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Here is a new cute cafe in the Sejong City area. It's called the Lohtu Coffee Shop. ☕ My friend recommended it. I really enjoy outdoor coffee shops. It makes the experience much more natural. And if there is work to do on our laptops or phone, we can sit in the sun and relax and get our work done much better, rather than being cooped up in a hot house that has no or little air circulation or air conditioning. It's like breathing the same air you just breathed in.




I thought this would be a nice coffee shop to hang out at. Unfortunately, I don't have enough money to keep visiting the place. My hospital bill got racked up to $1300 buckaroos just to fix my elbow and to get rid of the infection, and not a penny of it was covered by my insurance. How wonderful! And as @cryptopie coined the term "money pit" for a hospital, I would have to certainly agree.

The "Money Pit" on Steroids

( the very last drop 😵💦)
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예쁜 카페를 다녀오셨군요.
팔꿈치는 좀 어떠세요?

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