MSP is Recruiting! We're shooting for 6k Steemians by the end of the year!

What? 5,000 Steemians is enough? We happen to disagree. We're working on raising the total up to 6,000 before the end of the year. We enlisted @outerground to make this poster!

Why join MSP

So, you're a minnow. You've written the world's best post on the thing you care about. You spent a few hours on it, and you got 8 views and $0.24 earnings and the only comment was from a bot/spammer asking you for upvotes. You are angry and frustrated and don't get why that happened. Before you run off and tell everyone you know how Steemit is a scam because you didn't become an instant millionaire there's a group of people who can help you.

You're the one. You need us. You need advice, a community, and a fun place to be. That's what MSP is.

The Charter

We're here to help spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty. We will help Steemit grow. We'll train and retain minnows on the platform. That means you! So, come hang out. Meet the people. There are witnesses, moderators, delegators, members, and friends galore in here. We'll talk to you. We'll share some advice. We'll be your buddy. It doesn't cost anything. So, what are you waiting for?

As if that wasn't enough. We also have our own streaming radio station. It's awesome! 16 DJs laying down tracks and talk radio that has to do with your Steemit experience. We're the largest Steemit community around. We hope to see you soon.


Here's where we hang out-


I just got my wife to join your discord the other day.
I really hope your community can help her grow on this platform.

Are there specific requirements to join? Like an amount of posts per day or week? What do we need to do to get the MSP help when we join?

Thanks. I'm fairly new here, 4 months, I post every day, mostly, sometimes I skip depending on schedule or health. I don't know if I'd qualify to be a part of the MSP group or what's involved if I join.

Nope. It's free and open to the public.

Awesome! Do we simply join on Discord? Or is there something more official we need to do?

Don't be surprised when you see the number exceed 6k at the end of the year!

It's like Bitcoin; you can't predict it.

Growing really fast MSP, I think 6k is not enough for the end of the year, make it 10k lol

Spreading the love! I don't have enough words for how awesome PAL is! Thank you!

I'm in @minnowsupport.. Upvoted this!

Upvoted & RESTEEMED :]

I love minnow support.

Considero que Minnow Support es uno de los mejores proyectos que hay en Steemit. :)

Love love love

@minnowsupport indeed is the best project here on Steemit that does so many good thing without demanding anything in return!

I'm glad that your voting bots are working now.
your votes and PAL realy helps a lot for growing the minnows.

I like your post...please upvote and follow me

I fully recommend joining minnowsupport and find out how you can make the most of being part of the wider steemit community.

I joined minnowsupport and the members are really supportive. They'll also help you find the skills you can contribute. I'm no coder but I can design a poster..amongst other things.

btw @aggroed is a fully committed steem-mentor

100% upvoted & resteemed

This post has been ranked within the top 10 most undervalued posts in the first half of Oct 27. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $160.40 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Oct 27 - Part I. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

I guess I am too late to join? Just came across this post, and it's 23 days old already :-(
I also don't know how to join, as I am not even a minnow, but more like tadpole

I am still finding my way here, thanks @minnowsupport for the helpful posts and community.

Question: Does this tie back into your original Steemit account or is this separate. Do the rewards go into a separate account or your original account?

I want In too. Love the whole concept and idea. Looking forward to meet more people from this great community. I am so happy I found you guys here.

Hi, I’d love to join, I just started a few days ago and have already been putting out (what I like to think of as) nice content, and working with @markmorrisjr on the #dolphinschool bootcamp. Is there still time to join? Any other similar groups you’d recommend?

I also want to. I love the whole concept and idea. We are waiting for more people from this wonderful community. I'm so glad that I found you here. I will follow you.

Is it too late to raise a hand to be a part of this?

How can I join MSP?

It seems to difficult for me to understand map and some other words. How I can be a member of map and minenowsapport.please help me. Please..

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