The Government Of Great Britain Passes New Eugenist Law: ‘You Are Prohibited From Claiming Tax Credits For Any Child After You Have Two Children.’

Please read this article by Shoebat on the Government of Great Britain passing #Eugenics law having no more than 2 kids, no tax credits, yet wealthy/elite & MOOSLUMS can have as many kids as they want. WTF it's depopulation Agenda 2030

Brings up the #Counterjihad movement disguised as combating Sharia law, when in fact they embrace it with #SocialDarwinism and Eugenics on those deemed inferior, weak, etc. They use the Muslims as pawns in a bigger game of chess for the #NWOAgenda.

CIA Operation Gladio setup of those perceived to be enemies are really working together just like Americans and other countries such as Turkey and Japan, and many others worked with the Nazis during both World Wars, afterwards was Operation Paperclip with bringing in Nazi Scientists, Engineers, Politicians, etc. It was their influence that setup the UN, which is an absolute joke. Operation Gladio was used in case if the Russians showed up in this or that town in Europe, then those countries involved in Gladio would stage a False Flag and blame it on Russia and start another war that increases the military industrial complex. Followed by Gladio B and C with the engineered Islamic invasion and countless other migrants that are Hispanic, Asian, etc. coming to countries seeking refuge.

Pj Media is one of many far right wing groups that are neo-nazis such as FrontPage Magazine and Breitbart who support Eugenics, Social Darwinism, Transhumanism, Paganism, Hersey, and Technocracy.

You''l learn about "ProEnglish, the founding chairman of the eugenist organization is John Tanton, a major supporter of Planned Parenthood, and according to one report, Tanton “organized the Planned Parenthood chapter in Petoskey, Michigan."

Important points brought out in the article as follows:
"This is very interesting and revealing, and will be shown to be a central clue in our investigation on the Counterjihad and the rise of Darwinism in the world. This is because major organizations like the Heritage Foundation, the Free Congress Foundation (who Robert Spencer works with and praises), and well known media outlets and activists like David Horowitz of the David Horowitz Freedom Center (under which Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch functions), worked with a Hungarian Nazi named Laslo Pasztor who immigrated to America after the Second World War and began working within Washington under the Nixon Administration."

"The David Horowitz Freedom Center is an umbrella organization that runs also Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch. What this means is that both Jihad Watch and the Freedom Center are financially backed by eugenists.

Both David Horowitz and Roger Kimball of PJ Media did a documentary with Pasztor, and it was produced by the Free Congress Foundation, the very organization Robert Spencer worked for and still praises."

How Richard Mellon Scaife met with Margaret Sanger and helped finance Planned Parenthood and the Center for Security Policy? How the Center for Security Policy is working with Japan?
NumbersUSA, is funded by Peter Thiel.

The National Policy Institute is brought up here as follows: "Henry Regnery’s nephew, William Regnery, inherited the wealth of his uncle and is now the major funder behind the National Policy Institute, which is one of the biggest promoters of eugenist Alt-Right ideology. Since Regnery was working with the CIA, more specifically the CIA director William Casey, and William Casey worked with the Center for Security Policy, and Regnery published most of Robert Spencer’s books, and William Regnery funds the Alt-Right, then there must be a network between the Counterjihad and the current day eugenist movements. "

"Population Council was founded by John D. Rockefeller III, and it was financed by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund."
"Frank Gaffney works directly with Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)" FAIR is connected with the Population Council. Gaffney supports arming Jihadists.

Plus, did you know that Gaffney supports eugenicist organizations such as the "American Enterprise Institute (AEI) which, like the Center for Security Policy and the Heritage Foundation, was financially founded by the same murderous eugenist billionaire: Richard Mellon Scaife."

As conclusion for this I would suggest that you check out Shoebat's article, because there are tons of information that was put out months ago. His conclusion as seen here, pretty much sums it up what this article is all about who, what, where, why, and how all of these people and organizations are connected working in different ways, are really promoting the same evil that promotes Social Darwinism, Eugenics, Paganism, Heresy, Transhumanism, and Technocracy. It's All by Design, World's A Stage.

"So lets summarize what we learned in this investigation. The entire Counterjihad movement was established through think-tanks like the Center for Security Policy and the Heritage Foundation; both of these institutes were financially founded by a eugenist named Richard Mellon Scaife who worked directly with Margaret Sanger and gave millions to Planned Parenthood. What this is establishes is that the foundation of the Counterjihad was financed by a eugenist, and thus the very underpinnings of the movement is Darwinist in nature. This explains why the road of the Counterjihad movement ended with an acceptance of atheism, Darwinism and homosexuality.

Moreover, the Heritage Foundation and the Free Congress Foundation worked directly with Eastern European Nazis like Laslo Pasztor and Ivan Dochev, and also would later work with Robert Spencer in an effort that would help begin the Counterjihad movement. Pasztor and Dochev and their Hungarian Freedom Fighters worked directly with the CIA in training and recruiting people to be a part of a paramilitary force, and this was being done at the same time of the CIA’s Operation Gladio. Also at the same time as Gladio, Paul Weyrich was collaborating with Pasztor, and Weyrich would later work with Robert Spencer. All of this demonstrates that the Counterjihad sprung from the same ideological and political forces. The CIA conducted Gladio; the CIA worked with Pasztor; the CIA worked with Sciaife; the CIA worked with Gaffney; Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, alongside EU politician Philip DeWinter, established the Counterjihad as a movement. This all sheds light on the reality that the Counterjihad movement indeed is one government enterprise.

The Counterjihad is a frankenstein monster created in the labs of the elite. We are all in the laboratory of the political climate shifters, but I hope that enough of us have enough awareness not to be lab rats."


Do you have any dirt on Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman? I suspect he's just making videos and not actively going after James Comey and that crooked FBI bunch because where is Dennis Montgomery's day in court! Let me know! My website is and I am exposing as much dirt as I can find!

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