Minimalist Packing for Travel | What I Pack

in minimalist •  8 months ago 

I'll be traveling for 10 days or so to Europe and taking only my backpack. 1 Item with everything in it, so today I'll review with you exactly what are the items I'm packing along for my upcoming trip. Hope you enjoy!

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Greetings captain

Well, it's cool. I need to learn how to make this kind of suitcase. When I travel to the beach for example, I usually take more clothes than I use ... I need to stop it.

Thank you and good night!!!


Very hand to just have one piece of luggage to take with you. I highly recommend it ;)

Wow, that's the way to travel! I could use a pack like that for sure, but I ain't buying anything right now as the trips already cost me a bunch. The quick-drying clothes thing is a great idea. I never even thought of doing laundry, but perhaps now I will. I'll be getting my packing done today and tomorrow. I've not even figured out what bags to bring because I'll have the guitar on my back, which means I'll need something with wheels and maybe a front pack for my camera and battery items. All fun though. Travel safe and see you real soon!


I've traveled a bit like this in the past and I have to say I absolutely love it. It's amazingly freeing to have everything in one pack. It definitely calms the mind :D

Have a good travel, Captain!

Your backpack is really wonderfully crafted. Great talent :)


Thanks! I’ve really enjoyed over the last couple of years of getting the list worked out of things that work best for me, but it is still a work in progress.

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You're so neat on folding clothes and it's so.. (what's the word.. no wrinkles lol). Mine have it all over.. I don't have an iron! LOLOL and I think that should be all fine, travel light is better. Fly safe capt!


Part is the wrinkle free is buying clothing made of materials that are wrinkle resistant. I don’t iron anything either haha.

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REALLY!!!? I have never heard lololol I will do some research on that! Haaaa loololol

Nice pack. I never thought about material. Wrinkle resistant and fast drying is a real benefit. Underwear is good to wear until you start smelling your chestnuts roasting over an open fire or you notice you got an itch that you just shouldn't be scratching in public. :) I'm a firm believer in the roll the clothes method. Amazing how much room that saves. I need to get a bag like that. Nothing better than only having a carry on. Those leafs are really cool and I'm going to look into getting those. You better start getting some amazon affiliate links. :)


Hand luggage only club! Me too lol.
See you next week Captain.


You bet! See you next week @joythewanderer!

So this was much needed. I try to keep everything on my carry on. Less stress. More enjoyment lol

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Absolutely man. I love walking off the plane and knowing full well everything I need is with me already. I've traveled and lost my luggage a few times and it is absolutely terrible. This way, something like that never ruins a trip :)


right. that’s my thinking too. no stress and everything is with me. might need to go shopping for one of those fancy backpacks lol

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You definitely packed it in. I have a backpack that I use for all my trips. I'm not nearly as neat as you but I can definitely pack a lot in a small amount of space.

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I'm a fan of the backpack. Can throw it on your back and take off on the hike. Has become my favorite way to travel :)

Great Content, I will follow your tips and tricks For now :)


It appears you do some travel as well. What are some of your best travel tips?

That's really minimalistic indeed, wait till you see mine hahaha with pots and pans for the bike trip, all roots style hahaha

Looking forward to meet you there.

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