BuildTeam EOS Update: Detailed Instructions for EOS Voting

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Hey folks! @techblogger here, bringing you a step by step tutorial for EOS token holders teaching you how to use the voting power of your tokens to vote for EOS Block Producer candidates.

Before I walk through step by step instructions, I'd like to provide links to BuildTeam's EOS Candidacy Announcement and our most recent update regarding the state of our EOS node configuration:

BuildTeam EOS Block Producer Candidacy Report

BuildTeam: EOS BPC Nodes Ready for Action as EOS Mainnet Launch is Underway!

Now that the mainnet has launched, EOS holders are wondering about what may be the best way to go about voting for BPCs. Or they may even be wondering, why should I bother voting for a BPC?

In previous updates we have explained it like this. EOS Block Producer Candidates are responsible for securing the network and facilitating transactions. Beyond that they will be responsible for building what is sure to be the largest and most robust cryptocurrency ecosystem the world has ever seen. Picking the best BPCs and electing them as official EOS Block Producers ensures that the network is being built by the best candidates the ecosystem has to offer. We hope you will use one of your 30 Block Producer votes to elect BuildTeam and give us the honor of building EOS on your behalf.

Voting for an EOS Block Producer

Step 1:

First you'll need to learn how to find your EOS account information. It is easy to do this in fact and will only take a minute. To locate your account information you only need to know your ERC20 Ethereum address, the one you have your EOS placeholder tokens in.

Use the following tool to identify your account:

Now that you've found your account, copy down the account name and put it somewhere safe.

Step 2:

In order to proceed further, you must know your EOS private key. You should have received this key when you registered your ETH address. If you are using Exodus wallet in the developers menu (assets) you will see an option that says EOS Mainnet in which you can find your EOS private key.

Now you should have your account name and your EOS private key somewhere secure. Lets get to the voting!

BuildTeam is a Block Producer Candidate and as such takes security and the well-being of the community into consideration as our first priority. We would not recommend a tool before undergoing a comprehensive audit of its code. Based on our research there is only one voting tool we would recommend at the moment. This is the EOS-Voter tool made by Greymass.

For a full outline of the tool from developers click on the link below:

The tool stores your private key locally if you wish and provides an added level of password protected encryption. We have audited the code and can verify it is indeed safe to use.

However we would advise that you use caution and only download it from their official github repository!

Here is where you can find the latest version on github:

Step 3:

Once you have downloaded the Greymass EOS-Voter tool and installed it, you should be ready to connect it to your account so you can proceed to vote.

When you start the tool for the first time, you will need to point it to a network connection endpoint before it will work. You can use one of these BuildTeam approved connection endpoints:


Simply plug one of those URLs into the big connection box at the center of the screen:

If you want to change this connection setting at some point in the future, you can do so by clicking on the gear icon at the top left corner of the producer voting screen:

Next, enter your account name and EOS private key into the appropriate fields, and click the big green button:

Or if you prefer to save the wallet for next time:

You will see initially the account has no votes cast:

You may vote on up to 30 BPs, simply tick the box next to the ones you want, such as our very own buildteameos (we are about halfway down the list):

If you're having trouble finding your favorite BPs, you can use the search box to filter the list:

When done selecting BPs, simply click the "Submit changes to blockchain" button:

Finally, go ahead and confirm your vote:

You will get a confirmation message that looks like this:

Step 4:

Now that you have made your votes for BPs, check out the Wallet feature.

Clicking on the Wallet tab at top of screen shows you some nice details about your account such as your token balance, tokens staked, and system resources available for consumption:

If you've followed these steps and have managed to place your vote, you've contributed to the ecosystem and have taken EOS one step closer to becoming fully unlocked. To complete this process, as a community we must collectively vote with at least 15% of the EOS token supply.

No easy feat to accomplish individually, so we all have to do our part to make sure EOS is a success!

Here's a video outlining BuildTeam's EOS Block Producer Candidacy effort:

Vote for buildteameos!

We hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and were able to use it to vote for us! Together it is our aim to build the cryptospace in a way that promotes social responsibility and more equitable exchange of value amongst 3rd parties. Stay tuned for exciting new updates in regard to new EOS features and tools brought to you by the builders of BuildTeam!

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i feel like thats alot of work to vote for a block producer, seems like they could make it simpler

It might seem so at a glance, but it's not something you do every day - and once you have done it, next time the process will seem much more clear and easy.

It seems like a lot of steps at first glance, but it's really not. If you know your EOS account name and private key, it only takes 5 minutes or so to download the app, install it, and vote. I actually think this tool is one of the simplest ones to use.

This is a very good tutorial. I have used the Greymass tool and it works great. I will also mention that I DID Vote for buildteameos! :) And I Manually UP voted this post; I am vote number 1000. Tweeted it as well. :)

Thanks for the good work you do, here on Steemit and now for EOS!

Much appreciated! We're looking forward to a bright future on EOS, and are happy to have your support! I used the Greymass tool for my personal voting too, for now I think it's the easiest way to vote.

Very easy and well explained @techblogger ! I really appreciate this.

Regards, @gold84

That was very simple. BuildTeam have my vote.

Congratulations @buildteam!
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Hey @buildteam,

Thanks for the great info, sure many are wondering this. Don't know if you'd be interested, but we are always looking for new talent and enjoyed your work. We have a platform in the works that will have the potential to get you more exposure.

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Important post, I know there's a lot of confusion around this topic at the moment. I think you have helped a lot of people out here. Unfortunately I remain quiet bearish on EOS. I think there is a better solution than delegated proof of stake

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This is a great article on how to vote your EOS. It's so important that everyone who can vote does.

EOSAmericas (eosamericas2) is a block producer candidate running our own highly secure servers. We aim to spread EOS throughout ALL the Americas so no one gets left behind. Please take a look at our candidacy at and consider voting for 'eosamericas2'.

Thanks for this post.

Great Post ! Happy to see our public endpoint being used here

Proudly hosted by EOS Costa Rica for the global EOS community

Nice tutorial informative post , I wish a brighter future for EOS.

I'm out of the loop. Is there a EOS platform yet?

Hello @buildteam

I have setup an EOS Node on ubuntu 18.04 VM. However I need to configure it correctly to join mainnet. Can you please guide me? I will appretiate if you can send me step-by-step instructions?

I have found some guidance here, but I am not sure if it is correct and authentic?

It says:
created producer keypair: private-key = YOUR_BLOCK_SIGN_PUB_KEY=KEY:YOUR_BLOCK_SIGN_PRIV_KEY

Do I have to create a new key pair? Or should I use existing key pair which has some EOS? I am not sure?

Can you please respond back?

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One thing i dont like about EOS is that 100 people are holding 70% of all Eos coins.

Very helpful. Thanks for the info!

You are great steemians great whales continue to work in favor of small whales following you