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in #minnowbooster3 years ago (edited)

yeah just wanna let u guys know that :P

so go on post or resteem anything and if i find interesting, and i will curating ur post ;)

thanks to @minnowbooster and @investegg for delegating some of ur sp!

meanwhile, im still busy with my rl work, still looking for new staff. 130pax(6 courses meal)+50pax(ala carte) for this friday's dinner.

i will be like:


life must go on!



Lol the gif blew up on fire and then disappeared

haha not to mention he frying the fries cover with lid

Lol I saw that

Like a boss!


ahaha jim carrey, brings back my childhood memory. The Mask!

I still have some VHS tapes somewhere:P

damnnn VHS!!! super antique lol



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Wooo that's a lot of meals to cover

yeah we did it with 5 man power! 3 chefs and 2 jr. cooks ;)

Wow! impressive! What do u work as bro?

currently demi chef

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