Why I Am Delegating 25% of My Steem Power and Why You Should Too - #minnowsupportproject

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Building a Platform

If you have been active on Steemit at all over the last couple weeks, you have probably already heard of the Minnow Support Project, and the P.A.L. Discord Channel.

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Created by @aggroed, to help lift up frustrated minnows by supporting their content, the Minnow Support Project has grown to one of the largest communities in Steemit, and is now supporting hundreds of minnows in their effort to grow on the Steemit platform. This community is not just a bunch of disgruntled minnows complaining in a chatroom, far from it! The project has now attracted some of the very talent that we minnows are trying to emmulate. Here is their mission statement:

The Minnow Support Project is the number one community on Steemit to incorporate training, support, and curation in order to facilitate life cycle growth on the platform from Minnowhood to Whalehood and to continue paying it forward as new members join.

A visit to the P.A.L. Discord Channel quickly reveals a vibrant community full of aspiring minnows, dolphins, whales, and witnesses from the broader Steemit community. This community isn't all talk either, this is a place that is helping get people to Steemfest, a place where you can have experts critique your posts, use their bots, or join a writing course, or even find a designer who is sharing their work for us all to use.

How Can I Give Back?

When I started to spend more time on Steemit, I soon realized that this place was far more than a blockchain based replacement for Facebook or Reddit. This is a place that encourages creativity and rewards personal growth in a way that is totally unique. In my last post I talk about some of the growth that Steemit has inspired me towards. I believe that we have not even started to envision the good that the Steemit platform will bring to our lives.


The minnow support program has the power and the backing to make a substantial positive influence on this entire platform, and their goal is to accelerate the great things happening here. I want to support this project any way I can!

But how does a minnow give back to a big community like this? We don't have the experience or followers yet, which is why we need the community in the first place. Well, we can delegate Steem Power to @minnowsupport and that power is then used to support other members! Check out all that delegated power that is there already.

I have thus far delegated just over 1000SP, but I will continue to delegate more as I earn it. I plan on keeping about 25% of my SP delegated to the project. This ensures that I still have enough SP to upvote my favorite posts and comments, but also lends a good amount to the community as well. It is possible to delegate as little as 30 SP, and it all adds up.

If you do not have enough Steem to delegate right away, that isn't a problem. You can can get joined up, get yourself registered, start meeting new people and using the resources.. As your posts improve and your followers multiply, you can give back when you are able.

I look forward to seeing you all there!


All images, banners, gifs used in this post were generously donated to the entire Steemit community by @justcallmemyth, and are a great example of some of the good things going on in the minnow support project. Please check out his blog and his excellent work.

Also, check out @provenezuela who is supporting Steemians from Venezuela who are really struggling with the ongoing collapse of their country. Steem Dollars sent to Venezuela are literally going to help feed people caught up in this horrible situation, so please upvote some of the content coming from this area. Thank you to P.A.L registered member @cryptohustlin for pointing me towards this important project.


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hey mike! i personally delegated 100 SP from my small SP pool. i think the MSP and PALnet are great for supporting newer members on the platform.

again, you made a very generous contribution to the project, thank you for that! let's grow the minnow community together


That's awesome!

The more we support users of all sizes, the better this platform will get! (And the better the content will get too)


definitely. we need to support new users and non-steem related content if we want to grow steemit to a point of mainstream adoption :)


Indeed, the future of Steemit will rest upon quality content regarding a wide variety of topics.
I am trying to support the many great photographers who are here, as it is a hobby of mine. Also, projects and posts with a social mission are a favorite of mine - which is why I did the shout out to @provenezuela - this community can make a difference in people's lives.

I will expand my writing into other interests, but right now, I am just working on my formatting and building my following.

Thanks for the post. Generous delegation will definitely help the community. I have gone though minnow support program just 2 days ago after speaking to @aggroed.. I have registered an account in discard but not registered for the community yet as I am still waiting for my next payout so that I can proceed with registration.
Though I am actively upvoting every day, because of my low SP, I am not earning much curation rewards. Hopefully by tomorrow my registration will get finished with @minnowsupport and I am exited. Also hope it will boost my rewards and earnings.
Thanks for your generosity. long live minnow support project.



Thank you Tammy :)

Great write up man, and I agree, the project is awesome. It's great seeing people who love to create content coming together to help each other out like this. It's only going up from here!

So much supportive and kind.

I'm new to Steemit, and was wondering how that works. I recently saw that in my wallet I have +steem and it says "Part of your STEEM POWER is currently delegated to you. Delegation is donated for influence or to help new users perform actions on steemit. Your delegation amount can fluctuate." Is this because of the minnow support project you are talking about? Also does this mean that people gave me steem power because they want me to have more influence on the community? I'm really glad I read your article, but I just wanted to confirm that that is what is meant! Sorry in advance, if my question seems dumb or obvious.


I am not sure if it is possible for you to see who has delegated SP to you. I believe that there is someone (or a few people) who are delegating SP to each new account. It is unrelated to the minnow support project as far as I know, but it might be someone from that community doing it - I do not know.

Having SP delegated to you increases the amount of rewards that you are able to give to other users when you upvote their posts or comments. It makes it more interesting for you and more rewarding for those whose content that you enjoy. It is a nice welcome - from whoever is doing it :)

Delegating to @minnowsupport is similar, but on a much larger scale. @minnowsupport is now capable of upvoting with a significant amount of power - resulting in much larger payouts to those being supported by it.

Im a minnow egg but don't take this too serious although it would be lovely to become a whale one day. Gonna check the other blogs you mentioned Minnow Support Project, and the P.A.L. Discord Channel.

hola buenos dias soy nuevo en la plataforma pueden pasarme el link del chat me gustaria participar.

great ...

Snubbermike, I think that is a great way to help out newer folks on Steemit. Helping new users will further the health of the Steemit platform and all on it.


You are right, but Steemit goes much further than that I believe. My next post I plan on getting into the dynamics/economics of the Steemit platform. Stay tuned!

Just a week in and I was ready to give up,i feel lost,frustrated and i felt like this is not going to work for new people like me. Until i stumble upon this awesome project that is aimed to help people like me. Much love to everyone that started this project. More power to you.

This is a great opportunity for people to help out minnows and should be greatly appreciated by noobs.

When I delegate some power to my friend, where can I see to who I have delegated and how much? Is it possible to check that, I want to know and check which donations I want to transfer back to my account...