The World Is Heading Towards Armageddon As The Major Military Powers Of The Earth Prepare For War. Great Britain, Germany, Turkey, Hungary, And The Major Military Powers Of The Earth Are All Preparing For World War Three

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Please read this article by Shoebat. It's more than Military buildup for the #MilitaryIndustrialComplex, it's #NWOAgenda too. Agenda 2030.

Intro by Shoebat please read.
"War is nigh. The world is racing towards Armageddon. Right before our eyes we are seeing the beginning stages of the start of a major world war. Arms races, nationalism and militarism are growing with more intensity every year. Hungary and Germany are supporting the restoration of militarism, reminding us of the German Hungarian alliance in the First World War. Turkey is being given more and more power in the Middle East, reminding us of the Ottoman Empire which has been an ally of Germany since 1871, and joined Germany in its war of imperialism and racial domination in the First World War. This is all a sign that another great war between the major powers of the earth is looming."

Explains that for 2014-2015 years it was ISIS and the Christian persecution. Then, by the end of 2016, story died out due to President Trump winning the election. There are a few people giving regards to the Christian persecution out there. The world has ignored Syria. By the way, the "Syrian government just retook Deir-ez-zor from Islamic terrorists and now the only area under the control of Islamic jihadists is the Idlib province." The US is failing with the regime change in Syria.

By the way, guess who's in control of Syria and Iraq now that the US and NATO have passed the torch to Turkey to control the region. Plus, a 50,000 in Gaziantep, Turkey. The army is supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar too. "The army is also composed of a jihadist battalion called Ahrar al Sham, which is considered to be a terrorist organization by Russia."

No surprise that NATO, CIA, Deep State has been arming Turkey since the late 1940's just with the Taliban was armed by NATO, CIA, and others. Did you know that "During the Second World War, Pan-Turkish activists in Turkey openly supported Hitler and the Nazis. In 1942, the Pan-Turkish nationalists sent soldiers into the Caucasian border, where Russia and Turkey meet, to support the Nazis against the Soviet Union."

After the second World War, the American were afraid of the Soviet Union spreading into Europe who saw Turkey as a great defense, closest to Moscow, embedded them as anti-soviet. Trained them in NATO/CIA's Operation Gladio with CIA and Western Government Secret Service agencies. Turkey was a key player in Gladio and had Pan-Turkist figures in the higher ups implementing Turkish Nationalism and working with German Nazis in Turkey.
Shoebat explains, "in which they commissioned Nazi leaders of the Third Reich to recruit neo-Nazis and pan-Europeanists to commit terrorist attacks. The plan was to then blame the attacks on far-Left terrorists with the objective of stirring nationalist sentiment against the Soviet Union. (I have written extensively on Operation Gladio and how it is still continuing through major think-tanks and movements like the Counterjihad. You can read about it by clicking here)."

For those who don't know what Counterjihad movements under the guise of combating Sharia law, really means implementing eugenics on the entire population for those deemed inferior with genes, race, and religion, depopulation Agenda 2030. Take a good look at the Georgia Guidestones and please read up in the Shoebat article and review the links on more what's about and how it's all by design by the powers that shouldn't be.

Shoebat brings up in a sense that's it's all by design not just military, but for depopulation agenda.
"When we see what is happening before us, with the US arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine, allowing Japan and Germany to build up their militaries, and giving leeway to Turkish expansion, it makes you wonder if the plan is really combating Russia. From all of this, it appears that the masterplan truly is eugenics, genocide, population control, and the ascending evil of racialist nationalism and world empire."

There were Nationalism groups in the 1950's and so forth that Turkish Nationalists created False Flag attacks in Greece in 1955 and in 1965, created so much chaos and destruction. They believed their race was the superior race as inspired by Hitler's Germany. The Turkish elites ruling is a combo of racism and eugenics. Turkey is a mixture of Islam, eugenics, nationalism and Nazism.

Brings up the military aid that Germany is supporting Turkey in Syria and Iraq. They are always allied with each other no matter what. Brought up this point. "Since 1871, Germany and Turkey have been allies. When the Protestant Reformation broke out in Germany in the 16th century, it was the Ottoman Empire that made alliances with Protestants throughout Europe in their fight against the Catholic Hapsburg Empire."

What happened in WWI, will happen again with the rise of Hungary and Germany, and rise of the Ottoman Empire. History repeats.

Viktor Orban through his words and actions is not only a Nationalist, but a Nazi too allied with Hitler's daughter Merkel.
"While playing his role as the good nationalist, is totally in favor for a militarist Germany and European Union."

Shoebat brings up months ago, how their organization called "Rescue Christians" was invited to Hungary "to participate in a meeting on rescuing oppressed Christians." Turned out to be a media front and all they wanted was signatures and Hungary's government showed no interest in helping Christians whatsoever. Yet, they call for extermination of other races such as gypsies.

Back in June 2017, Orban went over to Ankara, Turkey for a business forum for speaking on the common racial origins and need for deeper economic ties between Hungary and Turkey. Had no idea the Hungarians are of Turkish origin, not just national pride, and related to the peoples of Central Asia. Turns out every year where Hungarians and various tribes and Turkish people get together to celebrate Turkish roots festival called the "Kurultaj event". Costs $250,000 in US dollars. Included are pagan rituals too, please read more about it in the article and with a video attached.
Did you know?
"Over a whopping quarter of a million people visited the town of Bugac to attend the Kurultaj event, celebrating the Turkish race. What makes this even more interesting is that the first Kurultáj did not take place in Hungary, but in Kazakstan, in 2007. Kazakstan is a Turkic country, and for Hungary to hold their first meeting celebrating ‘Turkishness’ in Kazakstan, reflects the Turanian ideology that Orban and the rest of the Hungarian nationalists follow.

The 2012 event included pagan rituals akin to Native Indian rites, with worship of a crescent moon idol.

Orban and his ilk subscribe to the racial ideology of Turanism, or the belief in the superiority of the Turkic races. In 2012, Orban described Hungary as “half-Asian” and stated that Hungarians are the type of people who will unite together only by force."

Shoebat talked about the ARMS RACE and VISION 2023.

What happened before WWI with Great Britain and France having secret talks on how would they deal with Germany in the event of a War. The same with Germany and Austro-Hungary with conducting a war against Russia. Months before WWI on July 28th, 1914, there was a naval meeting between Great Britain and Russia. The elite knew that war was going to happen sooner or later, since every war is a Bankers War, all by design on this World's Stage.

Currently, Great Britain is manufacturing ships with great intensity and have the first shipment ready by 2023 that corresponds with Turkey wanting to begin the Ottoman Empire. Great Britain recently produced two new aircraft carriers, the biggest in the Royal Navy's history called the HMS Queen Elizabeth and the HMS Prince of Wales.

Just a little side note. My cousin is a US Naval commander who months ago went over in northern Great Britain to inspect the naval shipyards and was there along with others for expertise on the technological innovations, you name it. He commands nuclear submarines in the Pacific Ocean and stationed in Seattle, WA.
After that was stationed in Washington, DC. Now with the North Korea buildup, he's heading back to Seattle and will be going back on the nuclear submarine patrolling the sea just in case something does happen.
Doesn't this go to show of the Military Industrial Complex heating up. Most of them are preparing for War with Defense spending, you name it. Go ahead and look into the matter for yourself.

For some people then as it is presently, were blinded by the politicians and media for believing everything is peaceful and fine, when it wasn't. Since they marveled at their own "technological innovations" they thought what's the big deal. But when you take the red pill and look at these people and their organizations. Silicon Valley, not only the major center of technology, but for advancing eugenics and working with industrialists/elite, "like Peter Thiel, Benjamin Horowitz, and Ron Unz."
Not just these industrialists/elite scum there are many more marketing corporations, clinics, organizations making you feel they doing some much good, when in reality they are all for themselves and the globalist NWO Agenda.
Don't fall for whatever they are marketing with false promises of eliminating bad genes creates more problems down the road, they implement eugenics on society. When you hear about "parabiosis" implemented by Thiel and gang is the vampire way of killing you by draining all of the youth's blood and transfusion to the elderly. Their endgame is creating their version of the fountain of eternal youth. In reality, our bodies are not meant to live forever. What these globalists/elites/satanists are doing to delay the inevitable of where they will spend eternity. They know based on all of the things they've done and whom they serve are the Devil, with false promises of the world, power, wealth are all for personal gain. It's not worth it, those who don't see what they are doing, need to review the information and do your research too.
Shoebat refers to the links to the articles, I suggest you review them for yourself. I referred to Shoebat about this before here and there, please read and pass it along.

Please read this about David Daleiden, and his lawyers, have been fined $200,000 by the US government. For exposing the evil of Planned Parenthood, there's more to read, please pass along.

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"
"They want these two religions to clash" statement, that reminds me of the writings if Albert Pike, the pillar of Freemasonry.
Check out how eerily accurate the summaries of the 1st and 2nd world wars were. This document written by Pike Aug. 15th, 1871.


After reading this, do you see that all of this is all by design by the powers that shouldn't be. Every war is a Bankers War.

I highly suggest you read the conclusion by Shoebat on the inspiration for Tom Hanks character on "Saving Private Ryan." He was a "Catholic priest named Fr. Francis L. Sampson, a regimental chaplain with the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division. He was commissioned by military authorities to find Fritz Niland, the real-life “Private Ryan,” who had lost his three brothers on D-Day." He parachuted on Normandy beach and very lucky to make it out of there.

"Days later, Fr. Sampson entered a church where some nurses were. The church had been devastated by bombs, and only two walls remained. But, there was beheld two images: one of St. Paul, the other of St. Peter. And a crucifix also remained intact. In this church, Fr. Sampson gave a homily."

Please read the rest of the homily and I highly suggest you read Shoebat's article and the others I posted links too. No matter what happens don't take any mark of the beast, join any nationalist group, get involved with any elitist, don't participate in eugenics, cults, etc.

Best to stand with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of mankind. Put the full armor of God too. We're living in #SpiritualWarfare
God bless you and your families and take care.