Announcing A PALnet Upvote Project: msp-shanehug

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Is my new project for delegating members of the Minnow Support Project PALnet Discord

There are over 150 delegating members. As minnows, some do not have the extra 100SP to delegate to reach the msp-lovebot, or msp-creative levels. This void is now filled with the msp-hug. I do appreciate every single person that comes in to the pond, helps, answers questions, and delegates to help the MSP grow. This is just a tiny way for me to give back.

How do you get on the msp-shanehug list? It's pretty easy.

  • Join us in the pond -
  • Be an active member of the group, help where you can
  • Delegate anywhere from 1-99 SP to any of the bot programs we have running - More information can be found in the delegation channel through the link above.

How Much Hug?

The account is small right now, about 115SP, so do not expect to get much from this right now. However, I will be looking for an angel delelagtor to reach the 1000 to 2000SP range. My hope is to grow this account to feed itself and delegate 50% back to the main MSP bots.

Yes it's small, but my appreciation is not. I hope you remember that when you see the name in your upvotes.


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Looks like you are already up to 1,400 SP delegated with many thanks to @aggroed, @scaredycatguide, @nlizotte, @netuoso and of yourself, of course. Let's keep the love and hugs coming!


Yes, there was a very fast, positive reaction! I can give bigger hugs now!

Delegated 200 SP to @msp-shanehug



Thank you. This pleases me to no end.

what is msp-lovebot?


When you delegate 100SP or more to any of the MSP bots, you are put on the list. It's a nice bonus!

Seriously, this is a great initiative.
You're the best.

shane you wonderful smushball you <3

Brilliant, and a thank you is in order! I think this bridges the gap for us minnow delegators nicely. My goal is to be able to delegate 100SP as soon as possible, but for now its slightly more than 10SP which is about all I could spare. This should go a long way in encouraging MSP members to start contributing earlier on, even at small levels. Nicely done.


And you are on the list. Look for it. And just know that your 10 SP is appreciated!


Beauty cheers!

Boom, Done - Delegated :-)


Thank you!!

So many bots for activities!


You could not have picked a better scene to quote. I use that quite a bit!

great thx


You're welcome!

I'd say that @aggroed & @gmuxx were rubbing off on you but I already knew you were someone special.



I guess I am going to have to come be a burden and make some one teach me about these bot things...going to have to open a channel just for me... bots for the non techie... dammn things wont even play w/ me! I hear that is'nt autoerotica ...
see you in a chat !


Well, they are a bit out of my reach too. You just have to do some reading. This is the easiest route on this account.


yeah I am tech challenged, but I am learning slowly. I was one of the first to join minnow support and P.A.L, net. knew I needed all the help I could get! lol just not a chat room person.. everything goes to fast,I either type to slow or make to many typos,but either way get left in the thread 10-20 comments been in the quiet room ,can manage that , was I hear done with me in definitly need to use it more!

This deserves a mega muxxy!


Alright! You know that makes me happy

This is a great service! Thanks for creating it!


Thank you for laying the groundworks

Great job with the shanehug @swelker101! I've been wondering how long it would take me to have 100 SP to spare so I could delegate it out for one of the other bots. This really should help minnows a lot. Thanks!

I am a little confused though. I delegated 10sp to msp-creative bot, the SP has moved from my account but I don't see the transfer in either @msp-creativebot or @shanehug.

You're tireless in your efforts on discord and the minnowsupportproject.
Thx for all you do there.
Keep it up bro.
Haven't written about you in a while, will need to think of a cool character.

@swelker101 Wow dude .This is amazing <3

Great idea, @swelker101! We'll definitely RS this to get the word out.

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That's an awesome project and I am so happy to be part of minnow support. This whole project is changing my life. ❤

Gracias por la información.

Thanks for this, I love all the people helping the people, that's a real community right there!
Thanks to all the guys in the minnow support project, you work very hard.
I hope when I grow up I can be just like you x

Do I need to delegate to shanehug or can it be to creativebot, lovebot?

I have got a lot of information from this post
It is absolutely fine,if you want daily upvote from my account it's so simple only follow me,thanks dear friend
Once again the great post @Rashidminhas Upvoted