Introducing The MinnowResteemer

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Introducing the MinnowResteemer!

The sole purpose of this account is to help new people.
I know how it's like wasting a few hours and your heart working hard on a post just for it to be seen by just 2-10 persons and get no recognition.

**How am I going to do that?**

I am going to do it all Manually by 3 Steps-

I am going to be following everyone I see on Steemit community and hopefully create a big base of followers.

I have opent a discord server where every minnow can join and share his posts, trade auto upvotes with other users and get more followers.

I am going to Resteem posts of people that are members of my community.
If the plan works and I am going to get a high follow base, this will help many minnows out there.
I am planning on resteeming at least 10 posts a day once I get big enough.

Help me get this dream come true, lets help our fellow minnow steemians together!


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Hello ! I am @digital-gypsy , nice to meet you Minnowresteemer ! Welcome to Steemit and all the best for your posting


@digital-gypsy got you a $3.36 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@digital-gypsy got you a $3.36 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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Wellcome to steemit

Wellcome 2 steemit

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Welcome to the community!

You guys are reallllllly putting in a lot of effort to help new people, im actually shocked. other platforms wouldnt even waste their time. very nice


The success and downfall of every platform lays within the new comers.

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Hello @minnowresteemer that's Great introduceyourself post and an amazing profile's idea!!

I'm @andyluy and I've been here for a couple of weeks, a can tell youThat steemit is the most amazing thing I've ever seen at the internet so far. I'm happy seeing it grows every day!

I had some hard time on the firsts week, so I spent some time searching information to improve my experience with steemit, latter I've decided to make posts about those things in order to help the new ones to have a shortcut to get deeper on steemit.

here is some of my posts, I hope It mitght be helpful to you:

The Randowhale
Getting videos from facebook
Randowhale update 1

I intend to keep posting useful info that I may be able to gather, and in a near future some give away. Feel invited to follow me and if you have any question about steemit you can ask me in any of my last posts, I'll try my best to help.


I'm also trying to help as much new members as i can The more people comes the more steemit will be better to everyone!

Welcome to Steem @minnowresteemer I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Let me welcome you to this community Minnowresteemer . I'm @chrisx and if you need any help don't hesitate to contact or follow me :-)

Welcome to Steemit @minnowresteemer!
I'm a bot-helper, and I'm created to help. Congratulations on the registration on Steem - you really like it here! If you like me, make an upvote of my comment and follow me. Your upvote will allow you to give more money to new users, such as you. Let's make Steem better together!
I follow you, and to get more upvote and resteem - follow me!
All the money I earn will be donated to charity.
Steem on!

Nice to meet you! I'm new and still figuring out how the site works! Following and upvoted:)

welcome Minnowresteemer to Steemit!! Glad to see you. I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community :) Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me at @mekong

Trade auto upvotes?

So basically stop paying attention to content and upvote everything someone uploads disregarding the quality of their posts, in exchange of them auto upvoting your posts without knowing the quality of your own content? How is this helping the community in the long term?

I like the idea of resteeming manually and I think it is amazing you want to do that but the auto upvoting exchange I would consider trying to look more into that... friendly critique.

We all want to help each other and to grow but in this case I think the community in general and the reward pool would be taking a hit without even considering if the rewards are going to good content or just someone uploading a picture without text every hour. Since the post limit is not here anymore how are we gonna stop people misusing this tool you offer and getting greedy?


Hey bro, appreciate the respond.
I personally don't believe in auto upvotes to people you don't know.
Some people find it as a way to start so I help them with making that easier.
My whole purpose is to help minnows and I do all manually and by looking up good posts and resteeming them.


Yeah, upvotes are something earned, I have some people on my list but it is because I´ve been reading their work for months... I get it and you have my full support for the resteem part, try to mediate on discord to avoid "gangs" or "mafias" of autoupvotes hehe, if you need something you can tell me. Cheers.


You're more than welcome to join our discord server and help me with that :)

hi welcome. now i follow you. also follow me pls and vote my posts thanks

Welcome @minnowresteemer, always good to meet new Steemians.


Welcome to Steemit, @minnowresteemer!

Hope you enjoy being here!

I'd like to remind you of Steemit.Chat ( where you can talk with others, promote your post in their promotion channels, and have a great time :)

Once again, enjoy your time on Steemit, and shall you have any questions, feel free to reply or ask in the #help channel of the chat!

Hello @minnowresteemer. Welcome to Steemit. I am David. I wish you have a happy journey here.

Welcome and Thank You for being with us!! Following your Blog now

welcome to the community

Hello and welcome to Steem! :-) Followed. Follow me back 😘

Hello !I am @minnowhelp, nice to meet you @Minnowresteemer,
I do track some @booster upvote runs and try to figure out, if this booster upvote really giving a value.
With this upvotes you can earn some money here, if they provide a value. That's what I am testing for new Steemians !

Im my session#1 I tracked amongs I tracked amongst other users the upvote boost of @mitchiesfoodrace, he boosted his post value to $16.28 , which was $12.2 more than before the booster upvote !
And that with just an investment of $4.9 !

So if you want to see the results of my work, feel free to follow me @minnowhelp

Welcome to Steemit @Minnowresteemer !

Welcome to steemit and nice meeting you. :D