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Our premiere edition was graced by @stellabelle. By the second week, we had @pfunk with us and that was spectacular! On our third edition, steemit's own surfer girl @surfermarly was here to represent. Last week, our special edition guest was @steevc the geeky guitarist.

Just like fine wine, STEEM COSMO gets better with each edition


Welcome to our fifth edition of STEEM COSMO where everybody is somebody, it's been over a month with everyone, and the journey has been amazing...This week we explore the world of @papa-pepper, the Wild-man, Gardener, Encourager, Homesteader, Lyricist, Deep Thinker, Papa, Humorist, Husband who has charmed us all.....and it begins!



STEEM COSMO: Welcome our dear guest to this week's edition of STEEM COSMO, may we know you075522-yellow-comment-bubbles-icon-alphanumeric-question-mark1-ps.png
GUEST: Hey guys! it's your wild man @papa-pepper with you.

STEEM COSMO: Well welcome @papa-pepper, can you tell us when you joined steemit075522-yellow-comment-bubbles-icon-alphanumeric-question-mark1-ps.png
@papa-pepper: Well thank you STEEM COSMO, I joined steemit around July has been a load of adventures.

STEEM COSMO: Wow! Really good to know, kindly tell us how you found steemit075522-yellow-comment-bubbles-icon-alphanumeric-question-mark1-ps.png
@papa-pepper:I joined steemit because a friend of mine told me about it. He said that people were making real money for posting stuff, and it seemed WAY TOO GOOD to be true. However, he talked me into taking some photos and sharing some thoughts about my garden, and we made an introduction post. It paid out somewhere around $50, and I was amazed. Since I wanted to be able to make money from home anyway, it made sense to invest some serious time and effort into steemit, and that has turned out to be a wise investment!

STEEM COSMO: @papa-pepper, what is your steemit ranking075522-yellow-comment-bubbles-icon-alphanumeric-question-mark1-ps.png
@papa-pepper: Well, am currently ranked 74.

STEEM COSMO: So, what are your likes075522-yellow-comment-bubbles-icon-alphanumeric-question-mark1-ps.png
@papa-pepper:• As far as what I like goes, I like living a nice, peaceful life these days with my wife and children. To be outdoors enjoying creation and all the wonderful plants and animals is so refreshing. For years I had lived a rough and hard life in cities like Madison, WI and New Orleans, LA, and I am glad that I gave all that up. I was a drunkard and a drug fiend and my life had no purpose back then. Plus, I was a jerk. These days I am all about loving and living with my family and setting up our lives to be more relaxing and rewarding. It's interesting too because back in the day I would have never wanted a wife or children, but Jesus changed me and I am so glad for that.

STEEM COSMO: Well said, what are your dislikes075522-yellow-comment-bubbles-icon-alphanumeric-question-mark1-ps.png
@papa-pepper:• My dislikes include arrogance and pride. It is best to be humble, admit that we can all be wrong, and learn in the process. There is too much hatred and violence in the world, and too many who view themselves as more important than everyone else. Selfishness is all too common, which is probably why I try to give so often

STEEM COSMO: Interesting! What are your hobbies075522-yellow-comment-bubbles-icon-alphanumeric-question-mark1-ps.png
@papa-pepper:My hobbies include teaching my @little-peppers and gardening. I love learning and reading the Bible. I have always enjoyed animals very much, so raising some myself feel excellent. Also, I love to catch wild ones and just be out there in the wild, foraging or exploring

STEEM COSMO: wow! Tell us more about your favorite tag section075522-yellow-comment-bubbles-icon-alphanumeric-question-mark1-ps.png
@papa-pepper:I don't really have a favorite steemit tag. I like a lot of different ones, and am always impressed to see what I stumble upon. I am more of a content creator than a curator, so creating posts and living my life take up a lot of my time, but i try to support and encourage others whenever I can.

STEEM COSMO: Good to know you are a humanitarian, How do you feel steemit can become better075522-yellow-comment-bubbles-icon-alphanumeric-question-mark1-ps.png
@papa-pepper:My thoughts on how steemit can become better focus on two areas. First off, the interaction on steemit needs to be appropriate. Too often users bash each other or get into fights on the blockchain for everyone else to see. I think that this is foolish, but often emotions have already taken over at times like that, which means that reason and wisdom are cast to the wind in those moments. Also, I'd like to see more a positive community attitude. For the most part, no other platform even gives people an opportunity anywhere near what steemit offers us, so there is no reason to complain.

STEEM COSMO: Well said, what is your advice to all steemians075522-yellow-comment-bubbles-icon-alphanumeric-question-mark1-ps.png
@papa-pepper: My advice to all steemians is to keep it up. Post, comment, upvote, and encourage. As you continue, continue to get better at it and set a better example for others

STEEM COSMO: Can you give a shout out to two steemians075522-yellow-comment-bubbles-icon-alphanumeric-question-mark1-ps.png
@papa-pepper:If I had to give a shout out to only two steemians, it would be @anotherjoe and @daveks. These guys were with me early on in my steemit experience and still support and encourage me. Of course there are hundreds of others, but these two are some of my boys from "back in the day," and they are some solid brothers

STEEM COSMO: Can you kindly leave us with some parting words of wisdom075522-yellow-comment-bubbles-icon-alphanumeric-question-mark1-ps.png
@papa-pepper: My parting words of wisdom are that steemit is an opportunity for people to invest in themselves and their dreams. It's not about spending time or wasting time, it is about INVESTING it. Steemit has given us an opportunity to potentially make money in our free time from home. It is one of the most fun and rewarding experiences of my life so far, and I've had a lot of experiences!

STEEM COSMO: Thank you @papa-pepper, it's been a delight having you with us this week. STEEM COSMO wishes you many more wild man and family adventures, stay safe for all of us.
@papa-pepper: Thank you too for the thought provocative questions.




Quote for the week

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations"


We are unveiling @fitchick and @albanilaguna this week. The are both new to steemit and require all the help they can get, let us go around yo their blogs and show some love.

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STEEM COSMO's note: @papa-pepper is a wonderful soul who has made it a duty to help and assist those in need in the community, he is the reason why a lot of people can smile and look forward to steemit. His life has been full of so many adventures as a quick visit to his blog will tell you everything about @papa-pepper as the man, the myth and the legend.

Bonus video

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Awesome post !! I follow all of the above , and have known @papa-pepper since July 2016 , we started here on steemit around the same time , he before me ! LOL ! And its been an amazing ride !! Love entering his Wild And Strange Contest !! Keep up the great work , upped and resteemed ! 👍👍👍💙




your welcome ! 👍👍👍

Papa is one of the stars of Steemit. He's showing what is possible. People need to realise you have to put in the work to get the rewards. Just following masses of people will not get you there. You have to engage with them. It's all about quality.


Papa-pepper is great

Nice one sir , continue to bring us more insight on the steem whales!

  • Steemit has given us an opportunity to potentially make money in our free time from home. It is one of the most fun and rewarding experiences of my life so far, and I've had a lot of experiences!

that right there is gold, @papa-pepper is just plain amazing


he is more than amazing

Good work as usual @ehiboss - your series is picking up!


Thank you

Hello, you are welcome to steemit! You will definitely enjoy it here!

Please feel free to check out @GLOBALFOODBOOK

Wow! Nice Post to share! :)
btw I just upvoted your post and also followed u
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lol, funny meme, follow backs are as easy as asking, like now, i follow you!!


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Welcome to Steemit :)
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Thank you very much,
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Hello, I was introducing papa-pepper to the people. There is introducemyself and introduceyourself tag.


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Am confused, what is the difference between the introduceyourself and introducemyself tag?


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Another interesting interview @ehiboss! I've read a lot of @papa-pepper's posts, which I've really enjoyed, but its nice to get to know something new about him and his approach to family and life. @papa-pepper -- thanks for sharing!


He is one of the greatest steemians ever! With a heart of gold

I am a fan of@papa-pepper ! After this interview, I'm even more a fan!
His videos helped me a lot during my first week here. I really appreciate his candour and he is an inspiration to my 'redfish' world!


He is simply amazing!

steemit is an opportunity for people to invest in themselves and their dreams. It's not about spending time or wasting time, it is about INVESTING it.

Reality check, be here to invest here.


Hello, thanks for your opinion, but try to get a better understanding of what I meant by investing in your self. Steemit develops human potentials, what I meant was invest in developing ypurself, not necessarily money


I think I miss spoke. I agree with your statement to invest your time with the goal of achieving a higher level of person development. My point in quoting you was to prove that point. This site wasn't created to be another Facebook, where people spend countless hours scrolling and re-posting meaningless content.

I think it was more for me then a general statement.

It made me realize that I need to spend more time creating then just reading content. It's important to engage with the community, but also create your own voice with your post.

I'm following you to know you better. Feel free to connect with me @lulita 😀


Okay, I just might take you up on that offer


It will be a pleasure.