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Within the fast-growing world of Steemit is an abundance of opportunities, fun, and friendships to be made. However, from personal experience and the experience of others, new members resist joining and sustaining their accounts due to being lost in the sea of seemingly alien terms and procedures. These procedures differentiate steemit from other social platforms and make it a lot more unique and interesting, but they come with the consequence of intimidation for new users.


In order to win, Simply share an interesting fact about Steemit (in the comments below) that would help a new member out.

An example comment could be:

"In Steemit, new members are considered minnows, intermediate members are considered dolphins, and pioneer members are considered whales. A variable that defines these categories is how much Steem Power they have."

Want to increase your chances? Resteeming helps. Long comments are appreciated, but quality over quantity wins.

Minnow Resources

Success leaves clues. In order to be successful on Steemit, you'll want to check out:

  • Peace, Abundance & Liberty Discord channel (PALnet) - This amazing community helped me get started and will answer all your general questions on Steemit. Check it out here.
  • Check out PALnet member @kubbyelizabeth's community post, she offers to help.
  • Check out PALnet member @swelker101's post to find out about a bot that will upvote your post.
  • WhaleNet Discord channel - Another great community that will answer any questions you have about whales and whaleshares. Check it out here.
  • @Steemgigs attracts people who would like to get gigs done for Steem/Steem Dollars. If you're looking to work on Steemit, check out @steemgigs.
  • @Minnowbooster is an upvote bot who will upvote your post to kickstart it's exposure. More on that here.

Did I miss any useful resources? Be sure to comment your suggestions below for a chance to win $5.00 SBD! The winning comment will be chosen on Friday. Good luck to all fellow Steemians.


How this contest happened

I won @bi5h0p's 10 SBD giveaway contest and said:

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My interesting fact.

SteemIt is fully automatable.
It has programming libraries in JavaScript and Python, as well as an API, all of which are open and accessable.

With them it is possible to write/run scripts that do a bunch of really cool stuff. For example :

  • automatically upvote posts and comments of somebody.
  • run a lottery bot, or a news publishing bot.
  • scan all new posts for pirate content and write a warning comment on bad posts.
  • get notified when one of your favourite authors publishes a post
  • scan new posts for word patterns and receive notifications (email for example) when such a post appears.

And many, many more...
Some bots are already publicly accessible, such as the randowhale bot (paid upvotes), the FOSSBot (upvoting bot), the steem lottery bot, and others.

Without any coding skills, you could start using them.
I am sorry that I can't provide links, but I am writing from my phone. Just Google these stuff.


Congratulations! This post has been upvoted from the communal account, @minnowsupport, by sparken from the Minnow Support Project. It's a witness project run by aggroed, ausbitbank, teamsteem, theprophet0, and someguy123. The goal is to help Steemit grow by supporting Minnows and creating a social network. Please find us in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network (PALnet) Discord Channel. It's a completely public and open space to all members of the Steemit community who voluntarily choose to be there.

If you like what we're doing please upvote this comment so we can continue to build the community account that's supporting all members.


@extras - here you go, pal.
Hope this makes your comment more noticeable and upvoted.

Also - that is how you can tell bots to upvote a comment.
It kinda fits with the point you were trying to make.
Bots are awesome!


@investigation thank you for your support. Bots are the best! Have you checked out the #playingwithbots channel on the PALnet discord? So much fun.


Nope. But it sounds cool.


Indeed these are AMAZING facts about Steemit making the platform a lot more unique. Minnows will love this, especially if they have some sort of background with such online/programming functionalities.

Thank you for your comment! :)


@introducingmo Thanks for following through on this, keeping your word, and sharing the wealth!

The picture is good. Thank you! Keep up with your practice on the artwork - it's a very useful skill for online blogging.

Did you know that when I joined SteemIt, last May, I received 10 Steem to start out with? SInce then, I have noticed that changed - and people were coming in with 0.001 Steem Power. Well, as any smart investor would do, I reinvested my initial profits, grew my pile of steem, powered-up, converted my SBD to Steem to more Steem Power. It took a couple of months, and about $50 invested - but today I am over 108 Steem Power.

I gave away 12.5 SBD's in a contest - divested myself of the initial generosity that was shown to me, by passing it on to smaller minnows in the pond. I believe this was the best way to preserve and pass on what the true spirit of SteemIt is really all about.

It's not about a few bucks. $20 was not going to help me survive and live my life to the end of the month - so why not give it back to the blockchain, back to the community? Now, my SteemIt journey is truly my own - with a little help from my friends. Thank You! Steem On!

Upvoted and resteemed. #minnowsupport


We'll said


But does that SP make a difference for you?
As for me - I made $65 with SteemIt, and I invested them in BitConnect.

Now I'm trying to gather 20 STEEM and buy a second account. It will be a bot similar to minnowsupport.
After all - I am a developer, not a blogger.


That's a great idea! You have my support :)


Beautiful story Mark. I have a friend who joined and she started with .500 SP. I think I started out with 2 SP. I've invested around $100 when Steem price dropped to $1.06 and $1.08, should've snagged some at $0.80 as well !!! I think it's a good initial investment.

Definitely hoping to save more money to invest in Steem. Love the platform.

And giving back to the community is what any noble man would do .. Which is why I called this contest The Noble Giveaway!

You're a good man.

Steemit will teach you about crypto currency if you are new to it. It's been the greatest benefit for to just learn something new.


There's many useful resources under the tag cryptocurrency and steemit! Thank you for your comment :)

Interesting Fact I have found about steemit, even if you aren't a content creator you can still find a place in this world. You can comment, upvote others, or just participate in contests! There are so many things to do here I can guarantee you will find someone or something you are interested in!


You're absolutely right Max! Steemit has opportunities for everyone to take part in. Newbies tend to get overwhelmed, but I mean, even by sticking to one tag such as "contests" and being active in that, gets em' quite far!


Yeah, contests can actually be the best thing for someone new. Gives them a chance to earn without having to create their own content. Gives them a chance to actually figure out what they want Steemit to be for them.


Absolutely. That's one of my favourite things about Steemit

@introducingmo thanks for this post. I have really learn a lot. All I considered most on Steemit is for you to know your limit then ignore them all. Be honest and ready to mingle with everyone(network). It is your network that determines your net worth.

It's so interesting that I am enjoying Steemit and the first contest I won I shared the experience and how, I think minnows can have a look at it also, though I too I'm still a minnows ya ya.... click here to see how I won

Thanks for this post @introducingmo


Thank you @samest for your participation. I'm glad you've learned a lot throughout your journey, as many of us have!

This is only the beginning :) Solid comment bro

This is cool! Here's my input: Aside from, you can post and access steemit's content via, or the eSteem app (both android and ios).

· and
Didn't know about those!

Solid comment hun :) Thanks for your participation!

I would say that the most important rule for a minnow to remember is this. The rules of facebook and youtube don't apply here. You will be far more successful if you find something you like writing about and put some effort into it. Begging for follows is frowned upon. You will get many followers just by posting quality content.


100% and I back this comment with personal experiences. I never once attempted to get followers, people on Steemit will follow great content & similar interests.

Thanks for your comment, Doc!

There isn't just a single cryptocurrency on steemit, there are three!

Steem is the base currency and it can be traded on exchanges, it has a fluctuating value

Steem Power can be bought for steem or received as author rewards and its purpose is that it increases the value of your upvotes and curation rewards

Steem backed Dollar (or sbd for short) is what you get paid in on steemit ( in addition to steem power) it is basically an amount of steem with the value of 1 USD and it can be converted to steem!


Well said. Thanks for your comment, it's important for minnows to know the difference!

My interesting fact:
If you only have one phone number and want to open up another account, you can do so very easily with only 10 steem on . Six of that steem will be on that new account you opened. So it really only costs 4 steem :)


Wow that's cool. Didn't know that.


In Steemit, everybody is extraordinarily nice because they're all trying to make money.

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Hi, sent you a message on discord — let me know pls if you received it.


Hey Vitaly! It's been quite hectic. I'll be sure to check it once I'm home and get back to you