Simplifying Video Capture For Travel - Minimalism Explored

in minimalism •  5 months ago

With the upcoming trip to Germany and Poland, I'm definitely working to explore ways I can minimize the amount of gear I take along on the journey. I'll be traveling with a minimalistic backpack, simplifying my clothing, and now, simplifying my video capture and photography. I'm not looking for perfect, but adequate. I think the iPhone Xs Max will be just fine for this trip so I'll put it through some paces and share with you of course! Thanks for coming along as I continue to explore minimalism and my intentions of simplifying life a bit.

With Gratitude,
Captain Bob

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I will watch this once I am back from town. I am jealous of your camera setup. Mine is embarrassing :)


Man the most important thing is to keep creating and hitting that record button. Gear is just that....pieces of equipment but having stuff to capture that moment and tell the story is most important!


Create everyday :)

Yeah, but I think I have pushed my 70$ camera to the absolute limit, but I won't throw it out. I will keep the components for future recycling/reusing. Or I will keep it for my mantle piece and in the future I can reference to people that this created Steem for me.

Now I am finally in London, I will get myself a digital asset debit card and my purchase will be a camera. More than likely a good second hand one off gumtree.

Really good thinking @captainbob, minimalizing for a certain time is a great thing. I wish you an amazing trip to SF3, great things ahead for you! Best greetings from Barcelona and I hope we meet one day.


Thank you @hauptmann. Perhaps I can make it to Barcelona one day and we can hang out. That would be glorious.

We live in an amazing time where we can carry around powerful tools that are super light and portable. I like the notion of minimalism as it is much easier to manage the “stuff” we acquire over the years.

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Truly is amazing Ken. So much you can do with a device that fits in your pocket. As time goes along, I love just simplifying things. There are so many distractions in life these days. I believe that anything I can do that simplifies my day allows me to be intent on focusing on the important things.

The video quality looks crisp. The audio also crisp. When you were walking it was well stabilized as well, I'd swear you were using a gimbal.

I think you are good to go @captainbob!

See you next week!

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Thank you for the feedback @greencross! I'm looking forward to it and looking forward to capturing a ton of great stories ;)

Love the setup! Can you believe I still use a 5s with only 16GB of storage. lol someday I will upgrade, but need to upgrade my 9 year old iMac first. haha


I totally believe it man. I had to be compelled to really find a reason to upgrade. It is pretty amazing how far they have advanced. I understand on upgrading the computer first though. That would be my priority as well, haha.


yeah my problem is my phone still works just fine. I replaced the battery, it just doesn't have much space. Hard for me to justify buying a new one. LOL I want a new computer and another camera so I can set up two cameras for my cooking show, before I get another phone. LOL If I did travel blogging, I would totally get a new phone with a gimble for it, and that mic that you got.

this is exactly what i needed to watch lol

what was the model of that rode mic you had?

i’m debating the phone upgrade though. i have an apple 7 and refused to buy a new apple phone until something magical changed in the design and function. and this is coming from a guy who bought new phones every year lol

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Hey Jon! The rode mic is the Rode Video Mic Me-L and much like you, I just refused to buy something until they could convince me I needed something better. This does, however, up the game a bit from what I had before in a cell phone and really makes traveling lighter and easier.

So you're not bringing a camera? I think I probably will bring my Sony. My iPhone 8 Plus runs out real fast and I like taking photos. I'll see though when I start packing later today.


Just bringing the iPhone XS Max. That and a battery recharge brick. I have to tell you though...even today I look over at it and consider it. But I've committed to going light weight, so this time, I'm going to try going without it! It's an adventure right? :)


It sure is my friend! I'm still dithering about the camera but am certain on the Zoom H4n as I really hope to get some interviews for my podcast. The audio workshop means I'm having to bring a few more things that I otherwise wouldn't need, so I'll have an HDMI cable if you need to borrow it. @buttcoins has a projector that takes HDMI. Also means I need to bring my 13" MacBook Pro, which I otherwise wouldn't have brought. I'm not travelling nearly as far as you though!

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