How Smart Media Tokens Work: An Animated Explanation

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Smart Media Tokens are one of the most exciting developments of the Steem platform yet. So in an effort to make SMTs more accessible, I decided to put together this short animated explainer video:

Huge thanks to @eliharrigan for his fantastic help on the animation, @andrarchy for his excellent work on the script, @zenmommas for her great VO and @the-alien and @ericvancewalton for their feedback!

Feel free to share this with your friends around the web so we can let folks know just how groundbreaking this development really is.

Yours in the Chain,

I am a Brooklyn based writer, film & commercial director, and crypto-enthusiast, my projects include @HardFork-series an upcoming narrative crypto-noir and my novel Dwelling will soon be premiering exclusively on Steemit, and you can check out more of my work at,, and

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I was a little confused. This explains it better. thank you!

I'm so glad I could help! Thanks!

I'm glad that your glad.

I'm glad that you're glad that I'm glad.

i am also

Haha so many glad's! Now I am glad to read this :)

THANK YOU for such an amazing explainer video

Thank YOU for the kind words!

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That is a really nice video. Did you do that in After Effects?

Shared it on Facebook in my crypto group. I think this is the first step for a growing Steem price.


Have you seen my Steemy videos yet? I use Adobe Character Animator to make puppet videos with Steemit tutorials. I would like to create promotional videos for Steemit with the marketing team if you guys are interested in that. I think Steemy would make a very good mascot since I use the Steem logo as body for the puppet.

Great post

Question: If someone has a UIA on Bitshares, will they be able to port them over to this new SMT feature on Steemit when it launches? Will Bitshares and Steemit work together in that way, or would you have to start it all over on Steemit SMT?

My understanding is that this will be within the steem ecosystem, but to be quite honest your question is over my head! ;-)

OK, thank you. The question is popping up so wasn't sure if anyone knows yet. :-)

I was thinking the same thing although I think not( you could maybe share drop from a UIA to a SMT) Also how is this different than BTS UIAs? User tokenization is now on Steem which is cool. I guess a rebranding and fresh launch of the general idea couldn't hurt and graphene is still in play. 👍

I'm always a visual learner.. Thank you for the great explaination.

This is good explanation in a very short video. A video is better than thousand words.

Freaking exciting! really!... The possibility are endless...

This is a great video explainer!

Amazing work, I think this is a very useful and educational video :) Thank you Doug!

Also thank you @eliharrigan and @zenmommas!

I was seriously waiting for this. Screw the white papers, I need pictures!
Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.41.00 PM.png

Thank you

Haha, so glad I could lend a hand!

“You think Yoda stops teaching, just because his student does not want to hear? A teacher Yoda is. Yoda teaches like drunkards drink, like killers kill." – Yoda

Wow, that was quick. Great simple, efficiently explained video.

Great stuff so a website for ex drivers of Uber could use it and monetize it, Wales football supporters could start a website and monetize it, a Union could monetize it so the members can post on what benefits they want for joining a Union and the best contributors be paid.

Local hard copy newspapers about to go bust could start a website and survive by monetizing the reports from local residents and the comments, and upvotes. Online course creators could get together and monetize their courses with upvotes, comments, so viewers could be the judge for ratings for the online video courses, could cut into the profits of some big corporations who have online platforms, spreads the wealth to the course creators and not concentrate the wealth to the few big corporations like Lynda etc

After I got the mail from steemit, I was not perfectly getting what it was but now I am totally convinced. Thanx for sharing this wonderful video. Started following you.

Doug / Genius / Resteeming / Thank you ... very exciting! (-:

Haha. @clumsysilverdad = meme genius!

This is very interesting thank you for sharing as I did not understand, but think I do now.

Outstanding effort @doughkarr ! You are Incredible & Beautiful. Before i don't know anything about "How Smart Media Tokens Work" but after watching your video now my concepts are very clear !

great animation! it is clearly explained and will hopefully generate more new interest in the platform too! great job guys! :D

Thanks @beautifulbullies, that's definitely my hope. Steemit it is such an amazing platform and Steem has such incredible potential. Super excited about the SMT development and wanted to do my part to help tell the story of what it is.

Excellent explainer (teaser). Great work!

Very cool animation explanation! The future has arrived and the people can be empowered!

Oh wow, thanks papa-pepper! This means a lot coming from you! Would love to figure out a way for us to collaborate on some kind of video project somewhere down the line.

This is exciting! So this basically means that there will be more sites coming up soon that will actually pay their users for content. If only Facebook did this!

Informative video
Simple & Easy to understand .

Very nicely done. Will resteem :) Best wishes.

Super cool. Nice work pal.

Thanks Brother!

YES YES YES! Fantastic! :) - loved this. great great work.

Made in very professional way. Nice work @dougkarr

WOW. Did you have early access to this whitepaper, or did you prepared everything... in last few hours?

You got yourself a new follower. Thank you for the great videos to learn more about steemit. Best wishes :)@splendorhub logo.png

Thanks for explaining it the easy way! Very good post!

wow, very good and well-designed for the second one that explains how someone would launch a smart token?

They have to implement this feature first (coming 2018). But it will work similar to the User Issued Asset (UIA) tokens on Bitshares DEX. This what so many projects on Steemit use now, Voiceshares, Whaleshares, etc., to support their individual communities here.

Let's make everything monetizable, with no exception!

Thank you for explaining this in a more meaningful way...

Your team did an outstanding job breaking down SMT in layman's terms. Even I could understands it! 😀

So, its basicly like ether token but based on steem? wow! I think Steem will go to the moon base on these and other developments as dtube


I actually saw this video first on @kingscrown post but after finding out about you and the @hardfork-series I have been checking out all the great posts from you and the team!

Really excited for what you are doing and feel the team is excellent. Looking forward to meeting you at SteemFest this year!

love the animation buddy. just brilliant. just wondering if you made it in after effects? it must have taken a very long time.

Thanks @magicmonk, it didn't take a very short time! ;-)

Awesome video!!! I guess I found you!!

Very nice video bro. I am currently trying to convince two highly talented artist friends to join I am sure they will and when they do be very successful very quickly. Quick question how does SMT benefit newbies as we all know its tough starting off? Cheers ;)

Hey Doug,

Great video mate. Will definitely be using it in helping explain what SMTs are to people. My own STEEM Smart Media Tokens + STEEM/USD and STEEM/BTC Charts blog just doesn't have the same effect :P

Peace mate.

Hey @dougkarr! That was a nice anim :)

I was wondering if you could send me the text to translate to Spanish ... I also can put subts to the video directly if this is ok for you. Have already done the collaboration with other people in Steemit before. For example

Just let me know. I thik this is a very important and usefull info to have in Spanish language too.
Have a nice weekend!

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Hey @juanmiguelsalas, sounds good! Let's talk. Hit me up on chat at doug.karr

Also, great top quality video. Not very technical but we have whitepaper for that. This is something we've grown to see from the top videos on Youtube, I'm impressed to see we have such skills within our community now. We're moving ahead fast.

Thank you for this great video!

Congratulations @dougkarr!
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Fantastic video! Great work all!

Good stuff! Your animation will surely be an info standard in explaining this new development!

Mouthdrop moment

This will help a lot, thanks!

Well done on the video and animation! I will share this ASAP.
Followed, Upvoted &

hopefully it will be very useful to user very soon. coz i dont know what to do

In the video she said that anyone can create a token, but where to create it and how ? is there a website for that ?

it is not ready yet. Right now this is just a whitepaper - a proposal.

Very interesting! Makes it simple to understand. Thanks!

Thank you!

Great animation @dougkarr!!
Smart Media Tokens have been getting a lot of hype and I can see now the deep influence SMT could have in the Steemit social media revolution.

Wow! Awesome video. Very educating and engaging.
Thank you for sharing.

Very informative but I will continue to read to further my knowledge.

Good idea! Can never have too much knowledge ;-)

That was very quick... great job @dougkarr and the rest of your team!

Great explanation animation video.

Good information!

I wonder, would you had used profit sharing on this post if it would be easy to do? To share the rewards between every party involved?

I wish this feature would be implemented soon enough since it's already possible.

I would have!

It would make collaboration so much easier. How about you guys, ??


I love lamp

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I would love to hear more about this.

I've been seeing things about this smart media tokens but I still don't understand it.

Great simple infographic video, thanks for sharing, please make more... Do you think SMT or similar technology might rid the internet of ads?

Great video, definitely does a great job summing it up. Keeps out the technical terms and puts it in layman's terms.

Awesome! Thanks for this! Still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing and this helps immensely. Now, I just need to learn how to apply this in real life.

Is @biophil's Pocket token an example of SMT?

hope this is sucessful

The power of STEEM and blockchain technology seems so Awesome, looking forward to what the future holds!

Fantastic, thank you for sharing.

great work on this video

Thanks for sharing!

Great service for the community and nice explanatory little animation video that keep the attention up. Well spent effort! Keep working in this direction!

Thanks! Much appreciated! I will indeed keep working in this direction!

Well very nice animations but I didn't get it at all :(


I am so overwhelmed with this post. You are indeed a genius, Learnt much.

Great explanation
nice to meet you, follow me @fararizky

I see more important post in future of explainer video.

Thank you so much! I was so lost and now I feel like I know how it works.

Great post friend

Thanks for the video, but I still feel kind of confused. Is this so dtube could create it's own coin for rewarding views on dtube?

yes that is the idea. dtube will be able to set its own rewards distributions etc. and raise funds if needed

great post, thank you @dougkarr

your post is great, you should get a lot of rewards, thank you for sharing, do not forget my vote 100% yes, let's help fellow

This plan the future

Good explanation. Very clear.

Thanks for the great video. I am a very visual being so "see is believing" to me.

This video explained it very well, thank you for the explanation!

Interesting. I still don't get it though. I'll have to read up.

Thank you for visual explanation :)

Thank you, nice explanation. Now i can tell my friend about STEEM/SMT easier.

thank you for sharing do not forget my vote

Smart media. I like it. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing

A wonderful introduction

That looks very professional! Very exciting new feature for the steem blockchain indeed. Can you let me know which software you use to create this great animation?

Thanks @tarekadam! We used after effects for all the animation and premiere for the sounds and editorial.

Thank you @dougkarr. Great work. I will look into both AE and premiere as well.

Very nice @dougkarr ...bless

Thank you!

Just found this post @dougkarr nicely done and the vo was great. It's 10 hours to payout so I couldn't upvote it but a have resteemed so more will understand. Looking forward to the movie.
If you need any help give me a shout.

How your friends survive may remain given health. And I hope your days are fun, with your best posts, which inspire many of Steemit's loyal readers.

@dougkarr many of your great posts This is a very interesting and useful post, so it's my heart's intention to read and see in detail the posts you share.

I voted and followed you.

How your friends survive may remain given health. And I hope your days are fun, with your best posts, which inspire many of Steemit's loyal readers.

@dougkarr many of your great posts This is a very interesting and useful post, so it's my heart's intention to read and see in detail the posts you share.

I voted and followed you.

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