Can Steemit Platform Ecosystem Reduces World Poverty?

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Poverty is one of the most serious issues of the world we live in. Distinctive people in various parts of world live in various conditions and not every one of them are bad.
Out of in excess of 7.2 billion individuals, an expected 2 billion people experience the ill effects of poverty; which means not having the capacity to manage the cost of even the fundamental human needs like nourishment, water, and sanitation.


Could Steemit Reduce World Poverty?

Steemit platform, as I probably am aware it, is altruistic and minding. It helps people who increase the value of its regularly developing community. Adding esteem is a precondition to be made a difference. Would it be able to lessen world poverty by helping people somehow?

In the photo: A glance at the Hot segment at this moment. Every one of these people have earned great sums in minutes and hours. They too were learners some time back; not over a year obviously. You see the potential?

I figure it can. For instance, if a man who has no wellspring of pay however is sufficiently knowledgeable (or a sharp learner) and approaches web and a PC/cell phone, he/she can master utilizing Steemit and begin adding to this community in type of substance originating from his/her thoughts. Thoughts are free over the globe.

Could Steemit Community Reachout Needy People?


Truly, it can and it does. The main day I joined Steem, I saw a post from who required some assistance with his therapeutic costs. His post has achieved rewards of $17,502 because of enormous help by the Steemit community (upvotes, resteems and wallet donations). I think resteemed that post on my first day here.

This is an astounding case of how Steemit community can add to lessening world poverty. Obviously for a legitimate mission to do that, there would be a need to built up realness of the penniless people. Yet, there's a path forward conceivable through Steemit community.

What's The Best Approach?


Some days back, somebody from our neighborhood community contacted me for money related help. He was instructed and could compose genuinely well. I educated him regarding Steemit and how he can make it a wellspring of salary for him and his family. I don't know he has joined but rather hundreds have done since I began welcoming my people to this wonderful platform.

The best approach is welcome people to Steemit and show them how to utilize it and bring home the bacon from it. Along these lines, an immense number of people and families will leave poverty by procuring a better than average salary as a reward for their diligent work.

Poverty is Our Enemy and We Need to Fight It!


In the event that we don't battle it today, it will make our reality a horrific experience tomorrow. The present needy people are patrons of tomorrow's destitute people; complex. We are disregarding this beasts throughout recent decades, however poverty has officially disabled our planet. Disregarding it further will just increase the harm.

Is it true that we are Ready to Contribute?

If you don't mind comprehend this. The present killings, crooks, radicals, and fear mongers were yesterday's poor and unskilled kids. The present poor and uneducated kids will be tomorrow's executioners, crooks, fanatics, and fear mongers. There's no uncertainty about it!

Dear Fellow Steemians,

If it's not too much trouble assume liability for your nation and world. We should expel poverty from it. You may contend that it's the activity of the legislature, however the administration has dependably fizzled, and it will flop again too in light of the fact that it is degenerate.

The leaders, the pastors, will bite the dust in another 20 or 30 years. A large portion of us, you and I, are the ones who will experience the fate of the world. We have to assume liability to fabricate that future right at this point.



I ask for you to connect pockets (territories) of poverty in your area or nation and give them the possibility of Steemit. That is the best blessing I think there is at this moment and the best one also.

After people join, they will gain increasingly from this energetic community and be give back where its due by helping more people. I figure it can work. It is as of now working in my community and I am instructing near a 100 people how to utilize #Steemit in spite of being new here.

Resteeming this post for more to see is also act of generosity and showing concern, your Upvote is also part for showing good act..

Thanks for reading

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As of now, we are still seeing a skewed distribution of wealth within STEEM ecosystem. Hopefully that's going to change.

I think STEEM has three potential to help reduce porverty across the world. However, for that to be possible, I think we need a wider adoption of STEEM or easier conversion of STEEM to fiat in developing countries.

I have resteemed this post and gave you a follow!


Wow.. I love your idea... Hope things is gonna work out the way it will benefit the community and reduce poverty and therefore increase the rate of eradicating poverty to bring poorest back to life..

Thanks For Viewing and your participation.. I will love to know you more.. I follow you back, you are amazing