Real Men Don't Have Feelings

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Real men don't have feelings,
my male peers may boldly say. Emotions makes you soft and weak.
Yet those hard predators become the prey,
of their pride and desires every day, all week.

Even women who evaluate men,
by the way they treat their mother.
Not willing to learn how to go further,
In their ways of basic human nurture.
They're most confortable to have,
male emotions remain inside of their shell.
For lack of will or capacity to handle it well.
Yet you expect insensitivity to land its shoulder.

The world expects men to always act right.
When you treat them bellow dogs.
Don't act surprised when he does more than bite.


Male emotions are usually reserved for those only within the emotional circle. This circle includes only family and friends.... and not all family and friends. As a man capable of introspection I can easily break down the emotion of the common man. Obviously everyone is different so exceptions exist. Men do not display anything that is perceived weakness. Crying, empathy, remorse, etc. I think it is primal instinct to protect at all times. Weakness equals death. At the end of the day men experience same set of emotions. I’m not ashamed to cry in front of my wife, parents or close friends. I stay tough in front of kids so they always feel safety and that Daddy can save them from anything. A real man can share his emotions with the people he loves. The gender roles are changing in the world. My feeling is that I must appear to be tough and fearless reguardless of how I may really feel. The world does expect us to act the part. I only speak for myself but I’m sure others agree.... the feeling and emotions are always there whether you see them or not. Take care and best wishes for the future.

Master, your opinion does make alot of sense to me. Its good you made it long and comprehensive. Thank you

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Wow, that is so kind of you. Thank you!

👍🏻 Your welcome glad to help. I love seeing women getting involved in crypto. Check out She is new to crypto. I helped her out too. Return the favor and give her some love. Look forward to seeing more posts. Also check out this contest.. not many entries and ending soon. Good luck best wishes.

Not sure if you are familiar with bots. Boomerang and many others are paid to upvote posts. I was speaking with my wife about women in crypto and searched out a few people I would help out. It’s important that women get more involved... if you look at the numbers the scale is tipped. If half as many women as men were involved then market cap would grow beyond imagination. Wish you all the best in the future.

I'd really appreciate your help. I'm quite a novice here. All I got from my referal is 'Helen you can do it!' So did you caused the tips from those bots?

Yes I paid for the bots for you. Thank you for the love to twoturtletots... I paid for bots for her as well. Just stick with it. Use this platform to share quality content and give upvotes and quality comments to others that are providing useful and entertaining content. Rumble, Alex.Sanchez, and twoturtletots are good people I’ve found so far. Weed through the non-sense. If you need anything hit me up. Take care.

How are such an angel. Thank you so much.

Is there a messenger for steemit? I mean a way to contact you.

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