the science museum on the free day.

I agree that there isn't much use in hoarding money and money is only as good as what you can use it to do. The trick is finding the balance between saving/ investing money for future use and spending it on something we worthwhile today.

I like your idea of saving up for a special experience with your loved ones. That way you can have a nice shared experience but you also still have adequate savings. Maybe I will try that too - create a budget for special family adventures.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and hope your hand heals soon.


Thank you for this great comment! :) I'm glad you like the context of my article. :)

It's so easy to fall into the habit of spending money to achieve instant gratification—we all have our vices. These are great reminders to try and use it for better purposes. Travel, experiences, friends & family, charitable causes, etc.

So sorry to hear about what happened with your hand! Hoping your body finds a way to heal itself. I'm glad to read that you'd be able to pay for the medical attention you need.

Equally good reminder that we should never take things for granted in life...even the use of our physical instruments and health.


Hey there! Great to see you stop by my post and thank you for the wishes. I hope that things get better with time. :)

You are the first person I followed after I joined Steem a little over three weeks back and every time I read one of your posts it inspires me to work hard and find my own purpose. It is amazing to know how you work despite your accident and the injured hand.

I hope you get well soon and reach your destination soon.

Get well soon, firepower.


Thanks for your kind words dude! :)

Seeing you be so energetic and positive after dealing with a traumatic injury is very inspiring to me. This post is great, it is a great statement of what really matters about money - freedom and friendship.

I find it amazing that you save and reinvest 80% of your income. For me, I save/pay off debts with 50% and THAT feels like a huge amount. Have you always saved so much? Or what made you start?


Even I get motivated when I read about Firepowers traumatic injury and how he aspires to do something good for society.


If you want to visit my article and do not forget to leave your upvote, because your upvote can help me.


Thanks man! I appreciate your comment.

I've not always saved like this because I travelled a lot and spent most of my money on my experiences moving around the country. But I saved a little on the side and as I grew older and as priorities and situations changed I adapted accordingly and started saving more and that has helped me a lot today.


Ah yea that makes me feel better. I'm only 26 and financially really not stable yet so maybe saving 50% is pretty good right now :-)


I think that's fantastic! Most people cannot save 5%.. 50% is fantastic!

I couldn't agree more with the fact that you can't spend when you're dead. You should live more in the now than in the future. Yes, save up to create a fallback but do not forget to go a little crazy in the right now aswell. For all we know, there might no be tomorrow and you've been living on simply bread and water whilst saving up for a 5 course meal.


True that! :)

Wow.. @firepower thank you for sharing your very touching story. I have been following u but I did not know about your accident, I pray your hand gets better. I like your spirit of giving and helping others. It makes no sense to hoard lots of cash , be selfish and not help others. Very true that when we die we can never go with the money, houses or cars. keep helping others, that will be a good legacy u will leave behind. Remember whatever u give comes back twice or triple. I wish u all the best...keep steeming :)


I'm glad you liked the post. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words and wishes! :)

What a super inspirational post @firepower! This has been my motto for some time now : dedicate my life , earnings and days upon this planet to the protection and advancement of the human species! Prepare a better tomorrow for the next generation!


Great to read that! Thanks man!


Glad that you like it mate! You made my day!

You are an inspiration @firepower. Work your hand but don't overdue. You body will let you know when enough is enough. Where in India do you live? I have family that has lived in India for over 30 years.


Hey Stephie!

Thanks for stopping by! I finally got to the comments on this post.

I live in Mangalore, South of India. Where's your family at?

Money is a tool, merely a medium of exchange.

Don't hoard your money, instead use it wisely.

Even the best tool, sitting in a toolbox unused, is worthless.

It's a gauge of the "exchangability" of one's work.

I've seen amazing examples of this from both ends of the spectrum here. There is some really impressive work people do and there are impressive examples of the level that people will stoop to.

Your dedication to work through your injury is a good example of the upper end of the spectrum. And, I think you actually enjoy what you're doing, it's not all about the money.


Thank you! It was nice to read your comment! :) I love what I do and that's what keeps me going!

@firepower A very great post! My favorite part is:

"I've also donated a little over $1000 from my earnings to certain social causes and NGOs in the past month because I felt that was a better use case for my money."

The only way you can share more is to earn more. We can help more our family, friends and those who are in need, if we have more money.

"Money is not the root of all evil, the love of money is."

Of course we can also help by giving our time, but let's be practical that we need money to be able to live a better life.

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy anything else that can bring happiness!

Let's earn more so that we can share more!


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Keep it up guys! :)


That's great! I'm glad you liked this! :) I hope to stay on this path as I go. .

I loved your approach while spending money as well as saving it. People often forget that the best investment is on their own self. One should invest on himself because in the end that would be the only thing matters. Investing on life experiences make gives you self -satisfaction and the people we meet during the way, the relations we build with them, the culture we share are just extra-ordinary. Real investment is the one which can give you continuous returns and investing on experiences will give you that.
Apart from this spending on your family and provide them facilities they always deserved make you feel alive. It's a kind of 'hard work pays off' like situation and at least we have satisfaction that we have done something good for our family.
Anyways, I am sorry to hear about your accident and I guess your hand is still recovering. But with time, it will be completely healed soon enough.
I wish you a great recovery @firepower
I asked you earlier as well, is there any Indian group I can join which you're operating. I really want you to be my mentor. I am highly inspired by your work .


Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment! I hope to remain on this path and hopefully it'll go well. :)

Because of articles like these, I am always waiting for your next article. Not only they are interesting, but they have a few wise advices.
The best thing I took from your article today is to spend on experiences and not on materialistic things.....and I hope you earn enough in this year to treat your hand from the topmost surgeons in the world.....and I hope that you earn that much, that you can travel all you want without thinking twice.


Thanks dude! It's great to see your comment always. I hope it heals on its own someday. Let's see how it goes.

Good post. Incidentally, I don't think most millennials need this advice - in fact, they may need the opposite. They (we) already vacation 4.2 times a year, or more than once every 3 months, which not only seems ludicrous and entitled to me but explains why they have no savings, can afford no homes, and live in their parent's basement in record numbers while trying to stay on their parent's health insurance.

Millenial Vacations.jpg


I'm happy to say that I don't belong in this list but I know many who do and they aren't doing any thing to change it sadly. :(

they have no savings, can afford no homes, and live in their parent's basement in record numbers while trying to stay on their parent's health insurance.


I'm not even passing judgment, either. This is kind of what you would expect if you raise a generation that thinks it is OK to spend 6+ years and 200+k getting a degree in Gender Studies. No rational cost benefit analysis really ever took place. It's like we all went to school and majored in jazz guitar; I'm sure it was personally enlightening, but now we're working at McDonald's and don't have a housing down payment (as a collective demographic).

I am currently writing an article about traveling, how it's the best education and best way to spend your money...

You don't remember what you got for your 8th birthday. And you cannot recall what you were gifted for your childhood holidays. But you do remember that trip your family took in the third grade.

Toys and gifts get forgotten over time. Traveling holidays and vacations never leave your memory :)


That's so true! Im looking forward to reading your new piece! :)

Wow @firepower! Thats awesome that you were in a position to help a friend and you did so without hesitation.

Money earned from labor or investment is to spend, as you see fit. :)

I am at the stage where I spend on myself (tools to generate income, food, shelter, hygiene) and save for "emergencies" and "investments". I invest in educating myself and optimizing my health without any extra expenditures of cash. That's it.

My focus now is not spending money, but generating more income. However I believe 100% that money at most represents a store of purchasing power, at worst it just represents an unfinished transaction.

I admire the fact that you are using your income, and not simply stacking it because it's future value is not guaranteed.

Afterall, money is like musical chairs. When the music stops and our particular fiat has no purchasing power, we are up a creek witout a paddle. So I encourage everyone to convert cash to tangibles, whether that be multifamily real estate buildings, globe trotting alone or with friends and family, productive farmland, energy generation or whatever...It's up to each one to decide.

Peace and love.


Thank you for this wonderful comment! :)

Yes I am using it and I'm glad that I am allowing myself to do some good with it too from time to time.

I hope I can continue like this. :)

money can be both good and bad, a fool and his money are soon parted, and drugs and a lot of money don't go good together


Not matter how much money we earn, we must always stay away from things that are bad.


That's true!

@firepower keep posting on steemit. I really admire your this post and can you give me the permission for resteem this post can I do??


Go ahead and resteem. You don't need my permission to resteem :)

This is very inspirational , we can't take our money to the grave but we should spend on things that are worth it and make us happy .

To me my family is happiness and I would spend everything on my parents for raising me and giving me this life


If you want to visit my article and do not forget to leave your upvote, because your upvote can help me.


Thank you! It's great to know what you think about this as well. :)

You are very motivated in your craft. Great article I read here and I guess that more will come up. You can stay strong no matter how life goes. That's a great ability there.


Absolutely right! :)

Since steemit I've been drinking any brew I want. No matter the cost! :D

I hope everyone here is enjoying themselves and making their wishes come true! ;)


Haha! Cheers!

Money isn't everything..but it sure helps to have. :)


Yesss!! :)

For the smooth means of life @firepower :D



Spending on friends and family not only helps the relationships, but also spreads the wealth around. It reminds me of what is happening on steemit. I think your post makes a lot of sense about how to spend and where to spend wisely. I'd like to see more from you about this sort of thing.


Thanks! Glad you could agree! :)

I love your post! It is incredible how you show the way you went forward, also your appraisals are very correct. Many people concentrate on accumulating material things that on the day of their death will not serve them, as opposed to sharing with your loved ones and living experiences that will accompany you all your life!


Thanks! you are right :)

There's an expression that money is the root of all evil, money is just a form of energy that creates and motivates. It's what we do with it that counts!


Yeah, Correct! :)

Money is not everything but it ranks pretty high up there with air, we need it to survive! And depending on how much money you have determines the quality of your life. So I agree with you, money does motivate people and most of us spend our lives chasing it, or try to maintain what we have.


It truly does. Thank you for your view :)

Am married to the money!!!!!!!!!!



Money is the root of all evil and yet at the same time it's a basic necessity. Addiction to money is stronger than crack addiction. Nice post keep more coming.


True that! Thanks!


Awesome post thanks for sharing


Glad you liked it!


Very interesting indeed!

me encanta tu publicacion


Thank you so much!

Money is neither good, nor bad, it's a resource and it's up to us to make the best of it. There is nothing wrong about desiring wealth as it is a means to an end - it can allow you to do good things for yourself and for others that you care about (including charity and causes).


True. You are right!

Very well written article @firepower!



Spend more on experiences, because that cannot be taken away from us. It will shape our character and help us become better version of ourselves. Thanks for sharing!


Absolutely right! I'm glad to see you stop by and comment! :)


No worries!

Spend money on pleasant experience — it's great!!

I wonder last time I try to give friends birthday and holidays gifts "in boxes".

Open this box and see 8-10 "experiences" to choose from. Want a dance lesson go. Or You can do horse riding or take a ride on a hang glider fly=))


Well said! )

As a pensioner I can assure you that every little cent helps I can only give 6 cent but our pensions stay the same and prices keep rising. As an old lady please make sure you do the things you like but save some for your old day, we all get there. Nice post


True that and I am! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. :)

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I wish success on your journey.

Congratulations on your progress, I hope that you will continue to grow :) Following you now and upvote


Thank you so much! :)

value and invest in people and experiences not material things.


True, yeah!

Buying experiences will always out weigh any material item. Memories are all we have!


You said it right!

You have listed some great ways to spend money, some I have never considered before but will now. Thanks and I hope that your hand gets a full recovery really soon :)


Thank you so much. :)

Money is freedom. But don't think it will be easy to manage.

That's what my Mom teached me more then half a century ago.


True! She said it right.

Money can't buy you happiness but it sure can keep you comfortable in your misery


Rightly said!

Thoughtful and insightful post. I'm definitely at a point in my life where I'm choosing to spend money on experiences.....travel, museums, cultural events, concerts, etc. I hope your hand heals quickly. Dr. Morse on Youtube has many videos on healing and regenerating everything. You may want to check him out.


Go for it! :)

my true sympathy over the accident benR you, and wish you good and healed fast as can usually back to normal,
and not to worry over the has happened.


Thank you for the kind words! :)

Nice article ,bro Go on..... Upvoted!


Thank you :)

I think health is the most important thing in life, without which you cannot enjoy anything
@firepower nice post


True that! Thanks! :)