Minnow Support Project Weekly Resteem Contest Winners!

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Minnow Support Project Weekly Resteem Contest Winners!!!

Thanks to everyone who submitted!!!*

This Week's Winner!!!

A comprehensive Helpful tips for minnow about negative thoughts and how to suppress them by @sanbi

This Week's Runner Ups!!!

🎨 Melooo182's Artists Curation Post #11 🎨 / @Steemartists Promo 🌹 by @melooo182


Can Steemit Platform Ecosystem Reduces World Poverty? by @pretty-cynthia

Smart Media Token (SMT) - Toward Steemit with Premium Content | Steemit dengan Konten Premium (Bilingual)
by @blogiwank

A Valuable Piece Of Motivation For Bloggers, Minnows And All Round People.
by @classicguy

New Rules!!!

All posts looking to enter the resteem contest can have their payout doubled if they win by posting through mspsteem.com and also use the tag "mspsteem."

Typically 6 users are given resteems and 5 Steem/week for their participation. Going forward if they volunteer to use mspsteem.com and the tag mspsteem they will get double the Steem for winning.

Also, we're more heavily curating people that use both mspsteem.com and the use the tag mspsteem.

You will start catching random upvotes and resteems from MSP by using mspsteem.com and the tag mspsteem when posting.

About mspsteem.com

mspsteem.com is managed by the Minnow Support Project with the key point person being @netuoso. The program includes a 5% beneficiary, which means that 5% of post rewards are returned to the account @minnowsupport in order to help more minnows.

mspsteem.com is a clone of "condensor", which is the exact same program that the steemit.com website uses to interact with the Steem blockchain.

To login simply go to mspsteem.com and enter in your private posting key (on steemit.com you can check under your wallet, click permissions, then click show private key and use that to login to mspsteem.com.

As an aside, you should be using your private posting key to login every day instead of your master account password as much as you can when you log into any instance of condenser).

Minnow Support is Recruiting! Check out This Post to find out how MSP can help you!

"Give a minnow an upvote and they'll eat for a day. Give a minnow a resteem and they'll eat forever." Ancient Steemit Proverb.

Thank you for supporting The Minnow Support Project!

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the article is very good @minnowsupport and I already understand some articles you have me vote @minnowsupport please visit my blog at all times if there is time

Hai @minnowsupport
I do not understand with your explanation about mspsteem.com. what be explained in detail so that all small fish understand it


Steem = blockchain.
Steemit = website skin to interact with Steem blockchain.
MSPSteem = website skin like Steemit.

The different? Steemit gives 100% reward to you. MSPSteem give 95% reward to you, 5% to minnowsupport.

But, if you post via MSPSteem, you have double chance of winning this Weekly Resteem Contest.


Dont worry , very soon i will make a content to help you understand more about it , check my blog regularly

Very nice project. We are more motivated to create better posts. This further enhances our creative intelligence.
Thanks for the project..

Minnowsupport is the supporting system for all new steemians.personally salute @minnowsupport

amigo felicitaciones aqui estoy apoyandolo. gracias por su contribucion a mis pots. saludos

thanks you post

@minnowsupport Thanks to these posts the steemians as I have opportunities to grow in the steemit community congratulations for this work

Thanks for the work you do! The proverb at the end is so funny omg 🤣

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