MinnowBooster - Tips and Tricks for Managing Leases in the Delegation Leasing Market!

in minnowbooster •  6 months ago

Hello Minnowbooster fans! It's @NelkelJDM here with another amazing video brought to you by the builders of @minnowbooster.

In today’s video, I’d like cover strategies for maximizing success on the MinnowBooster Delegation Leasing Market (DLM for short...)

It is my pleasure today to present you a short tutorial outlining how to use the DLM and how I like to navigate the waters personally using MinnowBooster:

Well, I hope what I've shown you today makes it easier to find great leasing opportunities and participate in our DLM. If you have any questions about what I've covered in this video just go ahead and leave them in the comments below and I'll be sure to get back to you shortly! We really appreciate you and are extremely grateful for your support. Happy leasing!

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I created simple tool for updating delegations --> https://steemit.com/minnowbooster/@fbslo/minnowbooster-delegation-manager

(self-voted for visibility)

Dear admin. How do I undelegate Steem Power, I have tried several times to undelagate with the link that you sent to me but it seems to be not working. is there any other way to do it?

Missing 20SBD of vote

Hello @minnowbooster, can you pls check this, i send 20 SBD (2x10 SBD, what is a lot for me), but i did not recived vote or a refund.

...its been now 4 days pls give me back my SBD.



Hi @bronkong have a chat to one of the support team members on our discord https://discord.gg/S37bYma

They will be able to process your refunds.. Thanks


Thank you, they helped me. I got the SBD back


ty for update. helps keep the minnows believing / keeps the faith


I have not been receiving the correct payouts for around 10 days now. I am supposed to get about 7.7 Steem per day from delegations but I have only been receiving 0.5 per day.

Please fix this issue and send the Steem that is owed to my @bwells account.

Could I request a new video for whitelist members? As a member, I’m still confused by what advantages I have? I’m also confused on the score/point system? Thank you!

I have no received steem power on rental

very nice

Thank you. This is very useful

minnowbooster, I can not understand properly how it works? Tell me

@minnowbooster bro your platform veryusefull....really...

Thank you very much for sharing this kind of post to all of us. Hopefully share this good post with us.

nice your post

hi @minnowbooster i lease for 200 sp for 1 week so I sent 1 steem but its been 4 days and nothing happened and no refund. pls check it out.


waw good

Learning more about minnowbooster here in Thailand - much gratitude for the inputs.

Hi I have a problem like 8 days ago I made Leased Request with about 942 STEEM and only one order was fulfilled with 126.316 STEEM but I get back after 3 day only 181.763 STEEM so is missing around 633.987 STEEM!
Can You Please Check and Refund me STEEM!

looking for your support

Wou como le hiciste para tener tanto poder de voto??? Con un voto tuyo me alimento por un mes aquí en Venezuela, mi Venezuela grande Saludos

Congratulations @minnowbooster!
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hy sir please why dont you resteem my account

Hi minnowbooster, i sent you 1.33 steem for the lease of steem power. But you neighter refunded nor given sp.it is now more than 3 days.please refund my steem

@minnowbooster please investigate this:

@verodato 4000 SP delegation to me @direwolf should have expired 2 days ago and yet I still have it

I don't know how that is possible?

i have give you money so please upvote

Hi @nelkeljdm
Thank you for the useful video.
I think I have a good understanding of delegation right now. I say I think because Ifind that I am always learning and gaining understanding everyday ! So thank you for being my teacher today. I enjoyed this post, so I also read the one before it. I can see after reading these two that I need to watch all your videos. So thank you in advance for what I will learn from those.
I have a question as you seem to understand this system very well. I am purchasing upvotes with an initial ROI of 100% but this is gross, the net to the author being 75% and that being further subdivided into 1/2 SP and 1/2 SBD according most of the posts I have read. I am assuming that I am still making 75% ROI overall, but in terms of my liquid SBD it looks like I pay 5 SBD, I get upvotes for a total of 10 STU. Then get 75% or 7.5 STU with 3.75 SBD return and 3.75 SP return. So I am losing 1.25 SBD but gaining 3.75 SP so I am ahead roughly 2.5 SP which is a 50% net gain per day. Please let me know if my math is correct.


Hello I sent 1 SBD through 7 days ago; I reported an issue at that time, and post is now closed and now payout.

Can you please return at this point?. It isn't much but it's the principal. I have to raise again now as its about to disappear from my wallet and too late to recieve the upvote. Cheers

why my daily payments from you are getting less and less ....

Give me steem and I'll follow you